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Thorum, Critical Role, & Dungeons and Dragons: The Most Incredible Rings

Today we will be showcasing the incredible rings you can get in your own game of D&D, and celebrate our second sponsorship of a Critical Role Episode. 

Some of my favorite items in D&D are the powerful magical rings. We will be skipping the discussion on the ring of three wishes as we discussed it in the blog post on The Most Powerful Mythical Rings

So welcome all you critters and may you find the perfect ring for your  Dungeons and Dragons character so that they may fight evil, do cool stuff, and maybe get married if you’re so inclined.

The Perfect Ring for a Spy: Band of Loyalty

This ring not only looks cool, but it is great if you want to play a proper spy character. What if you get captured by an enemy? No problem! If you are wearing the band of loyalty and drop to zero hitpoints you die outright without any death saves. Then all those secrets are kept well away from prying ears!

The Perfect ‘Mad Wizard’ Ring: Horned Ring

There are eight of these embued rings created by a mad wizard. Each has its own unique abilities to teleport out of a difficult situation, with the primary aim of the wearer being able to break through any magical barriers to aid in their escape. 

Elementalist Ring: Ring of (Insert element) Elemental Command

Via: Ring of Air Elemental Command - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

There are many variants of these rings from being able to summon elements of fire, water, or even ice. Elementals are drawn from the elemental plane to serve as your faithful servant or as a bodyguard if you get overwhelmed in your journeys. 

A Ring Fit for a Druid: Ring of Animal Influence

This ring is perfect for a ranger or druid that finds themselves in the folds of nature. If you want to get yourself a little furry pet, this could be the tool you need to get you there! It can also function as a ward against beasts that might strike on the road.

This is similar to The Artemis and The Straight Shooter at Thorum.

Need a Friend: Ring of Djinni Summoning

This ring gives you a friend from the elemental planes of chaos. The Djinni serves as your companion for up to an hour and serves as a great warrior as well as a whirlwind caster. It is for the best that you cant summon a noble Djinni as they are the ones that could grant you a wish as twenty-four hours with this ring otherwise. 

A Ring for a Rogue: Ring of Evasion

Some of the art for these rings is purely magical and makes it almost more photo than the drawing of a ring. This band is certainly one that does not look like you should wear it into a fight, but maybe it is through that fact it developed the ability to help its wearer avoid taking damage in failed dexterity saving throws. 

A Ring for a Clumsy Player: Ring of Feather Falling

If you always find yourself taking fall damage then this is the perfect ring for this issue! It allows you to tall like a feather at 60 ft per round (6 seconds) and when you fall you take no damage on landing. 

Always Getting Stuck? Try The Ring of Free Action

Via: Ring of Free Action - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

If you are always getting stuck in a sticky situation on difficult terrain then this is the perfect ring to ignore the effects of this! You can continue to use your movement even if you are stuck in the mud. And what makes this even more amazing is it ignores paralysis and magical restraint. You can’t stop moving with this ring!

Want Some Time Alone? Try The Ring of Invisibility 

Via: Ring of Invisibility - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

It does what it says on the tin and allows you to become invisible (It is the D&D equivalent of the ring of power from Lord of the Rings). You can always use a band like this to make a quick escape.

A High Jumper: The Ring of Jumping

With this band, you can jump higher than ever before! Casting the effects of the spell ‘jump’ as a bonus action on yourself you can leap up to three times your usual jump height. 

A Ring to Block Psychics: Ring of Mind Shielding

You can block all types of mind communications attempting to enter your thoughts with this ring. It can even be turned invisible so that those near you don’t see the source of your great power! 

A quirk of this ring is that when you die your soul enters this ring as a vessel and you can speak with any others that would wear it hereafter. If you desire you can pass on to the afterlife at any stage.  

Ring of the Gloomy Emo: Ring of Obscuring

This ring allows you to create a cloud of fog (using the spell fog cloud) up to three times per day with the effects lasting up to an hour. If the day's weather is just too bright and cheery for you, you can change it up with some misty dewy fog!

A Squishy Wizard: Ring of Protection

This is the staple of most D&D games and I can’t think of a single game where we as players did not get this ring early on. For one, it's great for barbarians or wizards that cannot wear armor and gives them an extra +1 to their AC.

Becoming ‘One’ With Water: Ring of Fury

From the word of Matt Mercer we have a ring that allows the wearer to breathe through water and walks through it at the same rate as if they were walking on land. The wearer can also enter a ruidium rage that gives them certain bonuses in battle. 

