The 10 Most Misunderstood Facts About Rings


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Often we think we know a lot about a subject, but when we research it, we realise we don’t know much. For example, take this image of a couple with their wedding rings above, you’d have assumed that someone painted it, but would you believe me if I told you an AI made it? You wouldn’t believe me until you saw the process and the website behind it. Anyway, I digress; the same can be said with rings.  Today we will be presenting the ten most misunderstood facts about rings. 

10. The Bigger the Diamond, the More Expensive


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Often we are led to believe that a bigger the diamond the more expensive it is, however we’re here to tell you that this isn’t always the case! The quality of a diamond is determined by its weight, cut color, clarity, and size, which in turn all add to the price of a piece. A diamond could be tiny, but be perfect in all other measures and cost a lot more than a large diamond of poor quality in other matters.

9. The More Expensive, the Better the Ring


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Measuring the quality of a gem or ring based on how is expensive is not a good measure for actual quality. Many rings are hyper inflated and will not be of better quality than a ring half its size simply because it costs a million versus a thousand. 

The same is said for rings of fake diamond versus real diamond, both are great for their own reasons. What determines a great ring is the person that made it, the quality of the materials, and the promise that you are getting your money’s worth. 

8. An Engagement Ring Should be Plain


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Often people believe certain facts about engagement rings, including the fact they should be plain as to not outshine the main wedding band. By that same argument they also apply this to men’s wedding bands as if men are now allowed to show off some bling as well. The short response to this ‘fact’ is no. Rings can look however you want and there is no ‘one way’ to do a wedding ring. 

7. Custom Rings are More Expensive


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Custom wedding rings are not always more expensive than redesigned ones. A good ring designer will think about your design as well as budget to ensure you’re not overspending when it comes to getting the ring that you most desire. Often a custom design might use a preestablished cut, with minor tweeks to create a custom ring from a different material or with a small addition. Most of these customs will not costs more than any other ring if purchased from an existing catalogue. 

6. Gold was not the First Material to make Rings


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The earliest rings were made of shell, wood and stone, later on with the development of metal technologies iron and copper were common metals used for most rings. Only the truly affluent had gold with gem inlays, with the popularity of it being the most common ring material only rising in more recent times as it ebcame affordable for the common person.

5. Standard Fitting is the only Ring Fit


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Until I started writing for this blog, I never knew there was more than one ring fit sizing. I had also assumed that the standard fitting was the most popular for a reason, it is a simple cut and does not use much material to create an easy hole for rings. However, when I did research on comfort fitting for rings, I was shocked to find how much better this other fit actually was. 

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4. Marriage and Rings were not a Recent Event Invented by Christianity


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The first rings to appear an history are not recorded, but the ones to survive come from Ancient Egypt who had rings for many social reasons, amongst them not for getting married as this was not even invented! Rings were reserved largely for the affluent, used to show off a person’s status, identity, wealth, and power, amongst other things. Couples that got together in Egypt didn’t even marry, they just moved in together and by living as a man and woman under the same roof they became husband and wife.

Marriage did not appear as we know it until Ancient Rome, by which time it became Christtianize with the emergence of the religion by the 1st century AD. This is when rings and the legal binding of partners rose into prominance. 

3. Rings were not always a Symbol of Romance


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Leading on from the previous point, rings were not symbols of love and romance until a lot later in their history. In Egypt rings were purely for status expression, with some religious reasons as well, but they were tools for projection and showing off, with little relationship to romance and marriage.

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2. Even the Hardest of Metals Can be Cut Off


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A lot of people are reluctant to give titanium rings a chance because there is some msunderstood belief that they would be impossible to cut off in a medical emernecy. We can assure you even if the metal is strong and robust, there are plenty of ways to remove a titanium ring if you must. It would be best to find a jewller who has the specialist tools and experience to perform this task as it can be quite dangerous to cut metal close to skin. 

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1. It Isn’t Bad Luck to Choose the Engagement Ring Together and for it not to be a Secret



A lot of people seem to think that a fact about engagement rings is that they need to be purchased by the groom in secret without the overseeing eye of his bride. However, more and more people are throwing this fact in the trash as they decide to find the engagement ring together and the proposal is often a collective agreement and not one flung out of the blue.

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Final Remarks


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Its amazing how many myths we hold about rings and how we simply perceive them as fact, when in fact they are just modern day legends.  Like a dragon that watches over his precious ring hoard, we hold some of these misunderstood facts close to our hearts, however until we do our research we realise in fact these facts are in facts myths.

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