The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction


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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive ring ever sold was? Today we are showcasing some of the highest-selling rings at auction and those worn by celebrities. You will be amazed at how much a simple ring can fetch when the gem it holds has a unique history or rarity. 

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The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 1: Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond (80 Million Dollars)


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This amazing ring is made of a single large 31.06-carat (6.212 g) deep-blue diamond sourced from Kullor Mine in India. The ring was valued in 2011 at 80 million dollars because of its flawless cut, association with prominent historical figures, and the diamond businessman Laurence Graff. 

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 2: The Pink Star Diamond (71.2 Million Dollars)


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This iconic diamond is often described as a perfect pink example of a rose-type diamond ever discovered. It was sourced from De Beers, Africa, in 1999 and quickly rose to the ranks of the most sought-after rings in the world. Nothing screams love more than an engagement ring of pink star diamond!

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 3: Alexandrite Red Rubies Fit For Russian Monarchs (15k per carat)


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Alexandrites are in high demand for engagement rings as the gems are distinct, rare, and look gorgeous as a centrepiece for a ring that might have smaller diamonds or gemstones on the side. The example above shows that a gold band looks stunning with these red and white nuggets. 

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The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 4: Grace Kelly’s 38 million-dollar engagement ring


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Grace Kelly was a famous American actress who married Prince Rainer III in 1956, and as part of this engagement, he gave her a stunning diamond ring. The price tag partially comes down to the piece's quality and the two people it helped unite in love. When she died tragically in 1982, the rings were passed on to the House of Grimaldi, and her husband never remarried. 

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 5: The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond (50.6 Million Dollars)



Little is known about the history of this blue diamond ring, only that it was owned by Philip Oppenheimer, a former diamond dealer and racehorse rider, before it sold for 50.6 million in 2016 to an unknown bidder. According to the Gemological Institute of America, it was the largest blue diamond known to be sold at auction, cut into an emerald-shaped square. 

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 6: The Cullinan Dream diamond (23 - 29 million dollars)


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This legendary piece was extracted from the Cullinan Mine in South Africa in 2014 and is argued as being the lightest and bluest diamond currently known at 24.18 carats. Its estimated worth is between 23 - 29 million dollars, chiselled into a square emerald shape to show off its glimmering qualities. 

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 7: The Graff Pink diamond (46 Million Dollars)


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Graff is one of the most premium companies to source rare materials and makes slyish rings for billionaires if you want expensive rings.  This Graff Pink diamond is a 24.78-carat pink diamond with a somewhat allusive history like many other rings on this list. Regardless, it was owned by Harry Winston from about 1950 to 2010, when the ring was sold to Laurence Graff, its current owner. 

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 8: Graff Vivid Yellow ‘Dream Diamond.’


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Here we are with another iconic Graff piece. I am honest when I say I didn’t intend to make a large portion of this list from the same owner! This piece is unique because you hardly ever see stones like this color outside of amber. It would be the perfect ring for flower enthusiasts. This gem was mined in  South Africa and is one of several mesmerizing pieces in their yellow collection.

The Most Expensive Rings Ever sold at Auction 9: Mariah Carey and Wilfredo Rosado’s 7.5m Engagement


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It's not just the insanely wealthy diamond ring collectors that bid crazy prices on perfect rings; for the engagement ring of Mariah Carey and Wilfredo Rosado, they got this stunner 35-carat diamond ring for 7.5 million dollars. Sure, it's not the most expensive on this list, but it's still crazy to think there are rings out there worth more than a mansion. 

Final Remarks: Why Go for A Million when you can get Quality for Less?


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It is incredible how expensive these pieces are, even if the gems and quality are worthy of their appraisal! However, don’t think just because these rings on this list are beyond what you could ever dream of, you can’t still find a perfect ring like these at a budget that suits you. Thorum has a wide range of rings to suit all budgets, built with quality, style, and a life-long guarantee.

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