What Are the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


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In 2021 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were released, a movie part of the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe. But we are not here to talk so much about the movie itself; instead, we want to ask: what are the ten rings? Let us find out!

Who is Shang-Chi?


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Shang-Chi is an excellent martial artist who left behind a mysterious organisation called the Ten Rings to live a normal life. Unfortunately, his father is part of the organisation he tried to run from, so with these ‘rings’ business, it is all very personal. However, ten years later, he is forced to confront his past when the Ten Rings attack him! 

What Are the Ten Rings?


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The Ten Rings, which also go by the name Mandarin’s rings, are a set of ten mysterious ancient hung gar iron rings that give their holder mystical powers. Hung gar iron rings are heavy metal rings used for certain activities in traditional martial arts, but these have extraordinary origins. 

The Ten Rings is also the name of the organization of the same name led by a Mandarin who possesses these ten rings. They are an underground criminal group with operations worldwide, first appearing in Iron Man (2008). 

What are the Powers of the Ten Rings?


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With the Ten Rings, the wearer has ten incredible powers they can employ at their disposal, with the sweet addition of immorality. You can see in the graphic above the details for each of the ten rings and their powers, but in a quick summary:

  •  Rings give the wearer super strength.
  • They can be fired at projectiles.
  • They can be used as platforms to climb into the air.
  • They omit concussive energy blasts.
  • If worn, on the one hand, that punch strength is doubled.
  • If worn on one foot, that kick strength is strengthened.
  • The rings can be used to jet the user through the air.
  • The rings are telepathic and listen to the command of their wearer.
  • They might grant immorality, but they don’t protect the wearer from fatal attacks.

What Are The Origins of the Ten Rings?


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Xu Wenwu, who acquired the rings thousands of years ago, was the earliest owner of the Ten Rings. He found they gave him great military power allowing him to conquer and create an unstoppable army called the Ten Rings. A thousand years later, his son Xu Shang-Chi would leave his family behind to fight back against the power of the rings. Xu Shang-Chi eventually obtained the rings for himself and would use them to defend the world from evils, using them for the greater good versus acquiring impossible life and power. 

Final Remarks: What Are the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


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The Ten Rings are an incredible take on the old magical rings trope, bringing a fantastical element to martial art movies. I would sure love a set of rings like those for myself! 

Maybe we won’t ever get magical rings like Shang-Chi, or a ring of power from Mount Doom, but we can still have great rings in our reality. Perhaps a ring made of Meteorite or T-Rex Bones might suffice? Either way, Thorum has a great collection to get you started!

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