What To Expect: Wearing a Wedding Ring

You may not be a “jewelry” person but you just got married and now you’ve got to wear a wedding ring. It may be silly, but we’ve got a few tips and pointers on how you can get used to wearing your ring, how to care for it, and what to expect if this is your first time wearing a ring on your hand consistently. 


Your finger will naturally swell and contract, depending on your body temperature or the season. This means, you might be a size 8 in the summer but your ring might be a little more loose in the winter. Our fingers tend to swell in warmer temperatures and they’ll contract in cooler temps so just keep that in mind when figuring out your ring size. Don't worry, it's usually only about a half a size (or less), but you will be able to notice it.

Ladies, during that time of the month you may also experience some natural swelling and bloating so don’t be surprised if your ring may feel a bit more snug. Sodium intake will also affect your fit. 

Basically what we’re saying is there is no “perfect” fit ring, since your size will fluctuate, give or take a half size or so. Just keep that in mind when sizing yourself for your ring. 

Thorum Different Ring Widths


We provide a free silicone ring with every purchase for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use it. Our silicone rings are made from medical-grade silicone which basically just means they’re durable AF.

If you love the idea of having a fine piece of jewelry as your wedding ring, but have a hands on job or you’re just very active we recommend swapping out your actual ring for the silicone band. This will help keep your “good” ring in pristine condition and lessen the chance of you losing your other ring. 

P.S. Use the drawstring bag we send you to store your silicone ring in, otherwise it’ll grab pesky dust particles. 

Included Items Thorum Rings


Expect to have to polish your rings a handful of times during its lifetime. Just like any other piece of jewelry, your ring should be properly cleaned and polished to keep it looking like new. Take a peek at our care guide for some tips on how to keep your wedding ring shiny, and be sure to pick up our Thorum Care Kit

Thorum Rings Care Kit

If you have questions about your specific design or materials and how best to care for your ring, shoot our customer service team an email and include the name of your ring. They’re extremely knowledgeable about all of our rings.

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