How To Find Your Ring Size

Wedding rings are a symbol of your love, so ensuring you have THE perfect fit is key. But how do you find the right ring size? If you’ve never been to a jeweler and had your finger fit properly, we have a few resources to help. 


Jeweler Grade Ring Sizer for At Home Sizing


Thorum Ring Sizer

The simplest, most foolproof way to find your perfect ring size is to use the Thorum Ring Sizer, available on our site for just $10. Our ring sizer comes with standard US ring sizes 4-16, including half sizes. As an added bonus, we’ll hook you up with 20% off your ring purchase. 

To measure your finger, simply use trial and error with the rings that look like they’ll fit. Once you find a close fit, feel free to take it off the clasp and wear it around for a bit. Make a fist, shake your hands, and try it out to do a few household chores. 

If you find that you forgot the ring is on your hand, voila! It sounds like a perfect fit. If you keep adjusting it back onto your hand because it’s too loose, or even finding that it’s uncomfortably tight, try a different size. 

Thorum Printable Paper Ring Sizer

We designed this simple and free printable paper ring sizer for you impatient folks (like us) or last minute folks (also like us) who may not have time to wait a few days for the reusable plastic ring sizer to arrive in the mail. Simply download and print this sizer from your browser and start measuring. Be sure to print the page at 100% otherwise the sizer will measure inaccurately. 


Download the Free Thorum Ring Sizer Here!

Thorum Free Paper Ring Sizer Download


While the plastic sizer was designed from the blueprints of our paper ring sizer, we want to make mention that the paper sizer may not be as accurate of a fit as the plastic sizer. The disadvantages of the paper sizer includes not being able to wear it around, or flex your fingers while you have it on. 

What is “Comfort Sizing?”

The rounded interior of our bands is designed for extreme comfort. It's ergonomically superior to pipe fit bands, allowing for finger expansion and contraction. 

If you’re used to wearing traditional rings with a flat interior, you may notice with your Thorum ring there is some extra wiggle room. 

We recommend sticking to your normal size if your rings normally fit “like a glove” or are even slightly tight. If you’re used to being able to spin a ring comfortably around your finger or it feels lose, we recommend sizing a half size down with Thorum rings. 

Take a peek at our quick how-to video answering some simple questions on how to check your ring size at home. 

Don’t fret, you’re more than welcome to reach out to our helpful customer service reps who are always able to help you determine your perfect size before you purchase. Once you receive your ring and you find that the ring doesn’t fit quite right and you’d like to swap it out for a different size, we do offer ring exchanges for a small restocking fee of $25. 

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