The Best Wedding Ring for Electricians: Non-conductive wedding bands

Are you or your better half a “ringless” contractor or electrician who is stuck wearing a generic rubber ring or nothing at all to work everyday? More than likely you are unenthusiastic and aloof from the limited ring choices for your trade.

Quite a few people believe that silicone “rubber” rings are the only option for an electrical contractor. This isn't the case!

Every wedding band at Thorum is sent out with a silicone activity ring just in case.

Silicone wedding band from Thorum

At Thorum we have numerous different ring combinations that you can use in a field where conductivity and safety is an everyday concern.

We use the highest grade materials that are crafted from years of experience and knowledge from real life customer feedback. 

We offer bands that could withstand mighty abuse, even from Thor’s Mjölnir.

Mjolnir Thor's Mighty Hammer

Yes, it’s the perfect time to find a ring that is just as special and unique as you are (or close - we try haha) that has your safety in mind. We offer rings that can be used for a multitude of different environments where conductivity may be a concern.

Wedding season is just around the corner, which means your big day and anniversary is creeping up on you fast: don’t kid yourself it’s coming faster than you realize!   

Don’t end up scrambling at the last minute for just any ring. Thorum has got you covered with interest free installment options, and quick as lightning shipping (we ship all rings within 1 business day!).

Let’s get to the nitty gritty, the entire reason you got this far! What materials can we use?!

Let’s hop into a time machine, well before rubber and electricity was officially discovered/invented/ then rediscovered. Yes, thousands upon thousands of years ago that had a solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

Yep, you guessed it, ceramic is one of the oldest materials used by modern humans. 

Raw Ceramic for wedding bands from Thorum

Ceramic rings are a great choice for a wedding band. It is astonishingly overlooked when it comes to non-conductive wedding bands. 

Also, as we mentioned before, every single band we ship comes with a free silicone activity band that is meant for field work and getting your hands dirty.

Here's our most popular ceramic band:

The Crocket

Featuring entirely all non-conductive components:

Antler, Whiskey Barrel and Ceramic!

All of our designs have recessed inlay that is encased in epoxy resin. A material that is entirely non-conductive. Epoxy Resin is truly an amazing material that has a plastic like properties that is just as safe as a rubber barrier.

My personal favorite is:

The Magni

This band is worn by our friend Skallgrim and his wife. He's been a long time friend of our store. 

If you're into medieval history, you need to check out Skallgrim's youtube channel.

Want to wear a ring without getting zapped? Send us an email at



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