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Via: Almost all the sci-fi spaceships you know are on this massive chart | Engadget

To celebrate the release of a new range of Thorum rings, we thought it would be a great idea to look at space, and part of the series of posts look at the fictional spaceships found in popular tv shows and movies. So let's get stuck in! And let us know if we missed out on any unique ships you love. 

Star Trek: USS Voyager

USS Voyager

Via: USS Voyager | Memory Alpha | Fandom

The USS Voyager went out into the depths of space in the 24th century in search of uncharted grounds in space exploration. It was famous for being the first Federation ship to explore the Delta Quadrant, for which this victory earned it the right to be called Voyager and the first of the other Federation ships to bear this name. 

This ship didn’t just have a means of hyperdrive to travel quickly between lightyears, but a tool of defense against other ships. Its stern Borg torpedoes allowed it to blow up smaller vessels in a single hit. 

Star Wars: Death Star

Death Star

Via: Death Star |

The Death Star is not your average vessel when exploring the galaxy; instead, it is a terrifying weapon the size of a moon. Furthermore, it was held by the Empire, capable of destroying a planet in a single hit. If that fact does not send a chill down your spine, then perhaps you’ll run at the point it can travel just as quickly through hyperspace, just like most other vessels in Star Wars. 

The ship acts like a moon or small planet in many ways and functions as a living space for thousands of crew. It is the perfect battleship to hold smaller fighter jets during times of conflict and is not easily surpassed by any other ship type. The only way to stop a death star is by going inside and trying to blow it up from the center. 

Doctor Who: The Tardis

The Tardis

Via: The Sun

The Tardis (Time and Relative Dimensions In Space) is a technological marvel created by the alien race, the Timelords. This spaceship allows one to travel anywhere in the universe at the flick of a switch, and did we also mention it travels in time? 

Doctor Who follows the adventures of the Doctor as he travels in his Tardis, thrown into many dangerous and breathtaking events. The companions and the Doctor’s faces might change, but the sentiment being of the ship stays the same. 

Firefly: Ship Serenity 

Ship Serenity

Via: Firefly Class | The Firefly and Serenity Database | Fandom

The Firefly class of ships are hardy and robust and seem to keep driving no matter what is thrown at them. This is great for the guys at Allied Spacecraft Co., who designed it as a heavy loader of goods. 

Serenity is named after the Serenity Valley located on Hera planet and captained by Malcolm Reynolds.  Mal was a former fighter during the unification war, fighting for the Independents as a high-ranking Browncoat. His ship was named after the valley he fought in as part of that bloody war where both sides lost in the end, and he survived.

The ship became Mal’s way to escape the loss of the war; by purchasing this ship, he could go off the planet and miss the fate of the others on his side. So he upgraded it to suit his needs and threw himself into this project to help forget.

Halo: The Mantle's Approach

The Mantle's Approach

Via: Mantle's Approach | Halo Alpha | Fandom

In Halo 4, Ur-Didact had this flagship built during the Human-Forerunner war, and it is stupidly massive at almost 1,000 meters long. Half of its size fits fuel and engine reactants, while the other half accommodates crew. It is soo big that it has a thin atmosphere around its hull and is the largest ship in the Halo universe.

The ship was built to transport troops through space, although it doesn’t appear to have repulsion.  Instead, it has sections that open up before it jumps into ‘slipspace’ (an area between universes used to travel).  It served as the perfect battleship in space wars but was destroyed by the Spartan during the events of Halo 4.

Lilo and Stitch: Jumba’s Ship

 Jumba’s Ship

Via: Jumba's Ship | Disney Wiki | Fandom

We have a little fun spaceship highlight: the bright red ship from Lilo and Stitch. Jumba and Pleaktly drove this ship to Earth to find experiment 626 (Stitch). It is used in the film's climax, where Stitch drives it to save Lilo from being kidnapped by other aliens. In the second movie, Stitch has a glitch and crashes it into the Hawai’ian mountains as he tries to flee before he hurts others.

