FAQ: What Ring Width Should I Order?

We get asked a lot about the widths of rings.

-Most importantly this entirely comes down to personal preference.

 -You are unique, and so is your ring. Be important. Be yourself. 

From our experience over the years, here's the most popular widths: 

        Women: 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm (1.5-6 mm)

        Men: 8 mm (4-8 mm)

At a glance, here is a graphic that includes all of the ring widths we offer. 

Thorum Ring Width


Here's a few terrible photos of my hand in the shop with some different widths that we make. 


9 US - 4 mm:

Thorum | 4 mm Men's Ring | Handmade Titanium Wedding band


9 US - 6 mm:

Thorum Width | 6 mm Ring | What does a 6 mm ring look like?


9 US - 8 mm:

Thorum | 8 mm width ring
6.5 US - 1.5 mm
1.5mm Women's Diamond Ring from Thorum
6.5 US - 4 mm
4mm Wedding Ring from Thorum
6.5 US - 6 mm
6mm Women's Wedding band from Thorum
6.5 US - 8 mm 
6.5 US Women's Wedding ring from Thorum
Feminine designs in 1.5 mm can be stacked. We make plenty of "sister" bands now that compliment one another. A wedding band, and and engagement band.
Stephanie designed a matching set of two 1.5 mm bands here:

We now offer ring sizers, so you can get sized in the comfort of your home!

Thorum Ring Sizer

As always, if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us:



4/2/20 -- Caleb


edit 4.4.22 

Additional width photos :)



10 commenti

  • Billie Jean Helblig

    Does the Thor come in a 6mm?

  • Larry

    It looks like the ethos is a 6 mm, can it be done in an 8mm?

  • Daniel C

    20 years ago in Thailand I got a tattoo wedding ring. I hate it and I finally married the right woman on round two. Can you make me a 10-11 mm wide ring custom? I don’t want to see the tattoo under my ring. You do with 9mm slightly.

  • Hunter Hamilton

    Can you do “The Aloha” in a size 9 6mm ?

  • Glenn Ham

    Hi. Can The Zeus be ordered in 8mm width (Size 12.5)?

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