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What is the RING in Elden Ring?


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So when I first heard of the 2022 RPG Elden Ring I assumed ‘ring’ meant we would be talking about an old-ass ring called Elden. Or maybe we would have a place called Elden formed into the shape of those halos in Halo. Boy was I wrong as it turns out Elden Ring is not a band that you can wear in the traditional sense at all. It is far more divine and mysterious!

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is the latest dark epic fantasy game released by FromSoftware as part of the ‘Dark Souls series. It is an open-world RPG with beasts you can fight, great foes of godlike origin and power, with tales of endless adventures to be had. Written by great names of fantasy George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon Souls) this quest into dark worlds of despair is sure to grip any fantasy gamer.

The Land of Lands Between

Land of Lands Between

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Elden Ring is set in the Lands Between, a vast domain ruled by the overseer  Queen Marika and the one who possesses the Elden Ring. The continent is divided into six regions which are each ruled by demigods under the umbrella of their mother and each holds their own rune piece tied to the Elden Ring and its power. The land once enjoyed peace and balance when the ring was gone, but since it shattered into seven pieces there is brewing chaos. 

What is the Ring?


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The ring is not a band you can wear and is beyond something of conception in our own world. It is an object which exists inside the body of Queen Marika and is essential to the survival of the Lands Between and its order. It is made from great runes which give it the power to influence and control existence around it. 

The vessel the ring chooses to possess becomes known as the Elden Beast and is the living representation of the Order and the original form of the Elden Ring. The chosen champion is crowned and becomes a god, the leader of the Golden Order of the Lands Between, and the container for the Elden Ring. With the crowning of Marika, the Age of the Erdtree began.

What Powers Does it Possess?

Powers Does it Possess

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The rings give those that hold them the power to control aspects of life and death through the runes which make up the ring. However, with the birth of  Marika’s children, these runes were shattered and became aspects of each of her descendants. So the original ring is now broken into different runes possessed by demi-gods each with their own powers, but still relying on the mothership ring housed in Marika.

Where did the Ring Come From?

Ring Come

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The Elden Ring came from the ‘cosmos’ as a Golden Star and inside of it was a Vassal Beast which was said to have been brought by the Greater Will into the Lands Between as a beast to serve its master.  It was to hold this ring until a champion was found to relinquish the power of the Elden Ring to this person, and this ended up being Marika.

The Greater Will was shining grace that shone upon the world of Lands Between after a period of darkness. It is an outer god that created the Elden Ring to bring order and light to the mortals.

What are ‘The Golden Order’ and ‘Erdtree’?

The Golden Order

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The Golden Order is a cultural movement that exists in the Lands Between that explains the state of the world and why the Elden Ring is important to its prosperity and survival. Its key symbols of faith include the ring, the Erdtree, the Greater Will, and Queen Marika.

Elden Ring

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The Erdtree is a giant tree of light that shines from the heavens down on the world of Lands Between in the royal capital. It used to shine graceful light on the inhabitants fueled by the power of the Elden Ring until it was shattered. Depending on the state and health of the ring it changes color. 

The Great Rune

Great Rune

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"Ahh, the Great Runes are the stuff of the Demigods; the children of the goddess, Queen Marika. She who is vessel of the Elden Ring. Tainted by the strength of their runes, her children warred, but none could become Elden Lord." -  Finger Reader Enia

The Great Runes are the shards of the Elden Ring and those that hold them possess great powers, but also great madness. Currently, the children of Marika and the Queen herself hold these shards and control regions of the Lands Between through these comic creations.

The known Great Runes are the following: 

Rune of Death: When it was removed from the Elden Ring the inhabitants of the lands became immortal.
  • Great Rune of The Unborn: Protects the unborn
  • Rykard's Great Rune: Heals the holder.
  • Mohg's Great Rune: A stone of self-scarice to give those enemies around you power.
  • Morgott's Great Rune: A rune to increase your health maximum.
  • Malenia's Great Rune: Dealing damage to an enemy will heal you passively. 
  • Radahn's Great Rune: This rune raises maximum HP, FP, and stamina. 
  • Godrick's Great Rune: This rune raises all attributes.

  • Final Remarks: Extra Cosmic Rings

    Extra Cosmic Rings

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    The game Elden Ring is seriously a beautiful game full of deep lore which we are only just scratching the surface of. Even if we discuss a ring here which is technically not a band anyone can wear to a wedding it is still an amazing example of how the idea of a ring can be just as powerful as the physical object itself. The whole world hangs on the balance of the ring’s power and because it broke into smaller runes the Lands Between was flung into chaos. 

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