The Significance of Draupnir in Norse Mythology and God of War


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The Draupnir ring is one of the most powerful artifacts from Norse mythology, created by the dwarves for the god Odin. But what makes it so impressive, and how does it play a role in God of War Ragnorok? Today we will explain the significance of Draupnir in Norse mythology and God of War.

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The Norse Mythology of Draupnir.


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The Creation Story of Draupnir



The stories go that Draupnir was created by the dwarven brothers Brokkr and Sindri as part of a set of three gifts to the gods of Asgard, based on a bet with Loki that he wagered they couldn’t make better gifts than he. So the dwarf brothers gifted this ring to Odin, whilst the hammer, Mjölnir, was to Thor, and a boar, Gullinbursti, was to Sif.  

The Powers of Draupnir


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The name Draupnir means ‘the dripper’ in Norse and had the incredible power of having the ability to replicate itself. This gradual process is like water running down the cave wall to erode it over time. If you left Draupnir in a room for a period, you’d come back later and find it amongst a pile of identical yet unmagical rings. However, this was not random because on every ninth night, the ring ‘dripped’ eight new duplicates.

Mythologies Surrounding Draupnir


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In the events around the creation of Draupnir, Loki made a bet that the dwarf brothers could not make gifts better than those made by the Sons of Ivaldi. They proved this statement ring by crafting three amazing artifacts for the gods of Asgard, and when judged in a public forum, Loki was humiliated. However, in Loki fashion, the trickster god managed to ween his way out of the betting terms for losing his head, and the brothers responded by sewing his mouth shut.

Odin passed Draupniri on to Baldur, his son, as a will of good fortune. However, when on a trip to  Helheim, he died, and so Baldur was buried with the ring on a funeral pyre. Others say that it was placed on Baldur’s burial site by Odin himself as a funerary offering, and thus you can imagine very quickly the crypt was full of rings.

Eons later, Odin sent Hermod the brave to find it. If Hermod went to Helheim and found Draupnir, he could prove to Odin that he’d kept his word and travelled there. Once returned to Odin, it was used as a wedding gift between one of Freya’s servants, Skírnir, to Gerðr.

Draupnir in God of War Ragnorok.

What is the History of Draupnir in God of War?


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Kratos finds himself in a race against a prophecy to save Atreus from a fate of death at the hands of the god Heimdall. However, this man is impossible to kill as he can see everything about to come before it happens, so he can make battle plans to block or counter every hit. So in a discussion around the table at Sindri’s house, the dwarf brothers suddenly hatch a plan.

Brok and Sindri suggest Draupnir could be used to defeat Heimdall. However, in its simple form as a gold ring, it is no weapon of war. Thus, to make a weapon for the standard of Kratos and to stand any chance against the protector of Asgard, they needed to transform it somehow into a weapon with the properties of the original ring.

How do You Find Draupnir?


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Brok and Sindri already know the location of Draupnir when it comes to acquiring the ring. Fortunately, Odin no longer owns it, and for some unknown reason, it now lives in a secret vault under Sindri’s home. When the plan to defeat Heimdall comes up, Sindri is quick to break away from the party and descend a rickety dumbwaiter into a vault full of rings. He sticks his hand into his hoard, extracting a rope that holds the original Draupnir. He safely removes it from its holder and ascends the shoot to meet back up with his friends.


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With Draupnir now acquired, Brok and Sindri suggest that Kratos take the ring to the Lady of the Forge to transform it into a weapon that can challenge Heimdall. So together, Brok and Kratos take the ring to the realm of Svartalfheim to seek out this legendary forge. 

How Do You Craft the Draupnir Spear?


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When you arrive at Svartalfheim, Sindri tries to stop Brok from going with Kratos to the forge, but Brok is stubborn and continues despite the fears expressed by his brother. So, travelling these salt marshes across waters and through abandoned mining towers, you eventually make it to the forge.

When you arrive at the Lady of the Forge, you descend in an elevator deep into the depths of a lake. You meet a Mermaid who swims up to the window and offers her hand to use her magic to make the spear.

Taking the ingredients of a fresh spear point made from the sound of wind by Brokr, the ring, the Lady, creates the Draupnir spear. She then takes some of Kratos’ blood to finalise the weapon, using the blood to add a red tassel around it. She leaves before a blessing is placed upon it, so Brokr says some words to give the weapon the proper gift. 

This blade is perfect for the Spartan warrior that Kratos grew up as, so in his hands, he feels as natural with it as his axe or blades of chaos. He can wear it as a ring to conceal it from others or to travel lighter, or he can command it into his hands and use it as a last moment of defence to catch opponents off guard. 

How Do you Fight Heimdall With Draupnir?


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The purpose of forging Draupnir into a spear is to use it to defeat Heimdall. Kratos doesn’t want to be another god killer, but if it means saving his son or protecting those he loves, he will do whatever it takes. 

Luckily after acquiring the spear, it isn’t long before he runs into Heimdall during his efforts to save Freya’s brother. During this time, the quirks of the spear have been playing around with and upgraded accordingly. 

In combat, the Draupnir spear acts as a standard spear when thrust about. However, when thrown, this is when the unique nature of the former ring becomes apparent. 

When you throw the spear, it sticks into an opponent and replicates another in your hand. So, you can throw it five times before it won't replicate again until you activate its second ability. You can thrust the spear end on the ground to command the spear stuck into any surface to explode, causing significant damage to structures and enemies.


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So how does this help in a battle against a god that can see any attack coming his way? Firstly, for this battle, you can only solely use the Draupnir spear for most of it, whilst towards the end, as Heimdall weakens, these rules can be bent.

Heimdall is quick, heavy hitting and is very much the type of opponent that likes to keep his distance from you if he can manage. So for the spear to be effective, you need to try and skewer him with the spear-throwing abilities in the first round of combat and detonate them when he has a handful. With each detonation, his armor will weaken until you can deal the larger rounds of damage with direct spear strikes.

Heimdall will wise up to your early tactics and quickly throw each of them in front of him as they arrive. You can counter this by aiming for the ground around him and detonating the missiles as he runs close by them. This strategy will stun him and allow you to move in to hit.

You can move closer to deal melee damage in phase two of the fight. With the spear still being the best weapon against Heimdall, you can use other weapons to increase the damage or add variety to the battle. Eventually, he will be defeated in the third phase, becoming more enraged and ruthless until the end. 

Final Remarks: The Significance of Draupnir in Norse Mythology and God of War.


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Draupnir is an important ring in Norse mythology and pop culture retellings of old mythologies, such as God of War. It is an example of how rings can hold so much power and enchant the imaginations of writers and readers alike as we imagine possessing incredible rings that can conquer whole kingdoms or duplicate themselves for an endless supply of gold. 

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