Your guide to buying men's wedding bands

Are you in desperate need of a unique wedding ring? Or you want to buy your partner one but just don’t know how to go about doing it? Not to fear for we at Thorum want to help by giving you a guide to do just that!

Classic Bands


So if you or your partner is a classic type of man then perhaps you might consider a classic type of band. This includes the class plain style win minimal decoration or add-ons. This is often in gold, silver, black, or wood. Thorum has a range which fits this bill in our collection which we will showcase a snapshot of to give you an idea of what a classic band entails. 

  • Black
  • Black is truly a classic color to stand the test of time and is a great choice for a simple classic band. For the classic black ring you need to check out The Executive, a basic gold ring interior with a polished black exterior. Or if you want strickly black The Obscura is a shining textured black ring of a minimalist quality. We also have The Tiberius  or The Jameson, each have wooden interiors with black metal exteriors. Each of things rings are classic black bands.

    • Gray

    If you want something thats is brighter than black without being too much of a show-off then a gray band is for you. In our collection we have a great range of gray bands to get your mind spinning with ideas. We have, The Fjord, a simple gray band with rough exterior texturing like mountainous lands. Another is  The Zeppelin, a robust gray ring with a bronze string adornment as a callback to ages of early aviation. Or how about The Erebus? A simple dark grey band based on the Greek god of darkness.

    • Gold

    When we think of the classic image of a ring we almost always think of gold. There is nothing wrong with sticking with the old traditions if you are wanting to be classic and so perhaps you want to check out  The Freya? A regal golden ring made of robust materials based on the goddess of love and gold.

  • Silver
  • Silver is another classic color for rings. It comes from both the precious metal which earnt it its name,but also strong modern day metals which help ensure bands stand the test of time. If you want a shinning silver band in your life then you should consider The Terra WW2 Ring. This band in our collection has a unique history as it is crafted from an old WW2 gun and has been repurposed to spread the word of love, not war. Another classic silver example is The Smith which is made in a simple rustic design.

    • Wood

    For where people could not afford a smith, people had to improvise with having wooden rings which had since become a staple of classic ring bands. Wood gives a ring a light weight and unique feel, with wood grains giving a piece a range of colors and decorative features. At Thorum we use a lot of wood in our wedding bands, often in combination with metals to ensure the durability of the piece. You can see this in The Rancher which is made from Californian redwood from a fire, encased in a titanium shell to protect it from the elements.

    Modern Bands

    The Trend Spotter

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    So far we have discussed the classic bands, but if you want something more ‘modern’ that stands out from the run-of-the-mill rings then you might want to consider sourcing unique materials for your ring. In Thorum’s collection, we have a wide range of modern materials not often found anywhere else.

  • Meteorite 
  • How cool is it to hold a meteorite in your hands? To think that it came from outerspace is amazing. These rocks are very different from those found on Earth and so they have their own asethic when it comes to being used as material for jewelry. You can see several examples of this material in our Thorum collection. For example, The Aldrin, a simple band made from a four billion year old meteorite. 

  • Precious Stone adornments 
  • A range of stones can be considered ‘precious’ for example meteorite as well as the classic diamond and gold. For example, we have The Valkyrie adorned by cubic zirconia presenting a comparative look to diamond whilst being half the price. We also have the fiery The Magni made of fire opels paired up with ironwood. Both pieces are stunning and scream modern!

  • Metal and wood combinations 
  • A large staple of modern rings is the combination of metal and wood. This helps combine the band with both a natural pleasing asethic, with a reassurance the piece will stand the test of time. In our collection we have The Redwood which combines silver tungsten and California redwood and  The Rebel desert ironwood with back tungsten. Both examples show how great the two materials work well together! For a twist of extra modernity we have an  Ancient Wood ring made from 6,000 year old wood and black tungsten carbide for all those botanists out there!

    • Gold and Silver Metal 

    Appart from wood, another great combination with metals is gold. You can seen this in action with The Captain with a grey exterior and a golden interior, simple yet stunning!  The Sensei is another example of this partnership, with damascus steel woven into the band of decorative gold. You can be classy, modern, and built for the trials of life with these rings.



    Knowing your dressing style is important before you even consider buying a life commitment to a ring. Are you someone that dresses to impress or do you prefer to dress comfortably with little care for how others see you? Depending on the situation, you may be both of these people if you work for a large customer-facing company and when you go home you throw on your fat pants the moment the door closes. No to worry! There is a ring which will suit any life style no matter how complex it may be.

