What color wedding ring should I get?

One of the most important things to ask yourself when selecting a unique wedding rings is what color should you pick. This question is simple, but the answer can get quite complex very quickly when you ask yourself the following questions to help answer this. We will attempt to answer this question often asked by our clients and in turn offer suggestions to suit a range of personalities from our collection.

 What is your Overall Dress Style?

The Trend Spotter

The Trend Spotter

If you dress quite smartly then a wedding band should reflect this style, just as much as if you were to dress like a Viking! Therefore this is an important question to ask yourself when you are considering the perfect color and fit for a wedding band. Below we have listed some examples of dressing styles you might fall into.

  • Formal
  • For any formal occasion, you can never go wrong with a simple black band such as seen with The Mariner. But if you want something beyond just black then the silver Redwood is just as smart for a suited occasion.

  • Casual
  • For a more ‘everyday’ look, you can go with any ring type of course. In particular, if you wanted something patterned in a zebra design The Harper would be the pick for you! For if you wanted a ring that reminded you of nature and mountains, carved in silver, then The Rocky Top would be a great option for you as well.

  • Viking
  • For band of brothers and sisters of the shield and sword you will need rings that best suit this theme! Therefore, it would do you well to wear something that represents the aestehic of the hardy Viking. A robust, plain black in The Saga would be a great example of this. Or if you want somemthing with more color and wood The Norseman Ring is something what will hit that target. We have a wide range of Viking themed rings inspired by norse gods you can check out!

  • Roman
  • Stepping back in time and wanting to go a bit Roman? We have some rings for that occasion. We have The Hercules a simple band of silver which comes with a real punch and strength like the demigod himself. But if you’d prefer more color to go with the steel in your sword by complimenting it with some wood The Zeus is the right choice for you!

  • Queen or King 
  • If you dress as the King or Queen of your own world than your choice must ring must reflect your royal aesthetic. Simple colours and bands with a sparkle to them will do you well. For those that want a black band with glow you might want to look at the Black Meteorite. But if that is too plain The Armstrong with glow, with the added 18k rose gold for a more out there presentation. And to those that want something delicate which still holds the strength of the previous two bands? Look no further then The Victoria. These picks will surely make you royal!

  • Artsy
  • We have a range of rings which suit any artsy dressing style that comes in a range of different colors. There is the piece inspired by Van Gough’s most famous work of art The Starry Night. There is also a geologist’s dream in the form of The Meteorsaur with a combination of reds and sparkly whites constructed into a canvas of the glowing night sky. 

    Do you want to Match with your Partner?



    If you want to match with your partner we can take the hassle out of this by suggesting you both get a combination of rings based on the same theme! And we can help you out this that conundrum with a selection of sets from our collection.

    The Thor combines the power of Thor’s hammer mjölnir into a matching black sparkling set of rings. These rings are forged from Tungsen Carbide and have a centerpiece strip of authentic Gibeon meteorite. So if you are wanting matching rings in a color to fit all occasions then this powerful set is possibly what you need.

    For something rustic with a hardy mixture of silver and wood grain the Lionheart set is a great option. It brings a modern twist to the aestheic of ancient traditions. So maybe you both want to embrace pagan life in today’s age with something which embodies something old, but new? The colors like with the Thor would suit all occasions and will stand the test of time.

    In the ceremonies of love you can’t get any better then a ring set which represents a famous knight of love – Lancelot! This regal ring of chivalric qualities is made of a smooth black matte Tungsten Carbide shell, with a wooden interior. This is adorned by a band of rose gold inlay to add an air of chique and luxury. 

     What type of job do you have?

    Stylish Curves

    Stylish Curves

    Maybe you have a job that requires you to wear simple colors and perhaps you work in an industry that requires your uniform including your rings to look discrete. 

  • Black
  • This is a great color for this occasion as it fits well with any color and it looks smart too! Thorum has a range of black colored wedding rings for you to browse through. For example. The Rebel is as simple as it can get with a nice black shine on the exterior. 

  • Black + Band
  • If you wanted something sleek and simple yet still perfect for a formal work setting then a ring with black and a simple addition is perfect. You might like a  combination of black and brown in which the Black Barrel might be a great option! The intermixing of wood grains with black metal is a perfect choice!

  • Gold
  • If you still wanted simple with not too much detail then a simple gold band like The Freya is a great choice. 

    What are the Meanings of Certain Colors?



    So you want the ring to both to look great, but if you are still struggling with color then considering the meaning behind the color can help as well. This adds to the importance of such an occasion with a band that already represents a loving and committing relationship.

  • Red
  • Red is the most emotional of all the colors and represents passion, love, intensity, excitement, and power. It is inherently exciting and draws the attention of others.  A highlight of our red-colored rings is The Sequoia made of red timber. If you are looking for a red ring check out the other Red Rings on Thorum.

  • Black
  • Black is a neutral color and is regarded by many cultures to represent lots of different things from power, strength, mystery, authority, elegance, formality, and sophistication to name a few. It creates a great backdrop for any color.  A great example of a black band from our collection is The Blackthorn made out of metal and antler materials, it is a striking piece! If you are looking for a black ring check out the other Black Rings on Thorum.

  • Silver
  • Silver by some is conceived as a mirror to the soul and helps others see our true being inside. It also means hope, unconditional love, meditation, visions, tenderness, kindness, and sensitivities. It is essentially a color for the one who seeks to enhance their spiritual awakenings or connect with others. A sparkly silver ring can be seen in The Sterling. But if you want more variety you can check our silver collection on Thorum.

  • Brown
  • Brown is the solid earthy color that is associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. It is a huge element of a lot of the wedding bands we have on offer at Thorum and you can surely understand why! Wood is such a great way to make your ring stand out so why not consider The Straight Shooter? And cheock out the rest of our collection with a ‘brown’ theme.

  • White
  • White stands for purity, innocence, light, goddess, safety, brilliance, beginnings, spirituality, humility, protection, softness, and perfection. It is a great color often present at weddings and went it becomes part of a wedding band it transfers these good values into the rest of your life.

    From our collection sink your teeth into The Great White is a cool ring made from white shark teeth! And we have a wide range of white rings which can be found in our greater collection.

    • Blue 

    The image of blue brings up many pictures of real-life from the sky to the sea. It is a color that represents the healing nature of water and that our bodies rely upon it to survive and live happy lives. The meaning itself is more complex than simply that including blood, journeys, wisdom, and depth of understanding. Our The Prospector ring made of Arizona Torquoise is a great example of a ring which brings up these ideas. But if you want to see the wider range of blue rings check out Thorum.

  • Green
  • Green is the color of life with the renewal, of nature and energy. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment. This is great to intertwine into your ring as it represents so much of what makes a happy and fulfilling married life. To embrace this, you might want to consider  The Mariner made of blue Paua and is delightful like the fruits of the sea! We also have others in the collection in green you might want to consider as well.

    Concluding Remarks

    There we have it! Some answers to the burning questions of what color best suits YOU for a wedding ring. Many things should be considered when you decide to go beyond the traditional plain band ring. Colors not only must match with your dressing style, job, your partner’s own ring if you desire, and of course have meaning behind their selection. It is nice to have a ring which sparkles, is robust, and looks great, but it is another to have a band that you can see yourself inside as well. A ring which stands as a commitment to the partnership you have undertaken with your loved one.

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