The Ultimate Sci-fi Wedding Guide!



Do you want a wedding that is out of this world? Perhaps you’re a massive fan of science fiction media? Then consider a science fiction-themed wedding to tie the knot between your extra-dimensional traveler and your nerdy self! Today we will give you a taste of what it takes to create the ultimate spacey wedding!

Do the Research



Start by looking at existing weddings using the sci-fi theme for inspiration! Just a quick google search with the keywords of ‘sci-fi, science fiction, wedding, star trek, doctor who, UFO, stars, aliens, and NASA’, can yield some great results to get you started. 

Then from these photos or articles, you can start to compile a list on the type of sci-fi wedding you both desire. You can see from this that sci-fi is a very broad term so you could narrow it down to focus on a type of sci-fi theme for example:

  • Sci-fi tv shows, books, or movies.
  • UFOs
  • Aliens
  • Real-life space travel and technology
  • An intermix of all the pieces of science fiction you enjoy the most.

Best Time for A Wedding?


If we are talking science fiction, the most out-of-this-world things happen at night. So the obvious pick would be to set your wedding during the times when the sky grows dark, in the middle when you can see the brilliance of the stars, or just before the sun rises. Whatever you pick, you’ll be able to create a unique atmosphere for the reception, which cannot be replicated by daytime affairs. You can use candles to light an outside ceremony and encourage warm clothes to ensure people don’t get too cold. To have a night wedding, it would be essential to set it during warmer months or have access to outdoor heating such as braziers.


Via: FelixImage

The purpose of this time is to see the stars, of course, and get magical photos of you both embracing each other under a constellation. There is also something quite romantic about the dark as the colors and loudness of the day go to sleep and you are left in the relaxing quiet of your own company. 

This time allows for fun activities as part of the wedding, which could include stargazing, wishing upon a shooting star, or riding out into a local UFO hot spot for the chance of spotting an alien or getting abducted by one. How unusual would that be?

Location! Location! Location!


Via: Kidspot

You could go out to a local UFO hotspot to get married under the stars, but if you are far from seeing the stars outside at night due to light pollution, then going to a planetarium is the next best thing! Most major cities have an indoor theatre that caters to these needs to allow you to experience the universe's wonders from the comfort of your seat and a cooling fizzy drink. 

If you prefer to be outside, the next obvious suggestion is to have a night wedding outside your local observatory. You can have the ceremony close to a technological marvel and then enter the premises to allow people to stargaze and perhaps even have the afterparty inside if the owners allow it!


Via:  BBC News

There are soo many possible locations for a sci-fi wedding. If so far the suggestions do not suit, you can seek out places further afield which might require traveling. This could be to an iconic museum, sci-fi-themed cafe or entertainment, or even to local attractions just outside of famous locations like Area 51.



Via: LitReactor

The choice of music for any wedding is super important and so it can help enhance the experience of your special day and the central theme. So what tunes can be plugged into to ensure it is spacey and sciencey? 

Science fiction media is a great way to get inspiration for creating a wedding playlist to be played at the reception and after-party. These can include iconic pieces from tv shows, including star trek, doctor who, the x-files, and the twilight zone. Then from there, you can find less unknown genres of music which will create the perfect atmosphere.

Here is just a tiny list to consider:

  • Soviet wave
  • Filk music
  • Classical sci-fi movies
  • Sci-fi tv themes
  • Spacey music
  • Pop music like ‘rocket man’ or ‘is there life on mars?’
  • Aaaannnnd:  Star Wars: Cantina

Fun Photos

Offbeat Bride

Via: Offbeat Bride

If you have a tight budget, you can create some fantastic photos without throwing too much into creating a set just to take one or two shots. You can hire a skilled photographer who also has photoshop skills to add some space monsters or other space events to your wedding photos.

Didn’t you see that UFO? Paint the saucer flying above your wedding reception. Didn’t you get to meet your favorite alien, the Doctor? Photoshop them into your guest photos and pretend that you didn’t alter it in one bit then, just maybe… you can trick everyone and yourself into that there was a time traveler in your ranks and no one knew!



You can go as crazy or conservative as you want with these sci-fi suits. If you still want to remain traditional with a black suit and tie, you can have a sci-fi twist with a brooch pinned to your lapel. This could also be in the form of a fun decorated tie in a pattern matching a common motif of the genre, including spaceships or green aliens from Mars.


Via: PictoVista

If you want to go beyond this would crazy then you could hire spacesuits or a costume from a favorite sci-fi media that you enjoy. For example, you could dress as your favorite alien from star trek, or Doctor from dr who. The whole wedding party can get involved in dressing up as a crazy alien with makeup or by putting on a mask. It would be fun for everyone and create a truly unique series of wedding photos!



