How To Convert Your International Ring Size

One of the most exciting parts about finding Thorum rings is that we offer free international shipping. If you’ve stumbled upon this page, it means you’re probably one of our international friends looking for some insight on US sizing. Here are some resources to help you figure out the right ring size and a US/International ring size conversion chart. 

How to Find Your Ring Size

If you’re from outside of the US, there are a couple easy solutions for you to convert your international ring size to a US ring size. The first (most efficient) way to find your US ring size is to snag one of our jeweler-grade Thorum Ring Sizers. 

thorum plastic ring sizer


Another way, if you’re in a hurry, is to print out our instant paper Thorum Ring Sizer. 

Both of these methods will give you an instant read on what your US ring size would be and you’re all set to place your Thorum ring order. All of our rings are sized in US numbers. 

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

We’ve pulled this great resource from Wikipedia to refer to for international ring size conversions. It includes a chart for international countries to help you find the best fit. Please keep in mind Thorum rings come in US sizes 4-16 and are only available in full or half sizes. Click here to see the full chart. 

If you are having  hard time figuring out the best way to size your finger to order your ring, or if you need some additional information on the best ring size for you, please email our helpful customer service team. 

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