The Ultimate Garden Wedding

How to Throw the Perfect Garden

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A garden is the easiest place to throw off a wedding with little worry about expensive venues, and you can make the most of having a large backyard if you’re fortunate. Being in nature during important changes in your life helps you cope with these sometimes stressful transformations. It allows us to just live in the moment and bask in the fresh air away from busy home and work life. 

This time of reflection is essential to any couple who is about to make this huge commitment to each other. So that is why we have decided to compile a guide on successfully pulling off the ultimate garden wedding. 

Grand or Simple?

Grand or Simple?

Leslie Cohen Amon and Ronen Chichportich’s Wedding at the Palace of Versailles | Vogue

What one classifies as a ‘garden’ varies significantly as some gardens could be considered a massive forest by the standards of others. So… do you want to stage a wedding in a tiny garden or go all out in a garden the size of the lavish Palace of Versailles? 

The larger your venue will allow for more guests and entertainment but cost you more in the long run. We recommend deciding on the guest list and what you can afford for weddings on a budget before renting out Versailles for a weekend.

An ‘at home’ wedding will virtually cut these costs down to zero. It will be quaint and has the bonus of you being able to stay up as long as possible, without much need to travel far from the start of the day to the reception. There will be no hurry, and you can slowly decorate the garden in preparation for the big day with little need for stress beforehand. 

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What to Wear? 

What to Wear?

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A wedding dress of any kind and make will look great in the natural canvas of any garden. However, if you want to embrace the nature around you, then a floral dress is a good option as you can incorporate the colors of the dress into the decoration or flora of the garden if you have an ‘at home’ reception. 

For the one wearing the suit, you can go with the standard black and white or embrace a floral design as well. Some innovative tailors have created some genuinely astounding floral suits and adornments. 

Anyone can wear a flower here and there, whether it be threaded through their hair, pinned to their lapel, or slipped atop one’s ear. Flowers are a must-have at any garden wedding; even fake ones suffice when you stage the event out of season. 

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Wedding Decoration

Wedding Decoration

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The things that complete a wedding are the decorations, even if the venue and dressage are perfect. So, what can we do to make this garden wedding extra special? 

Flowers do not just bring out the natural in clothes but also the set pieces around the reception, so be sure to include as many of these elements as possible. For example, you can have them as centrepieces on tables or wrapped around poles. 

Another of these is the use of natural materials such as wood or old bits of gardening equipment to create a truly rustic feel for the whole day. You could take this as a chance to have a go at some DIY and repair an old chair or polish up a table for a drinks bar. 

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Garden in the Rain

Garden in the Rain

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Most of us hope the day we get married will not be wet and gloomy -even more so if you have staged the event outside! However, we, unfortunately, do not possess the magical skills to change the weather at will, so we have to allow for plans to change.

The best way to prepare for the worst event of a storm at your wedding is to have prearranged alternative venue options or be prepared to postpone until a later date. The second option is to have shelter for sitting areas during the reception and consider using umbrellas.

Umbrellas are often unsightly, but if you anticipate rain on your big day, perhaps hiring some stylish options will not hinder the photo or look of the special moment. As you can see above, the umbrellas here are quaint and add to the equally regal appearance of both the bride and groom.

Celebrate the rain! Even if it forces you to change your wedding plans. It does not spell bad luck to your marriage prospects. On the contrary, it can be seen as nature cleansing you both and preparing you for a long life of love. 

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Wild Nature

Wild Nature

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A garden wedding does not have to be a well-manicured event. It could be simple with a few witnesses, a beautiful dress and some walking shoes. You could dare yourselves to find the wildest, most stunning part of the natural landscape around you and say, “yes, this is the place”. It does not have to be always planned down to the color of the cup you will drink the morning after. 

A wild garden wedding will allow you to embrace the beauty of the natural world and have a stress-free elopement. It will also save you loads as you spend less on material things and more on free experiences. Once you get married, you can use that saved money to have a reception with a larger group or think about the honeymoon. 



Via: Garden Wedding of Tim & Katrin - Indigo Images

Garden weddings give you endless opportunities for iconic moments and scenes captured with a camera. It does not matter if the subject matter and the frame and backdrop of natural beauty make any simple couple-kissing scene that much more magical. For example, the location above, the water and the reflections intermixed with green and whites make it a cute moment to observe.

The Walk Down the Aisle!

Down the Aisle!

Via: 21 Inspiring Wedding Aisle Ideas & Decor Inspiration (

This is when you can truly embrace and take advantage of your chosen natural setting. For example, if you prefer an archway made of trees, a forest or a woven archway of vines with berries could be a good option.

If you are on a lawn, you could ensure the grass is freshly mowed before you place the set pieces, and your ceremony will have a natural fragrance of fresh cuttings. Maybe just provide some antihistamines for those a little… fragile as well? 

For a garden with a view, you can have the backdrop of the spectacular view of distant lands if you live atop a hill. This is a great view for guests and makes excellent photos to look back on.

The Afterparty

The Afterparty

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An outdoor wedding reception takes full advantage of the natural land around us and the backdrop of the heavens above. If you are lucky for a sunny day, the evenings will be spectacular for an after-sunset gala. You can enjoy the beauty sequined sky of stars, the moon, and the tranquillity of the night.

You may want to consider lanterns for both ground and sky. For example, maybe each of your guests brings their own lantern with a wish or message, and after dinner, you can all gather around, light them up and send them off into the sky.

Regardless of a day or night garden reception, you should make room for outside seating to make the most of the setting and fresh air. And, if it rains or you get intense sun, have shelter over tables and activity areas.



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The outdoors has an endless catalogue of activities for garden weddings. You can get giant Jenga, giant chess, giant… lots of things!  The main thing is to ensure your guests don’t get bored, which is not so difficult if you also provide the adults with plenty of alcohol. 

You could have a big dance square with a hired DJ or save money with a Spotify subscription, with the ability to take song requests from guests at any stage of the night. You could create your playlist with a basic plan of what to play at different stages of the night. 

Have fun reception games from a hired entertainment group who could run a murder mystery or a comedy set. The options for this are endless.

A bomb fire is a great way to get people to gather around and chat, roast a few marshmallows and anything else that tastes good on a burnt secure, and you have yourself a great time. You don’t need much to put on a fun evening for your wedding.

The Best Nature Rings for Garden Enthusiasts!

 Garden Enthusiasts!

Via: The Timber | Thorum

The ultimate garden wedding cannot possibly be complete without nature-inspired rings. So why not consider a wooden wedding ring for your special person? You can fully embrace the aesthetic of having smooth wood running against your skin or appreciate the natural glimmer of polished timbers.

Thorum has a great range of rings to fit this very bill:

Final Remarks

Final Remarks

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