The ship is a quick flyer in both atmospheric conditions and spaceflight, and during everyday life, it functions in various roles for the characters. For example, it serves as a B&B for one TV series episode, whilst in another a lab for Jumba’s ongoing experiments. 

The Thunderbirds: Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3

Via: Thunderbird 3 | Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia | Fandom

This is the International Rescue’s (IR) single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) rocket that was built by “Brains” and driven by Alan Tracy and Scott Tracy. It is a space vehicle designed to rescue crew and repair Thunderbird 5 (IR’s international space station). 

The Thunderbird 3 uses chemical rockets for lift-off and ion drive for jetting around space, reaching speeds that could get their crew to the sun in under 65 hours. Although this rocket can travel fast, it is suited for short trips and rescue missions versus exploration. 

Red Dwarf: Red Dwarf Ship

Red Dwarf Ship

Via: Asteroids (Red Dwarf) | Tongue Tied | Fandom

This massive city-sized ship is the most unique on this list. It was designed by Jupiter Mining Co. to conduct mining operations throughout the galaxy between Earthling settled planets. It has every type of venue that any typical city has, from bars to cinemas; it has entertainment and space for a massive crew.

Right off the bat, one of this ship's most prominent features is the asteroid stuck to the side of the ship's hull. It makes it fairly apparent from this feature that this ship holds miners. It is unknown if this was due to a collision, but the nanobots that repair the ship often recreate them when making repairs. 

The ship is powered by an endless engine core and solar panels that allowed it to survive some 3,000,000 years after a radiation leak killed everyone except one person on board. This man was Lister, who woke up from suspended animation and, through the events of the tv show, had to learn to pilot it with a tiny crew of unusual people.  This crew includes an AI called Holly, who is the sentiment voice of the ship and seems to have their way of doing this despite what her physical staff like.  

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

Via: Millennium Falcon | Wookieepedia | Fandom

I couldn’t help but include another iconic Star Wars ship. This ship was a YT 492727ZED (a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter) used by Han Solo and Chewy during the Galactic Civil War. It is passed through numerous hands, from criminals to war heroes too, most recently, Jedi, serving the needs well of those at its helm as it survives wars and conflicts easily.

It is a fast machine, bear it a little battered, but suits the lifestyle of those that live on the edge as it can win a race against most vessels, has good shields and firearms, and can reach hyperdrive to make a quick getaway. 

Battlestar Galactica: Jupiter Class

Jupiter Class

Via: Jupiter-class | Battlestar Galactica Wiki | Fandom

The Jupiter class is the original class of Battlestar built by the United Colonies of Kobol. Twelve were constructed for each colony before many more were created during the 1st Cylon War.

During this war, there was a pressing need for well-armed vessels reliant on old computer technology, which was unnetworked and thus would be harder to hack. They were great vessels for freighting troops and smaller fighter jets to strike raiders. The advantage this class gave the Colonies led to many more classes being developed based on this style.

Thorum: A Ring of Epic Space Voyages

A Ring of Epic Space Voyages

Via: The Voyager | Meteorite Ring | Thorum

This is iconic, but it isn’t a fictitious deep space voyager! Instead, this ring is made of the stuff that travelled millions of miles to find its way into our arsenal of fine wedding bands. The band is inlaid with a 4-billion-year-old meteorite stone, and the rustic Tungsten Carbide shows this age and wisdom from its time hurdling through space.

Final Remarks: Deep Space Voyagers in Real Life

Deep Space Voyagers in Real Life

Via: First images from Nasa’s James Webb space telescope reveal ancient galaxies | James Webb space telescope | The Guardian

I didn’t even realize when I was writing these posts on space that there was also other exciting space news coming out of NASA right now. That their new space telescope ‘James Webb’ has just released the first images of a crisper universe that has ever been seen before. 

And if that exciting news wasn’t enough, we have our release of new rings at Thorum, which are just as sparkly as the stars in the image Webb caught above. Both facts show how beautiful our universe can be in our art and the heavens above. 

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