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With the spooky season on the horizon, we thought it would be a fun idea to look at some genuinely spoooooky rings for this coming Halloween. If you love horror, the supernatural, are fascinated by the afterlife, or just love dressing up and scaring people, these rings might be the perfect gift or wedding ring idea.

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Classical Bat Wings and Creepy Signet Rings



I love these rings; they would make a perfect Halloween costume with the perfect outfit. I am particularly a fan of any ring with eyes and skulls. They are the types of rings I could see any good necromancer wearing to a formal event where he needs to show off his skills to attract the right sorts of attention. Although, even a hard goth or funeral director could get behind these rings.

Colorful Glowing Halloween-Themed Party Rings


Via: Halloween Light-up ring - The Party Pirate

Just because the subject of a ring is spooky doesn’t mean it can’t glow and be fun-filled like a Christmas light. These rings would be perfect for when you are walking out on Halloween night, searching the streets for the sweetest candies and giving everyone a good scare. 

Not so Spooky Cute Ghost Ring


Via: Ghost Ringspooky Ringsolid 925 Silver Halloween Jewelry - Etsy New Zealand

A ghost ring is the pinnacle of spook, but what if the ghost is cute? Then, you have an innately creepy figure with an irresistible charm that can scare on Halloween and then fit the rest of the year as a sweet little ring. 

A Simple Witch’s Hat and Broom Ring


Via: Ring Wizard Witche's Broom and Hat Ring Sterling Silver - Etsy New Zealand

We likely all grew up with iconic witches that haunted our childhood dreams and nightmares. Whether from the cackling laughter of the Wicked Witch of the West to the terrifying manic eyes of Bellatrix Lestrange to have a ring with their symbols is a spooky endeavour to endure! I love this design in particular because it is simple, and my mom would be a sucker for it (and I might just get it as an early x-mas present for her, shhh!)

Doll’s Mouth Signet Rings (Creepy!)


Via: Some spooky rings I made : Halloween (

These are perhaps the most creepy rings on this list as you have to think what type of person would even come up with such a design… but if I made my collection of Halloween rings, I would be that very crazy individual. I love how natural the doll’s months look contrasted with the metals, with the smile of barbie looking the most terrifying as she is happy whilst the others are calling out in terror… 

Regally Spooky Victorian Style Ring with Skulls.


Via: 17 stunning & spooky Halloween wedding rings | Offbeat Bride - OFFBEAT WED

This regal skull-designed ring screams a big Victorian wedding in cemetery vibes, and we get right behind it! But, of course, maybe you will be getting married during the month of Halloween, so this would be a prime choice for adding to their flair. 

A Magic Pumpkin Ring for a Halloween Party.



Pumpkins are a staple of American Halloween and the following Thanksgiving period, so if you are looking for any symbol that best represents this season, it would be that! 

If you attend a ball that collides with this period, you always need your backup pumpkin carriage to escape if your fairy godmother’s spell wears off, or if you have second thoughts about the event. If that Halloween party get too spooky, you can rest assured your pumpkin ring will wisp you off to safety. 

The Sinister Celtic Tree of Darkness: The Blackthorn


Via: The Blackthorn, Antler Wedding Band | Thorum

The Blackthorn is a good option if you want a spooky wedding ring, but why? 

The ring is named after the blackthorn tree from Celtic mythology, which is associated with the dark side of the year, with its name the origin of the word ‘strife’ in Irish. The tree is a prickly shrub with long thorns that can cause septic flesh wounds, with fruits that ripen after the first frost.  Moreover, unfriendly Lunantisidhe fairies guard the Blackthorn tree, and if you try to cut the wood at certain times of the year, they will be hostile and curse those who commit such a crime. 

The Terrifying Monster of Greek Myth: The Medusa


Via: The Medusa | Black CZ Diamond Ring | Thorum

With Halloween, we can’t not talk about terrifying monsters! So, of course, we need to show the ring name after the most famous and beautiful Gorgon of Greek mythology, Medusa. A woman with snakes for hair would draw unwitting victims in and then strike them down with her venomous good locks.

By wielding her image, it was said that she would ward off all other evils because of how terrifying she was to look at or be in the presence of. This made her a popular symbol in Greek houses to keep ailments at bay.

The Greek God of Darkness: The Erebus


Via: The Erebus | Carbon Fiber Ring | Thorum

If you want to wear a ring for the day of the dead, then the Erebus is a good option as it is named after the Greek god of darkness. When the dead walk, darkness descends on the world, and you can see ghosts and speak with your lost loved ones… Best be protected with a ring that looks good and allows you to be watched by Erebus. 

Erebus was not just a god, he was a place that existed between the mortal world and Hades (the afterlife) and by having a piece of it, you could say that you hold a shard of reality (how cool is that?

The Egyptian God of Death, Ressurection, and Life: The Osiris 


Via: The Osiris | Black and Rose Gold Men's Wedding Ring | Thorum

And if the most spooky character comes out of Halloween, it is almost certainly the god of death, resurrection and life in Ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris. This important figure inspires this ring, and the composition of rose gold and black certainly makes it the perfect ring for a Pharoah or death-worshipping god. 

Osiris was perhaps the most important god in Egyptian myth as he guided life and death, being the one that drove the wheel around and round. He fed life into the Nile and helped the dead passing on to the afterlife with the aid of Anubis. 

Final Remarks


Via: The new horror film canon (and where to stream it) - The Verge

We’ve presented some of the most spooky rings for this coming Halloween that we could find all over. Some are even from our very own Thorum ring collection, and we would love to see your own adventures into finding some that we didn’t get around to showcasing too. We hope you’ve had a blast and might be persuaded to get yourself a spooky band of your own!

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