Via: DeviantArt

If the traditional wedding dress isn’t you, you could go with a ‘space opera’ type design, a product of futuristic sci-fi works like Dune. This is gorgeous, still within the realm of being considered conservative, but with a futuristic flair. You can decorate a piece like the one showcased above with star-themed jewelry and perhaps even some rings made of meteorite


You truly can’t get any more sci-fi than a black dress with perfectly designed adornments, with a Vader helmet to complete it. If you want to get crazy then obviously this wedding theme allows you to throw aside the norms of tradition and roleplay as a character you wouldn’t dream of doing in real life. If your partner is equally into this dramatic display then it is clearly a match made in heaven and you will have the best day!


Wedding cake

Via: Offbeat Bride

The food of your wedding is where you can express your theme and personality to its fullest! If you want your cake to scream ‘giant sci-fi nerds’ then you can get a cake decorated to match the theme. This could be a fondant recreation of the 1969 moon landing or of a cute couple dressed as iconic duos from sci-fi shows like Spock and Kirk. The decoration is really up to you!


And as for the food itself… This is where we can go totally wild and think about what would make this meal an experience you and others will never forget! So why not consider adding some meals consumed by astronauts in space? It is unconventional, sure, but it would add a curious simple to guests faces as they see a familiar meal dressed in strange plastic coverings.



The decoration of you wedding if you are not wearing sci-fi costumes will be what creates the atmosphere that you are hoping to project. Looking at the image above is a subtle decoration attempt to mimic a dining experience set in space on a spaceship. The colors were clearfully picked and the sequined wall across the length of the room truly makes one feel like they are looking out of a window into the depths of the cosmos.

Offbeat Bride

Via: Offbeat Bride

If you are massive fans of an alien-themed wedding then you need decorations to show this! What better way then making some crafts of iconic characters from different sci-fi media to achieve this goal. The daleks from doctor who create a great piece as they are easily regoniseable even if someone has never seen the show. 


Alive Network

Via: Alive Network

There are many ways to find inject entertainment into you sci-fi wedding from hiring a band dressed as the empire from star wars, to playing strictly sci-fi themed music. Your wedding will be a blast off into space with these ideas. 

And for the quieter attendees you can have areas reserved for boardgames or co-operative video games all under the umbrella of sci-fi. The main thing is these games should not be too long and be simple enough for others to pick up without needing to invest hours into the event.

For kids and adults alike you could have a dress up box so people can dress the part of a space ranger, a viking from Pluto, and get stuck into the fun of an event that is out of this world. This could be accompanied by a face-painting stand for those that just want extra crazy party photos.

The Perfect Rings!

Wedding Band Materials Thorum

Via: Wedding Band Materials at Thorum (Left: Meteorite. Right (Dino bone).

If you want the ultimate sci-fi wedding then you might want to consider wedding bands to match this aestheic. What better way to make your partner fall in love with you a second time than with these stunning sci-fi gems.

Meteorite Rings

Via: Meteorite Rings

If you’re heart is set on space, then a band made from a 4-billion-year old meteorite might fit the bill for you! At Thorum we have a vast range of meteorite bands to suit all types of people and to suit any budget.

Dinosaur Bone Rings

Via:  Dinosaur Bone Rings

But if you are a time traveller then of course you might like something more prehistoric then what better way to show those around you your appreciation for the past with bands made of dinosaur bones? And if it wasn’t also from the most iconic dino themself, the T-REX!.



There are soo many great ideas for a honeymoon following a sci-fi wedding and of course almost all of them are inspired by space in some ways. We can’t list them here, but we will quickly list three of our top favorite adventures for newly married couples!

  1. Go for a ride under zero gravity! You most likely will never made it to space, but why not experience zero-g from the safety of a flight on Earth? Its not as expensive as it sounds as companies are opening up all the time to push the price down lower as more interest in the experience of weightlessless takes off.



  1. Attend the NASA space camp! It might seem like a farfetched idea as an adult to start the dream of becoming an astronaut, but did you know that NASA has boot camps for adults and not just children? You get to live like a proper astronaut in training and learn what it takes to be picked to journey amongst the stars.



  1. A tikitour to Area 51! If you can get yourself over to Las Vegas there are countless tours related to the UFO legends of alien sightings and the longheld belief that Area 51 holds government secrets related to aliens. You can take a chance to spot your own UFO at night as you travel the dusty desserts of the flat plains, and visit alien hotspots to learn about the rich history and culture of the area.

Final Remarks

The Mary Sue

Via: The Mary Sue

A sci-fi themed wedding can be exceptionally fun and so if you are thinking about what type of theme you need to tie the knot it should definitely be explored. These days a traditional wedding sounds soo… safe, when you can throw yourself outthere and have a blast with the people you love.

And if you are needing a wedding on a budget we have many guides to get your started here: 5 Tips to Create your Beautiful Wedding on a Budget – Thorum and How to Save and Optimize Your Wedding Budget – Thorum

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