Care and Maintenance

Congratulations on the purchase of your new favorite piece of jewelry! Thorum rings are crafted from the world's finest materials and are built to last. While we do extensive quality testing on our rings to ensure the longevity of our product, there are a few simple ways you can help keep your ring looking like new. Here are some of our recommendations based on several years of testing and retesting for quality control. 

Organic Bands/Rock Inlays

Thorum Wooden Ring

For all wood, antler, meteorite, dinosaur bone, damascus steel, or stone rings, we suggest gently cleaning and waxing your ring twice a month. 

Our favorite thing to use is of course, the Thorum Rings Care Kit that’s available on the site. For just 30 bucks, you get everything you’ll need to care for your ring - Each kit includes a 4oz tin of high-quality beeswax and a microfiber towel. As a bonus, we also include an extra discount for you to use or share on a future purchase. 

We also suggest trying to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or any solvents. We know hand sanitizer is particularly important right now, so if you find yourself using it frequently just slip your ring off before using and pop it back on once your hands have dried. 

Inorganic Bands (Full Metal Designs)

The Freya Thorum Ring

For rings made exclusively from metal such as tungsten carbide rings, we suggest gently washing your ring with dish soap and warm water. This will help to wipe away a lot of the daily buildup and sweat that will accrue on your ring.

Our Tungsten Carbide is PVD IP plated, and the exterior finish will never fade. Simply washing it will bring your ring back to look exactly like the day you bought it. 

Titanium bands can scuff into a matte gray over time. Wiping them down with scotch brite and WD-40 will entirely restore their finish, and always be sure to use a clean microfiber cloth. 

If you’re truly concerned about keeping your ring in pristine condition, or if you have a very hands-on job that may put your ring at risk for scratches or damage, opt for your silicone band instead. 

Our silicone wedding bands are made from medical grade silicone so they’re more durable than you think. They’re 100% waterproof, tested for quality, and easy to wipe clean. 

Thorum 8mm Silicone Ring

If you have any further questions on the care and maintenance of your specific ring, feel free to shoot our helpful customer service team an email. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to our inventory and all of the different materials. To purchase the Thorum Rings Care Kit, click here!

Thorum rings Care kit

13 Kommentare

  • Mike

    We are interested in the Aloha ring, what care and maintenance are suggested for this ring being that Koa wood is part of the material? Thanks

  • Mike

    We are interested in the Aloha ring, what care and maintenance are suggested for this ring being that Koa wood is part of the material? Thanks

  • Amanda

    Any recommendations on cleaning the zeppelin? Esp the string in the center?thanks

  • Lisa

    Hi how do you recommend washing the black meterorite couples rings?

  • Tamara Rossi

    I just bought a meteorite ring for my husband. Does the ring easily get scratched? Thank you

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