How can I find out my partner's ring size?

So you want to give a huge surprise to your partner and want to get the perfect ring for him/her.

So right now you might be wondering how to choose the perfect ring size? So if you’re passing to this situation, you’ll definitely need to choose the correct size. But no worries, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re planning maybe a proposal you’ll need that information in advance and luckily for you, there are several ways you can find the perfect size for that special one you want to surprise.

That’s why we’ve created a full guide for you to use with some tips so you can get an exact size to give a special surprise.

But even if you don’t hit the goal, no worries, you can always get the ring resized.

But let’s prevent that and share with you some valuable tips.

Here we go!

  • Get a ring sizer:

This is the easiest and fastest way to determine your partner's ring size. You can order a ring sizer now and get this solved now!

Thorum Ring Sizer

But maybe you’re questioning how you check the ring size at home?

With the Thorum ring sizer, you can cover ring sizes from 4 US to 16 US and you can order it now at

My recommendation is that you choose two sizes that you feel is gonna be a good fit for your partner. 

Also if you want to buy a ring for yourself another recommendation is to choose sizes that you feel comfortable with and wear for 15 to 30 minutes doing your daily tasks.

If you feel this is the right size, congratulations, you can order your ring.

  • Ask his/her friends

As for your partner, there are several tips you can apply when choosing a ring size. One of the best ways you can get this info is to ask their friends and family. They might give you the solution and you solve the mystery.

Even if they don’t know the correct answer, they might ask in a very discrete way to your partner.

Or even another good idea is to take your partner shopping so they can know the correct size and you can order the ring.

  • Borrow A Ring

Another way this can work is to borrow one of your partner’s rings. But you have to be careful about this one, the trick is that he/she doesn't notice the ring is missing, so try to choose one that cannot be noticed right away.

Remember to take it to borrow for max a day. So this doesn’t seem suspicious and then the surprise will be blown away.

Thorum Band
  • Compare fingers

So, this can be the last resource, but it might work. If you know someone that has pretty similar fingers to your partner then you can do a comparison and ask that person his/her ring size.

But again, this is one of the less accurate strategies you can follow.

But hey don’t panic, below are some valuable facts to guess the right size for your partner.

Average Ring Size for Men

The average ring size for men is between 8 and 11 US. Men’s ring sizes usually range from 8 to 14, with size 9 being the most common.

Thorum Ring

Average Ring Size for Women

The average ring size for women is between 5 and 8 US. Women’s ring sizes typically range from 3 to 9, with size 6 being the most common.


International Ring Size Chart


International Ring Size

Hope these tips can help you choose the best ring for your partner.

And remember, even if your order doesn’t match your partner's finger, you can send it to resize.

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