The Most Powerful Mythical Rings

Did you know that rings in fantasy works are some of the most powerful items one can possess?  Let's look at some of the greatest fantasy rings to see just how a little band around your finger can control your destiny. 

  • Rings of Power: Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

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There are many rings in Lord of the Rings that are powerful artifacts. These include the lesser rings, dwarven lord rings, and three elven rings; however the most powerful of these artifacts is of course the One Ring.

But what makes it so powerful?

The One Ring was created in the fires of Mount Doom by Sauron. This ring gave him the power to create Nazguls, corrupt the hearts of the dwarven lords who became obsessed with power, and have complete domination over the other rings of power. He used the ring to take over Mordor and almost all of Middle Earth. 

Sauron was defeated, the ring thus passed into the hands of men and started to corrupt their souls. The ring gave Sauron certain powers, but for those that took it from him, it only drew them to insanity and gave them the ability to become invisible. 

  • Dungeons and Dragons Rings

Dungeons and Dragons Rings

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Dungeons and Dragons has many varieties of worlds, settings, and the greatest examples of magical rings. Determining the ‘most powerful of these rings is less straightforward than the previous example above as each ring serves its own unique bonus.

There are the rings that cast certain spells such as the Ring of Invisibility which acts like the One Ring in many ways by its ability to turn the wearer invisible. However, of these rings which serve as a spell-caster, the most powerful is the Ring of Three Wishes. 

The Ring of Three Wishes allows the wearer to cast three wish spells which are level nine spells and can replicate the effects of any spell. In addition, if the Dungeon Master is willing they can theoretically wish for anything –except of course more wishes. 

  • Green Lantern

Green Lantern


If you’re a fan of glowing emerald rings from outer space then this ring will be up your alley. In the DC universe, the most powerful ring is almost certainly a Green Lantern Ring created to harness the power of the universe. 

With this energy its wearer can do anything if the wearers' will is strong enough. The ring acts as a siphon for its user to create magical effects, illusions, and destructive spells depending on their needs. 

Yes, the Green Lantern movie was not great. But you can’t deny the ring was fun and shows just how cool a ring-powered superhero can be. 

  • Andvaranaut


Via: Wikipedia

In Norse mythology there is no lack of magical rings. The most powerful bands were created by the lords of smithing: dwarves. Some of these even have properties which make them perfect for a god to wear. One of these rings is Andvaranaut which was created to help source gold.

Andvaranaut was created for Andvarni, a dwarf that lived under a waterfall and who could also turn himself into a pike a tell. Why would he want a ring that helped him find gold? Perhaps he wanted to improve his standing in life, but I digress, he was given a ring that gave him the power to change his life. Gold made the world go around and if he would find an endless quality of it– he could do anything!

However, after Loki stole the gift from Andvarni it was cursed by the man that lost it so that whoever possessed it was met with misfortune and destruction. The norse hero Sigurd would own it for a time, but his tale shows the negatives of bearing such a curse for the sake of riches.

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  • Draupnir


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Of rings worn by gods, one worn by Odin must surely be powerful! Draupnir was a gold ring made by the two dwarves Brokkr and Eitri for Loki, and was brought back as a gift to Odin.

The power of the ring is similar to Andvaranaut except rather than having to find the source of gold it duplicates itself every night. Creating an exact quality of gold that it represents. It would later be placed on the funeral pyre of Odin by his son Balder and the ring itself would come to represent a funerary tradition for Norse peoples.

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  • Thorum Bands

Thorum Bands

Via: The Apollo | Thorum

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  • Final Remarks

Rings in myth and fantasy are powerful tools used my their bearers to change the world in the drastic away. Whether they want to gain riches through the sourcing of gold, or become a king of their own universe. With the power of a fancy ring they show that anything is possible.

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