Critical Role and Thorum

As you may or may not know, the Thorum crew are huge fans of our friends over at Critical Role. We are so grateful to have partnered with them a handful of times over the years and we wanted to share a few features from our most recent projects together! 

Critical Role, Campaign 3 Episode 49: The Aurora Grows


As you can see, one of the reasons we love partnering with the crew from Critical Role is because they make every episode so much fun. The playful banter between the members resonates with us because this is exactly how we operate here at Thorum! 

Critical Role, Campaign 3 Episode 19: Omens Above


How can you not love watching this crew? They’re so animated and enthusiastic and just genuinely love what they’re doing. 

Critical Role, Campaign 3 Episode 27: A Race for the Prize 


Critical Role, Campaign 3 Episode 41: Call of the Wild


This is the last one, we promise. For now at least.  We really just get excited to talk about our friends from Critical Role and how they’ve helped support us over the years. We’re a proud partner of Critical Role and now you know all the reasons why we continue to be! Find them on Instagram for more Dungeons and Dragons awesomeness. 

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