The Weird and Wacky World of Futuristic Tech and Modern Wedding Rings


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The technology of rings has constantly been evolving since its invention, and with the rise of new digital technologies and modernism, we can see more than ever bizarre and wacky rings that go beyond just looking pretty. More than symbols of love or status or to ward off evil spirits, technology has also allowed us to have rings that improve our lives. So how is this so? Let's look at some examples of these bands!

Technologically Charged Wedding Rings!


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With the rise of computers and artificial intelligence, we can now hold a little artificial mind in our hand or even in a chip as small as a ring. So with that, we have seen the rise of ‘smart rings’ for various purposes or simply to push the boundaries of ring aesthetics. For example, you can now buy things with just the tap of a ring to a paying machine, or you can exchange messages with simple voice commands. All these things weren’t possible just a decade ago.

Smart Wedding Rings with Glowing Lights



I love these flashy LED light rings that show how basic a ‘futuristic spin’ on a band can be. However, if you just add a screen to this with some artificial intelligence, it can do more than give you light in the dark or a green hue to your hand.

A Wedding Ring to Keep Track of Health 


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There are many rings on the market today that help track your overall health using sensors and Bluetooth technology to link your results up to a convenient phone app. The example above is sleek and minimal on the outside, so you wouldn’t even think it had a complex interior for other uses! I am a fan of tiny screens, so if a ring could do this with a small screen for additional services, I would be sold on the idea.

NFT Wedding Rings


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There are those that like physical rings, and then there are those that are minimal or are crypto fanboys, as some call them. Those that embrace the craze of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or exchanging digital assets like NFTs (non-fungible tokens). 

You can buy rings that exist purely in the digital environment, essentially like stock investments or purchasing a work of art, as the logic is they are one of a kind. If there is a demand for them over time, their pieces will rise. They are protected under the blockchain and are heavily regulated by this merging technology.

Virtual Weddings and VR Chat Marriage Rings


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If you don’t want to buy an NFT ring as an investment, you can get avatar rings for virtual words like VR chat and other ‘metaverse’ universes. Some of these cost money, and the modders will be happy to custom-make any ring design for a virtual wedding. You’ll save on cash to get a physical one; if you don’t want something on your finger, it's a bonus!

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Bitcoin Rings


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People are becoming obsessed with digital assets, so why not 3D print your metaverse ring so you have both a physical and digital copy? Technology is a marvel, and we cannot predict where it might go next for all aspects of our lives. What do you think?

Modern Rings and Their Marvel Materials!


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Thinking about the weird and wacky world of technological rings, we also need to discuss the modern materials rings used! Ring makers at the forefront of creative ingenuity love experimenting with new band materials, including artificial gems, rare metals, and amazing things that fall from the stars.

Silicone Rings


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Silicone is a brilliant material that is easily moulded, malleable, soft, and non-conductive. This makes bands of its kind modern ring material perfect for manual labor or other hand-based activities. 

Thorum includes a free rubber ring with every ring purchase as a great way to have a ring on your finger if you are doing dangerous work or hobbies.

Cubic Zirconia


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Cubic Zirconia is an artificial gem formed in a lab without the millions of years and expense to acquire a diamond of the same quality and size. Manufactured gems are fantastic and are indeed the future of gem-inlaid rings. 

Firstly, you save on money and the environment with the damage to mining and loss of lives in mines. Next, you can create the perfect gem at a size, sparkle, and color that is perfect for your needs. Lastly, these gems are soo much cheaper for someone to purchase, leading to these gorgeous rings being much easier on the wallet if you’d been weighing up buying a real or fake diamond. 

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Modern Ceramic Rings


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Ceramics are some of the oldest forms of technology in the world, yet surprisingly we’ve not seen a lot of ancient clay-based fired rings. This is likely because older forms of ceramics were brittle and wouldn’t have suited the strain of everyday wear and tear. However, modern ceramics has changed this with new and improved ways to cement ceramics, so they are robust, will not crack or crumble, and will keep looking brand new. 

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Recycled Modern Materials


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One thing that is amazing about modern rings is our conscious efforts to minimize wastage and to be mindful of our impacts on the environment. Part of this includes reusing old materials from retired goods and turning them into art with new leases of life. 

For example, Thorum makes many of its oak wood-based rings from old whiskey barrels, such as The Jameson. These show the material’s maturity whilst also presenting in a polished state which feels like these woods have just been freshly chopped off a tree. 

Another fantastic recycling project was the WW2 Ring which reshaped a retired WW2 gun into an object that can now symbolize love rather than hate.

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Mixing Organic and the Artificial


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Whether you're seeking a purely wooden or a purely metal ring, either type is some of the oldest. But did you know that combining the two is a somewhat novel concept? Technology has allowed us to advance not just in electronics but also in the union of organic and artificially constructed materials. 

Thorum’s vast collection has a wide range of wood and metal wedding rings that can vary in style, color, and wood and metal type, inspired by various sources and stories. They are all carefully designed and crafted and are some of unique modern rings you can get right now!

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Rings Made of Dinosaurs and Space Junk


Via: The Jurassic | Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring | Thorum

Whats cooler than a ring not just made of meteorite, but also t-rex bones? I think we’d both be hard pressed to find anything better. Still, Thorum has a unique range of rings catered to either material type, with several designs that incorporate both in a seamless blend of prehistoric and space.

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Final Remarks


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Technology is fantastic, and it is only because of these inventions that we can live in an ever-connected world. We can experience novel rings and beautiful works of art that have not been possible or obtainable for the popular masses. 

Whether we seek wedding rings to express our admiration for the metaverse or NFTs or to express love for dinosaurs. Modern wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and have never before been so diverse!

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