How to Keep Your Wedding Rings Looking New

Thorum Men's Wedding Rings


You've bravely veered off the beaten path of traditional wedding rings and chosen unique mens wedding bands, possibly even opted out for your not so average Meteorite Rings. Step one, complete! Now, the trick is to keep them as good looking as you did the day you first locked eyes on your lover. Who doesn’t like new and shiny things? Whether it's Wood, Meteorite, Titanium, Whiskey Barrel, or Dinosaur Bone every wedding band deserves the TLC that you also give your marriage am I right? With Thorum's bands being crafted from precious and durable materials, they also have to take on the daily wear and tear. Keeping your wedding rings in their original condition may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually quite simple with a few tips and tricks.


Ditch the Dirt Before It Becomes a Permanent Resident

Your wedding band is a no-vacancy zone for dirt, and it's time to play the strict landlord. Anything from your daily latte foam to your favorite barbeque sauce can cause your ring to lose its spark. The best defense here is a good offense: Remember to remove that ring like its a bad habit when you're about to get your hands dirty. This means sending your ring to the bench during cooking escapades, spring cleaning marathons, or any other grimy activities. Once you've mastered that, it's time for some proactive TLC. A relaxing spa treatment of warm, soapy water for your ring works wonders in getting rid of stubborn dirt and grime. A gentle scrub with some warm water and soap and you'll have your ring grinning ear to ear. 


Keeping it Scratch-Free – Yes, it's Possible!

Despite their sturdy construction using materials such as Tungsten, Titanium or Damascus wedding rings are not invincible to everyday wear and tear. Our mission is to keep that ring looking new, scratch-free, and as captivating as the day you said, "I do." Consider treating it like a VIP and store your ring somewhere soft and safe! When your hand is called upon for rough activities - from pumping iron to home improvements - remember to bench your ring and sub in your silicone band. This way, you avoid a face-off with surfaces and tasks that may leave behind war scars. Stay mindful, treat your ring with a gentle touch, and you'll have a shining symbol of your commitment, without a scratch in sight!


Routine Maintenance to Keep Your Rings Shining

The same way you wouldn't run your beloved classical car for years without a tune-up, don't neglect your wedding band. Make a habit of cleaning and or waxing your ring monthly! Not only will this make your ring glisten like the chrome details on that Corvette in the driveway but it also serves as an early detection system for any potential issues. This is especially vital if your mens wedding bands house any wood detailing. Wax on, wax off, capeesh? Remember, it's always better to be proactive than reactive, so keep up with those routine check-ups.


Protecting Your Rings from Harsh Chemicals 

Picture this: you're about to give your prized ring a home spa experience. You've got the ambiance set, candlelight flickering, and record spinning. But wait, what's that you're reaching for? Not that harsh chemical cleaner! For your ring's sake,  just don’t! See, while your ring may be tougher than your average Joe, it's still got a sensitive side. Harsh cleaners are a big NOPE. Instead, opt for the gentle touch of mild dish soap. Got a Wooden Interior Ring on your finger? Don’t forget to finish it with a good blow dry and some wax to top it off! 


Make it personal 
You see, maintaining your ring doesn’t have to be a mundane task. Who said ring care couldn't be poetic? For the modern groom sporting a Thorum one-of-a-kind mens wedding band, let the maintenance of your unique piece be a moment of appreciation. Let the Meteorite Ring on your finger not only remind you of your vows, but also of your commitment to keeping it in stellar condition. So, pour a glass of your favorite scotch, put on a classic tune, and get to pampering your ring. This isn't just about ring care, it's about self-care too. Your ring's spa day can double as your chill day.

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