  • Work Style
  • At work you maybe required to wear a sharp suit and so your rings should compliment this uniform. Colors are very important to deciding whether something fits with an outfit or it does not. (We have a guide on choosing colors for a ring to help you in that regard). 

    1. Office Job

    Working in an office often requires a formal work attire even if you are not facing customers. A ring should suit this formal requirement and avoid being too flashy so sticking to muted colors and designs is beneficial. 

    1. Customer Service

    When facing customers not only do you have the requirements from an office job to think about, but also what your clients might think if you go to work wearing a ring which does not fit your role. There is the option to have a ring for work and a ring at home, but if you don’t want to buy a ring twice then sticking to a plainly decorated band is a good idea.

    1. General Laborer

    Being behind the scenes of a workplace means you often don’t need to worry about the colors of a ring as you are not being seen. However, with hands-on work a ring still needs to be suitable for the role.

    A thing to consider is the complexity of the ring and whether it is worth going simple versus fragile. A ring with a gem might break if worn in an industry where you are using your hands a lot. We have a specific article on the trials and tribulations of being an electrician. This gives you an idea of the types of things to think about, not just dressing style, but also the practicalities of the types of rings to choose.

  • Personal Style
  • When you are wearing a ring for yourself it is a lot easier to decide what colors and type you require. If you are discrete and formal then your style most certainly would fit a ridgid working style and thus plain colors and bands is suitable for you. However, if you are… let's say an artist you would want lots of colors and to make a lot of noise.

    1. The Discrete Style

    You want a ring that compliments your formal style, but does not draw attention to you or itself. This can be done will neutral colors and ring designs.

    1. Formal ‘Out There’ Style

    You want a ring which stands out with a formal slim design, with precious gems, and minimal details. Colors are muted, sticking to a pallet of black, gold, silver, and white. Wood may also be an option.

    1. The Artsy Style

    You can really do anything with this style. You are not confined to any social ques as you embrace your wild arty side with flashy colors, crazy materials, and colors. You can still be formal with your choice of ring, but you can also go beyond that to explore the whole rainbow of colors.

    Ring Materials 

    Start Up Donut

    Via: Start Up Donut

    At Thorum we understand that it is important to have a wide range of options for clients who are looking for that perfect wedding ring. This includes not just designs, but also materials which is why we have pushed to stand out from the competition by offering unique and interesting rings made from such things. For example, meteorites, gun barrels, dinosaur bones, and much more! 

    You can learn all about the materials we use to make our rings by checking out: Wedding Band Materials.

  • Metal
  • Rings should be durable, and what better way to ensure this is by selecting a ring which is made from the most imaginably stable material: metal. Thorum makes their rings from four types of metals:

    1. Damascus Steel 
    2. Tungsten Carbide
    3. Titanium 
    4. Whiskey Barrel
  • Meteorite
  • What makes some of our pieces unqiue is that they are made from 4 billion-year-old rocks from outerspace! Not only that, the meteorites are beautiful and can easily be combined with earthling rocks to create works of art.

    Check out our Meteorite Rings collection.

  • Stones
  • If meteorites are not enough, we also have a collection of precious stone rings from turquoise and faux opel through to cubic zirconia. These jewels sparkle and will add the much needed final touch to a ring if you want more bling.

    1. Stone 
    2. Cubic Zirconia
  • Wood
  • A large part of the Thorum collection is made of wood, but why not when it looks great? You can check out the entire collection here: Wood Rings.

  • Bone
  • Bone is certainly a less common material when you think of rings, but this was a material used in ancient times. There are many types of bones which make great rings, and now days after often used as decorative pieces to add a point of difference.

    1. Antler 
    2. Dinosaur Bone 
  • Ceramic
  • Although ceramic is a brittle material, it can easily be reinforced with modern techniques. Its color qualities are worth the effort and can add a perfect final touch to a piece. Although not used as a central feature in Thorum products, they help frame center pieces with black bold bands.

    Check out our Ceramic rings!

    Final Words

    There you have it, a quick guide for you or your partner to buy a men’s wedding band. It isn’t an easy task, but with a little foreward planning you can discover the perfect ring for the special day and may it last you both a long time!

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