Who Are the Best Classic Guitar Players?

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Did you know that the guitar was invented in the 13th century? Even if we don’t know their origins exactly, this instrument has made the careers of many iconic guitar players in the last hundred years. So today, we will present some of these names as we celebrate iconic players in our ring collection, one of the first rings made by Thorum, wedding rings made from recycled guitar strings.

Eric Clapton

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Eric Clapton is one of the most influential blues guitar players from the UK, rising to fame in the early 1960s when he joined the Yardbirds and later moved on to John Mayall & and Bluesbreakers. He drifted between band after band, slowly making a more prominent name for himself as he used his self-taught skills as a guitarist to entertain crowds for over sixty years. 

One of his most iconic songs is ‘Layla’, released in 1971, or his best-selling song ‘Wonderful Tonight’ in 1977. Even today, he still performs concerts for fans and inspires young audiences to follow in his blues footsteps.

Jimmy Page

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Jimmy Page, the guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin, rose to fame in the 1968s with their iconic tunes, including ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and ‘Kashmir’, all of which left lasting impressions on many generations of people. 

Page’s songs are seen as anthems for the ages of the 1970s and 80s. Based on these facts, one can’t deny that Page is one of the best guitar players of recent times, with his ability to captivate an audience with his entertaining displays of complex guitar plucking.

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Jimi Hendrix

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Jini Hendrix was a household name in the 1960s, bringing fresh talent to the music scene as an electric guitarist. Even if his life was cut short, the four years he was in the mainstream music community left a lasting legacy that guitar inthuesits are still trying to replicate today. 

Iconic songs by Hendrix included ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Hey Joe’, both released in 1967. In addition, his sound and style would become iconic symbols for the late 1960s peace and flower movements, as traditionalism was out the window at the turn of the decade. At the start of this age of new cultural trends in 1970, Hendrix might’ve been a leader in it, but tragically his life was cut short in 1970.

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Eddie Van Halen

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The founder of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, led the band as an iconic guitarist from 1972 - 2019, just before his death in 2020. However, even if he is no longer with us, his legacy in music lives on. 

Some of his more iconic songs include Eruption with a lengthy and masterful guitar solo released in 1978 and ‘ain't talkin 'bout love’, which came out in the same year. From the music videos of these songs, Van Halen’s guitar was so iconic that it is worth an estimated 800k today and was gifted by the guitarist himself to his friend and long-term manager in 1986. 

Randy Rhoads


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Randy Rhoads was a prominent guitarist of the 1970s and 1980s, rising to prominence after attending an Alice Cooper concert in 1971, where his life changed forever. He decided he would make it big and set out to become one of the most talked about musicians of the 80s. 

After jumping from gig to gig and band to band, he came to write songs for Ozzy Ozborn after successfully auditioning to become a part of Ozbon’s new band after disbanding from Black Sabbath. This was the career push he needed, and by 1980 was voted the best guitar player of the year. 

Just as Rhoads was set to go even bigger, he died in a plane crash in 1972. However, although Rhoads passed early, he realised iconic music with Ozborn, such as ‘Mr Crowley’ in 1981 and ‘S.A.T.O.’ In the same year.  

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Chuck Berry


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Chuck was a prominent figure of the 1950s and 60s because he essentially invented the music genre of rock and roll. If we didn't have Chuck, we shouldn’t have had others on the list to the same scale or degree. This wave of music was vastly different from any music form that had come before, and it went against traditional American culture according to older generations. And this fact made it even more so as the younger generations caught onto this rock and rock craze. 

Chuck developed a particular stage presence which was not seen in other performers at the time. Whereas jazz had bands, they were stilled performances, with simple standing and singing songs. Chunk turned this on its head by producing a new genre of performance with a guitar; he walked around and strutted like a duck, which would be replicated by the guitarist that took to the stage well after he was gone.  

Some of Chuck’s most iconic songs included ‘Johnny B. Goode’ from 1958 and ‘No Particular Place To Go’ from 1964. 

