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Thorum Viking Men's Wedding rings, Women's wedding rings


With my wife's help, I started making rings out of pallet wood in 2012 (she bought me a $15 belt sander, love you babe!).

With a stroke of luck, peppered with hours upon hours in the workshop, and months of SEO research - our business took off.


I made wood wedding rings out of pallet wood, and then moved into exotic wood veneer rings that were steambent.

At this point we started making antler rings, guitar string rings, meteorite rings, and whiskey barrel rings.

We kept working exclusively on wood wedding bands with inlays for nearly 3 years!


I bought my first metal lathe (a Grizzly 7x14).

We'd been making guitar string wood wedding bands for years by this point, and I wanted a metal one.

There were none available a this time, so after nearly 6 months of tinkering, and the help of online forums (r/metalworking) I was able to produce a brushed Titanium guitar string wedding ring.

Ring manufacturing


We got a CNC lathe for Christmas 2016!

It took me a few months figure it out, and I still only have a very primal understanding of it.

During this time we made wood rings, titanium rings, damascus rings, meteorite rings, dinosaur bone rings, turquoise rings, etc. (did I mention the SEO thing earlier?).

Late 2018

We decided to start making tungsten carbide rings.

After much trial and tribulations we ended up having Tungsten Carbide rings caste in industrial molds.

At this point we make both men's wedding rings, and women's wedding rings out of everything from meteorite to whiskey barrel, and in between.

Thorum Antler Wedding Ring

Fun facts:

-I developed the "hammering" technique for the Ironwood ring on my dad's grinder as a kid (it's been our all time bestseller!)

-My oldest daughter Grace used to sit in the workshop for hours hitting a drum full of sawdust and just laughing. I miss that already.


Our small business now has 5 employees, and we're growing!

Jessica expertly handles all of the emails/social media responses. She was my first employee, and is nothing short of spectacular. I'm continually amazed by her work ethic and the insurmountable amount of care she has for each and every customer.

Chris is the shipping man! He gets your ring to you faster than you ever expected, and polishes them up to boot. Chris joined us in 2020, and has already become invaluable to us.

My wife Stephanie now takes all of the photos (and my lord do they look better than ones taken on my truck bed). I think you can agree the quality of photography has gone way up. 

We also work with a team of experts for crafting ads and branding.

We wouldn't be able to do what we love with you, our customer. Without you we'd be nothing. It'd be impossible to convey my gratitude.

Thank you.





  • Rick Thorum

    Interested in your name Thorum, since I share that name with you and our ancestry came from Denmark in a small town called Torum, in North Jutland.

  • Anna Shields

    Hello. I am in search of a ring that can be made out of red cedar, would you be able to help me?

  • Jessica Meck

    Do you do custom widths? Looking at the captain or the mutakami but would like it in a 6mm width. Let me know, thanks!

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