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Join our Team. Affiliate marketing with Thorum.

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That's why we pay the highest commission fees of any Jeweler in the USA.

Earn 10commission on every sale you make. 

We now have affiliates who make a full time salary with us, working from home. 

"Joining Thorum as an affiliate was one of the best things I've ever done. The rings we received are higher quality than any other I've ever held (I've worked with a few companies). Their program is incredibly easy to work with. " 

-T. R. 

Partner with us:

 - As an affiliate, you earn a percentage of every sale you send our way. 

- Receive a unique 20% discount code for your customers :)

- When you join our program, you'll be provided with unique tracking links that can be placed in your blog, instagram, youtube video, website - you name it!

- All of the sales that come from your placement will earn you 10% of our shared revenue.


A customer buys our popular Meteorsaur design for $580. They use your discount code for 20% off (saving them $116). You will earn 10% on the sale price of $464, making your total earnings for one ring sale $46.40. 

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