Why Choose Ethical Diamonds (Diamond Simulants)

Whether you’re shopping around for an engagement ring, looking to upgrade, or poking around the internet seeking a nice modern ring for yourself or for your significant other, you’ll notice ethical diamonds or diamond simulants are taking the internet by storm. There are several reasons why jewelry companies (like ourselves) are choosing alternative solutions to mined diamonds and we think it’s important to keep you informed on why! 

Diamond Simulant Rings

They’re Ethical. 

There’s a reason diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite are called “ethical diamonds.” CZ and other diamond alternatives are lab-grown or man made, which means a lot of the unethical practices behind mined diamonds are completely eliminated. 

Same Look, Little Sacrifice. 

Just like any jewelry, typically you’re choosing it because of how it looks, right? If you love the look of diamonds, you aren’t sacrificing a ton if you select a diamond simulant. Most alternatives have more clarity than real diamonds, and are nearly as hard on the Mohns scale of hardness. 

More Affordable. 

With ethical diamonds, you’re certainly able to get more bang for your buck when it comes to estimated carat size. Since they are more abundant than natural diamonds, you’re going to be able to get a bigger rock for way less dollar signs. 

The Athena CZ Ring

If we haven’t totally convinced you yet, check out our selection of ethical diamond engagement and stacking wedding rings. They were designed by our Co-Owner and VP, Steph and we’re proud to say they are a sustainable diamond simulant option for our brides to be.

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