How To Choose a Wedding Band



We get it, the market is FLOODED with wedding band options. You get bombarded with ads on the daily, showcasing super eye-catching wedding ring designs, but the problem is you need help choosing the right one. 

We’ve been the industry leader in unique, alternative wedding rings and engagement rings for over 10 years so we’re here to help. We’ve helped thousands of brides and grooms pick out the perfect rings for their big day, so we’ll give you some insider tips on how to pick the perfect wedding ring. 

Pick A Material.

A good starting point when picking out the perfect wedding ring is deciding first on what material or materials you want your ring to be made out of. From there, you can narrow down what other “features” or details you want in a ring. 

Thorum has a TON of awesome, unique materials to choose from. For example, where else are you going to find a Dinosaur Bone wedding band? 

Picking what material you want your wedding ring to be made from will weed out a lot of other options, making the selection process a bit less daunting.

Browse Your Options.

If you’re anything like us, you get sensory overload when it comes to online shopping. Luckily, we’ve designed our site with you in mind and we’ve got a built-in filtration system so you can search our site by material. You can also just type in your search query in the on-site search bar.

Once you’ve decided on what material you want for your ring, feel free to browse by category. Heck, browse other sites across the internet if you must! With the premium selection of quality rings we offer, we know you’ll be back. 

Consult Your Significant Other.

Use the task of shopping for a wedding ring as a good opportunity to practice your marital skills - talk it out with your significant other! Pick out a few favorites and present them to your wifey or hubby to be. 

This will ensure three things. 

  1. That both of your wedding rings will look good together!
  2. It passes the seal of approval from your better half.
  3. It’ll gain you brownie points for asking your S.O.’s opinion. You’re welcome.

Pull the Trigger.

What are you waiting for? Buy the dang thing before you change your mind. Thorum rings come in standard whole and half sizes ranging in sizes 6US-16US. 

If you’re not sure of your exact ring size, save yourself the hassle of an exchange later. Order our ring sizer for only ten bucks and in exchange, we’ll give you 20% off your ring order. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask us. 

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