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There are so many types of rings and ways your ring can get ruined beyond repair. To ensure the survival of your ring and sanity today, we have compiled a guide on how to take care of your wedding bands, and hopefully, it will be the last one you ever need to consult. 

We will try and make you an expert on all things ring care and maintenance before you get to the stage of getting an expensive repair or purchasing a complete replacement.


 WW2 Ring

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The first port call is to ensure you have sufficient storage for your ring, so it doesn’t go missing. We’ve all read the story of the person who accidentally threw that influential band down the drain and spent a lot of pain and money trying to get it back! To avoid this, you should have a place you always put your ring every time you take it off, no questions asked. 

A pull-string bag is an excellent lightweight storage option if you are working and need to pack lightly. But in almost all other cases, you should opt for a container or stylish box. In addition, it should be cushioned to support the ring. The last thing you want is a scratched ring.

Thorum ensures that every ring that leaves our loving home is packed with a complimentary wooden box and rubber rings for work that might damage a precious ring. These boxes look great and will ensure your ring stays safe when you take it off!

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Like maintaining your body, teeth, hair, clothes and house, you will also need to clean your rings regularly to ensure they stay fresh and dapper like the day you first received them. However, it is essential to be aware of certain materials' weaknesses, so cleaning them could destroy them over time. 

So we will lay a how-to-list for each material type in our Thorum ring collection with tips on cleaning these rings without removing their beauty.

Here is an early guide of ours from 2021: Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Metal Rings 

Cleaning Metal Rings

Via: The Legend | Rose Gold Ring, Black Ring, Tungsten Ring | Thorum

Metal rings are relatively straightforward to clean if they are not made of any other material type; as they are pretty durable, they fair well against most household cleaners. But we suggest several tips before throwing your ring into a sink of dishwashing bubbles and hot water. 

First, you need some hot water, don’t go boiling as some metals melt at lower temperatures than others. 

Next, you need some suitable cleaner for the ring to sit in the water. You could use a standard eco-friendly washing powder or get fancier with some baking soda or beer. Whatever the option, you need to let the ring sit in the mixture for up to an hour.

Once the ring has simmered for an hour, you can extract it and dry it lightly with a non-abrasive cloth to polish it back up. If there is a lot of dirt in the cracks before you shine, use a toothbrush delicately to remove the specks of mud.

You recommend this method for all our Thorum metal rings if there is no wood or antler.

Cleaning Stone Rings

Cleaning Stone Rings

Via: The Athena | Modern Women's Engagement Ring | Thorum

Our precious stone rings can be cleaned almost identical to the metal rings. You just have to be extra careful of missing hard-to-reach places with more complex pieces that might agave a CZ inlay or a band of other material types. The critical thing here is to use a fine brush to lightly clean but not scratch the gem or band itself. 

Cleaning Wood and Antler Rings

The Titan

Via: The Titan | Hammered Black Ironwood Ring | Thorum

Most of our rings have an inlay of wood, so that this guide will benefit our customers at Thorum. So how do you clean a wooden ring compared to metals or stones? 

A raw piece of wood is hard but gets worn over time and warps with heat and water exposure. So we treat all our wooden rings with epoxy to fill those gaps and keep them robust and waterproof. 

We would generally discourage submerging an organic ring in any solution or body of water for any time, especially if it is for up to an hour. Instead, the easiest way is to lightly splash with water and wash it with a cloth or brush. 

Cleaning Ceramic Rings

The Crockett

Via: The Crockett | Whiskey Barrel and Antler Ring | Thorum

The care for your ceramic ring is not dissimilar from a metal or stone ring. However, remember that this material is much less resistant to pressure than those previously stated. 

We treat our ceramic rings with resin, making them robust and smooth like the bands around them, adding to their strength and ease of care. Use warm water and soup, and avoid submerging under water for long periods. 

The Best and the Worst Types of Ring Cleaners?

 Engagement Ring Cleaning Tips

Via: Engagement Ring Cleaning Tips | LoveToKnow

The dos:

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Mild soup
  • Toothbrush
  • Soft cloth

The don’ts: 

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia 
  • Metal brushes or cleaners
  • Abrasive clothes

Optional Gadgets:

  • Ultrasonic bath cleaners
  • Specially designed liquid cleaners
  • Ring clean sprays
  • Polish
  • Polishing cloths

Repairing Damages

Repairing Damages

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    Most rings can handle a little here and there tear, but when it gets to the point where you lose an inlay or looks bent like a steam roller ran over it, that is when you should seek out help. 

    Pliers can help reshape a ring but will add to the damage with soft metals or band material, creating unwanted dents. This can be rectified by putting cloth or tape around the pincers to avoid this defect, but in most cases, we will just recommend taking the damaged ring to jewellers. 

    If the ring is cracked similarly to the bent band, we encourage you to take it to an expert to minimize more damage to your precious artifact! But how do jewellers fix torn rings? 

    Depending on the material, if it's metals, it's quite easy to add extra melted metal to rejoin the pieces and then smooth it down afterwards. For other materials like wood, this will require a more complicated process.

    Sizing Changes

    Thorum Ring Sizer

      Via: Thorum Ring Sizer |

      As you get older, you change; maybe you have lost a lot of weight or started attending the gym. Whatever the reason, your ring sizes don’t stay the same, so your rings may become too loose or too tight, but that is no problem!

      You can take your ring to a jewellery store to get it shaped into the right shape or check out our guides to learn about the benefits of different ring fits and how to manage sizes.

      We have some excellent guides for finding your perfect ring size, so even if you’ve had a ring for a while and need a change, there are many ways to make your band comfortable like it was before!


        Taking care of your rings does not just include thinking about storage and cleaning! It can also be about keeping them shining and in good nick, just like the day you received them! So how can you ensure your diamond shines for a thousand years?



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        Polishing a ring is simple; you can do this right after you’ve cleaned the precious bands and when it's still warm from the hot water. You don’t need any chemical to polish, just a soft cloth and a firm yet caring hand. 



        Via: Care and Maintenance for Wood Rings, Antler Rings | Thorum

        At Thorum, we recommend that apart from polishing your wooden rings once a month, you wax your wooden and antler rings to ensure they stay protected (it also acts as a polish and makes them gleam like old wooden tables or floorboards).

        Check our guide here: Care and Maintenance for Wood Rings, Antler Rings | Thorum

        Final Remarks

        Final Remarks

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        Be happy! Your rings are like your friendships; with care and love, they’ll become the brightest things in your life. They will always be there for you and keep your finger warm when it is cold, create a light in the dark, and represent a special bond between you and another person. Something so special needs to be taken care of, so hopefully, this guide helped!

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