Thorum Celebrity Spotlight: Peter Santenello

If recently you’ve found yourself browsing the rabbit hole that is YouTube, you may have come across Peter Santenello’s channel.  He’s the perfect combination of vlogger meets journalist, meets just all around down to earth, cool guy. 

Peter Santenello YouTube Banner

The entire Thorum team has followed Peter on his travels so from early on, we knew we wanted to partner with him to help share the Thorum brand. They say timing is everything, so we thought our most recent Thorum Watch launch would be the perfect opportunity to strike up a relationship with Peter and his team. 

In short, Peter follows the lives of uncommon, misunderstood people, and not-so-widely known cultures and shows the raw reality of what it’s like to live a day in their shoes. Thorum owner and CEO, Caleb, can relate to his subjects specifically, having spent some of his younger years traveling abroad in unfamiliar midwestern territories as somewhat of a musical nomad before he started a family and began what is now known as Thorum. 

When the opportunity presented itself to partner with Peter and to be featured on his channel, we knew we had to do it. If you’re looking for some new content to watch that’s riveting, educational, and entertaining, join us in following Peter Santenello on his travels and subscribe to his channel.



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