We have our own ‘Rings of Red Fury’ at Thorum:

When You’re hurt: Ring of Regeneration

Via: Ring of Regeneration - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

This ring allows its wearer to regain 1d6 hit points at the start of each of their turns if they are below their maximum hit points. If you lose a body part the ring will help your body mend the missing part in 1d6 + 1 days. 

Taking Too Much Damage: Ring of Resistance

Depending on the inlaid gem of this ring, it will determine what type of damage resistance the wearer gets whilst wearing this band. The resistance means you take half damage from that said damage type. 

We have our own ‘Rings of Resistances’ at Thorum:

Need to See Your Invisible Friend? Try The Ring of Shooting Stars

Via: Ring of Shooting Stars - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

With this ring, you can cast light and dancing lights at well. Not only that, you can cast either fairie fire or ball lighting up to six times per day. This ring is great for those dim dungeons or enemies that just like to cast invisibility on themselves. 

Backing Up Spells: Ring of Spell Storing

Via: Ring of Spell Storing - Magic Items - D&D Beyond (

This ring can store spells up to level five and can be cast by any wearer regardless of their class.  It's cool if you need extra spells to be cast, but not enough wizards to cast them all at once!

Facing a Wizard: Ring of Spell Turning

This ring is truly legendary and the bane of any spellcasters pitted against the wearer of this ring. Firstly, you get an advantage on any spell saves that target you. Secondly, you roll a twenty saving-throw on a spell cast level 7 or lower, and the spell turns back targeting the caster (and you take no damage).

Can’t Swim: Ring of Swimming

The wearer of this ring gets a swimming speed of 40 ft. This negates the half-speed a person usually takes when they swim normally, so is a must-have for any nautical campaign. 

Want to Move an Object With Your Mind? Ring of Telekinesis

You are able to cast the spell telekinesis at will with this ring but cannot target any worn or carried items. One of the fun ways you can use this spell includes pushing an enemy back 30 ft or lifting them into the air, or drop something disagreeable on their head.

Temporal Relief from Death: Ring of Temporal Salvation

Although there's no official artwork for this ring the concept itself is very cool. When you die you are teleported five feet within the square you died with 3d6 + con mod hit points restored. Once its effect is used the ring crumbles to dust. 

To Knockover a King: Ring of The Ram

If you feel the ram is your spirit animal then this is a great ring to embrace the power of said beast! The ring allows you to make a ranged attack using a spectral rams head dealing 2d10 force damage three times per day. 

Traveling in Winter: Ring of Warmth

Brrr, if it's a little cold out you could always do with a warm ring like this! The woolen interior looks so cozy and truly gives off the vibes that you cannot be affected by cold weather conditions. Not only that, you will have resistance to cold damage!

At Thorum we also have a ring to keep you warm: The Magni 

Jesus in D&D: Ring of Water Walking

If you want to embrace your inner Jesus then the ring of water walking is for you! Walk across the surface of the water without fear that your best suit will be sodden. Keep your walking speed and traverse the lakes and oceans you may encounter with ease. 

Keeper of The Frosts: Ring of Winter

This is an upgrade to the ring of warmth in a way. Except now you are truly the lord over all things cold. It does many things including gifting the wearer immunity to the cold, a longer life, a sentient being inside the ring, and various frigid spells. 

A Band for Doctors: Ring of X-ray Vision

If your character is a doctor then this ring would be perfect for you! It allows you to see through solid matter for one minute with a range of 30 ft. So now you can finally see if that cursed chest is worth looting or best left to rot. 

Magical Rings for a Couple: Rings of Shared Suffering

These rings have no official artwork, but truly represent a special type of union between people that choose to wear them. The benefit of these rings is that two characters may bear the brunt of injury if the other gets hurt as all damage is split evenly between them. However, if one dies, the survivor must toll 4d8 psychic damage. So best not to die. 

Want bands as a couple that will unite you like these rings? Check out:

The Ring to Rule all: Ring of Three Wishes

Yes, we said we would not discuss it, but what is a list of rings in d&d without the ring of wishes? It has the power to give you all of the effects of the rings on this list combined and then more. If you can think of any desires, it has the power to perform them.

Final Remarks

There are soo many rings in D&D that at times you wish you had enough fingers to collect them all! Just as well if you play enough games eventually you might be able to amass a large collection to fill your whole pack. Then you will be set for the dangerous life that being an adventurer entails. 

This post is our second one on D&D in celebration of our second sponsorship of Critical Role!  

Check out their new episode: A Race for the Prize | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 27 | Critical Role ( 

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