We teamed up with Skallagrim!

Skallagrim and Thorum band together!

Skallagrim and Thorum Rings

This article has been a long time coming ⚒️

Skallagrim's burning passion and expert understanding of historical arms, armor, and tools is truly infectious. 

I first reached out to Skallagrim over a year ago - in an effort to work together. Luckily he was receptive, and honestly a wonderful guy to chat with (one of the best to be completely honest).

Skallagrim Mordhau Technique with Thorum rings

Skall Mordhau Technique

Check out Skallagrim's most recent video here:

"Swords are... Kind of Silly, Actually!"

I couldn't agree more. It's better to win a fight with love. Use a ring ;)

Skallagrim in Armor


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I personally look forward to many more integrations with Skallagrim. Also wow, I'm finally glad I got around to writing this article. 


Here's to you Skallagrim🍻 


Best regards,

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