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Thorum prides itself on creating handsome and robust wedding bands for all types of people to enjoy as they tie the knot with the person they love most. We are also open about the fact that most of our rings are named after, and inspired by, different mythological characters. Today, we will once again show you some of these rings in a post that highlights essential parts of our collection and helps inspire you to pick that perfect ring!



    Via: The Lancelot

    Our regal knightly wedding band is made of red ironwood with a rippling interior design, which is both smooth at the touch and incredibly robust. This is encased in an exterior made of brushed matte Tungsten, which shimmers like a freshly polished set of plate mail and is inlaid with rose gold. This infusion of natural and metal creates a striking piece for any knight in shining armor that wants to whisk their partner away with their love!


    Via: Wikipedia

    The name of this band comes from a legendary knight of the round table part of the Arthurian legends. It tells of a man called Lancelot who had the beauty to outmatch all other men and a skill in sword battles that could also be hard to overcome. He was the righthand man of King Arthur during his rule, going on many dangerous adventures to save Albion from evil and acquire legendary items such as the Holy Grail. Although he fell off the deep end later in his life and sent the kingdom to its doom, he was the perfect knight and held their knightly oaths to perfection.



      Via: The Hercules  

      The rustic band of Hercules in the Thorum collection is made of a tame yellow grain of ironwood. This is encased in a hammered titanium shell to create a rustic worn armor carapace. It is a simple design, yet it is striking and incredibly comfortable. They are designed to last like the strength of Hercules, the demigod himself!


      Born in a union between a mortal woman, Alcmene, and the God Zeus, the demigod Hercules was born with the power of extraordinary strength. He was raised with this innate ability, and when he was of age, he started to perform tasks to help mortals and gods alike. Some of these famous feats included the Twelve Labours of Hercules. This sent him into the depths of the Underworld, killing many legendary beasts, stealing a girdle from the queen of the Amazons, and even cleaning the stables of Augeas in one day.


        The Harper

        Via: The Harper

        This zebra, woodlike grained ring made of Damascus steel is striking in its minimal materials. It shows fluidity in the contrast of flowing black lines between the silver of the sturdy metal. The inlaid wooden whisky barrel band enhances this to add a natural element to the piece and tie it all together. 


        With this natural flying-type effect on the wedding band, it almost resembles feathers in flight with feathers of silver. The wood grains reflect the taloned legs of the flying creature with the usual human-like facial features. It is very reminiscent of Harpies from Greek mythology, who are spirits of sudden gusts of wind being half-woman half-bird. They embody the strength of the winds,, which can be vicious, cruel, and violent as a destructive force in nature. Imagine holding the power of the winds in a ring!


          The Blackthorn

          Via: The Blackthorn

          The blackthorn has a black ceramic core with an incased exterior band of white-grained antler sourced from Grand Mesa in western Colorado. This piece is different from many other wedding bands depicted on this list as the materials are tradtionally not as strong as, let's say, titanium, but the way this band has been crafted will ensure that it stands up to the trials and tribulations with the best of them!

          The Hazel Tree

          Via: The Hazel Tree

          In Celtic mythologies and modern witch traditions, the blackthorn is a dark mother of the woods and a goddess in the form of dark wood. On the one hand, it symbolizes strength, overcoming adversity, purification, and protection. On the other, it can cause bad luck if used as a weapon in the wrong hands, with the most sinister reputation in Celtic tree lore with its associations to the Underworld.  

          But it's not innately evil as it helps give strength to those that face trials. The blackthorn is tied close to a goddess known by many names: Mother of the woods and winter, the crone, and the triple goddess… She is depicted carrying a blackthorn staff with a crow on her shoulder, and her guidance and worship allows followers to face the end of their life with courage, or in the face of any trials life throws as them. Then if they survive she reminds them that they are stronger then they were before and to keep looking forward.


            The Valkyrie

            Via: The Valkyrie

            This beautiful ring shines brightly with an army of cubic Zirconia gems held securely in place to a band made of 18k pave rose gold. Who says a brave warrior does not need a cute ring to accompany their armor for battle? This ring will last through all the clashing of axes and the battering of shields as you thrust yourself through life.

            Life in Norway 

            Via: Life in Norway

            I must say I really do love this art piece! It makes her look badass and why wouldn’t she when she is a strong warrior! Valkyries are Norse warriors of the dead that carry the slain in battle to one of two places in the afterlife. The heavenly hall of Freya, Fólkvangr, to a field, ruled over by the goddess herself. Or the hall of Odin, Valhalla, the wall of warriors who battled and eat their slain foes to prepare for the end of days, Ragnarok.  Essentially, they join the armies of either god so that when the day comes, they have the forces to overcome the prophesized threat.

            Valkyrie appears as a shrieking woman riding a horse through the skies of a battlefield, searching for fallen souls. They snatch them up and take them to their final resting place, carrying them either to Odin or Freya. They judge the slain and decide if their souls are worthy to be picked from the battlefield to be brought to the halls.



              Via: The Medusa

              Make your partner petrified with the beauty of this ring on your finger! In itself, this band is simple but deadly as few can escape the allure of its beauty and those that hold it. Made with a band of sandblasted black titanium, this sleek holder is powerfully strong. And with a single pulsing gem of cubic zirconia, it will look at you dead in the eyes… right into your soul unblinking and you will be forever transformed by its splender. 

              How could we dear to make such a dangerously beautiful ring? Well, at least we can say it won’t kill you like looking into the eyes of Medusa herself. You can get the best of both worlds with the name of the most interesting mythical character in Greek mythology, and her beauty to match.



              Medusa is part of Greek mythology often depicted as a gorgeous woman with hair made from live snakes. She is a creature from the underworld called a Gorgon who uses her beauty to draw admirers in before she would turn them into victims and attack them with her snakes. And if that wasn’t enough, her eyes could turn anyone that looked directly into them into stone as well! Fortunately, the Greek hero Perseus beheaded her and her reign of terror ended. But her head was still used to great effect by those after her death.It seems even beyond death she continued to capture all in her sight. 

              The Lionheart

                The Lionheart

                Via: The Lionheart

                What we have here is a slight twist at the end of this list as technically Lionheart was not a mythical character as he was based on an English King. However, this band is inspired by the mythological character created from an ordinary man who once lived and was thrown into the realm of myth and legend by those that told stories about him after his death.

                Our Lionheart ring is truly fit for a king with the fit of smooth Titanium on the interior of the band, but with a worn battered exterior reminiscent of royal armor that has seen battles. Its regal nature is clear in the shine, and the addition of a wooden whiskey barrel inlay to tie the piece together and make it truly striking. One who wears this ring surely would be the one to rule them all, much like Arthur when he drew excaliburfrom the stone.  


                Via: Britannica

                So what is our Lionheart treasure based on? It is King Richard the first of England who lived from 1157 - 1199 and reigned as king for just over ten years before his death. He was a great military leader and warrior during is reign and so he became known as Richard the Lionheart. A man who looked in the face of adversity with the heart of a lion and did not cower like others, who pushed forward and fought with strength and courage. He was sung about by bards during and after his life and this added to his legendary status as someone beyond an ordinary man.  

                Final Remarks

                Who knew that we could create so many different types of bands with mythological characters as inspiration? And we have soo much more in our collection so be sure to check out Thorum if you have not done so! Myths and legends are so fascinating and being able to bring these old people to life through modern art, and to be worn by people, is amazing! 

                We have many more blog posts like this if you want to read more about rings in our collection or interesting facts about rings of the past. And be sure to subscribe to our blog to look out for more posts like this one which get published every week!

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