Angus Young


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Young is the guitarist in AC/DC, founded in 1973 and is the only original band member still playing at shows. He is best known for his guitar performances and his unusual school-boy costumes on stage, with his own Chuck Bery duck walk. Some of his best songs include ‘Thunderstruck’ from 1990 and ‘Highway to Hell’, released in 1978, with unique electrical cords that make their sound stand out from others of their era. 

George Harrison


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Harrison owed his fame to being the lead guitarist of the Beatles, finding his fame in 1961 when he was discovered in a nightclub in Liverpool. Being in this band, all the members became celebrities and teenage heartthrobs over their first year of touring. They were cultural icons of the 1960s, and Harrison's guitar sound would inspire others to take up the career in the following decades, and long after the band split, he still made music until he died in 2017. 

Although his fame came from the Beatles, and his most famous songs were from his time with the band, he made his music when they separated. His skill with the guitar and his talent as a skilled singer can be seen in ‘Got My Mind Set On You’ in 1987 and ‘What is Life’ in 1971. 

Brian May


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Brian May, the co-founder of Queen and their guitarist, produced some of the most incredible music in the 1970s and 1980s. Bohemian Rhapsody, released in 1975, is just one of many examples of their songs which show the players' skills in this band, with the punchy verses and guitar strums iconic. They were pioneers of their genre at the time and today are still one of the most popular bands people listen to or attend actor tribute shows.

In 2001, May entered the Musical Hall of Fame, and although he continued to practice music, he also studied towards a PhD in astrophysics which he achieved in 2007. Being both a scientist and musician, you can see the inspirations between his parallel hobbies. However, the break from Queen didn’t last long; in 2011, May and other former Queen members with Adam Lambert created QAL. They tour playing old Queen songs as well as fresh material.  

The Guitar String Rings of Thorum

Thorum loves celebrating our history and ensuring we can do our part to preserve that part of our culture so it isn’t forgotten. However, we also think it is just as essential to protect the planet, and so if we recycle old junk and turn it into something useful that people will enjoy, we have done a job well done. So, this is why we were inspired to create a collection of rings based around old guitar strings, named after iconic guitar players.

The Zeppelin


If you’ve got a whole lotta love to do, then the Zeppelin ring, made of titanium with an offset phospher bronze guitar string, could be perfect. Even in the Good Times and Bad Times, this is a robust band to get you through any difficult situation; great for any musician or someone who just collects all of Led Zeppelin's records.  This wedding band, designed from recycled materials, is the perfect option for all types of people. 

The Hendrix


Hey Joe, even if that isn’t your name, if you have got yourself a Foxy Lady, perhaps we might entice you to pop the question to your partner with a ring named after the iconic musician Jimi Hendrix? This ring is made of rustic sandblasted gray Tungsten Carbide and outfitted with a phospher bronze guitar string. So you will have a band of style, class, and a unique history of being recycled from a broken string. Together it may feel the pay of songs once again through the vibrations of its wearer.

The Rhoads


Love’s A Bitch sometimes, but don’t let the bad times get you down, as sometimes you just need that extra push to find yourself to drive yourself away from the Highway to Hell (even if the tunes are banging). You can start by thinking about the Rhoads ring designed by Thorum and named after the legendary musician Randy Rhoads.  Made from black tungsten and inlaid with an offset phospher-bronze guitar string, this is made for musicians and guitar enthusiasts. 

Final Remarks: Who Are the Best Classic Guitar Players?


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Music is one of the most amazing things from human innovation and creativity. Of course, we don’t need music to survive, but it has become so ingrained in our society that it would be hard to live without hearing it. Even those who are deaf enjoy the unique vibrations felt in live music or the radio system. 

Guitars have allowed music to flourish and change over the ages, creating individual variances and sounds for all to enjoy. But, of course, we can’t say who the best guitar players are because everyone is different, and no one should ever judge creativity on such a hardline scale. 

So hopefully, you’ve gained an excellent appreciation for the medium and perhaps have considered looking further into our string-ring collection. 

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