The Incredible Rings you can craft in Old School Runescape


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Old School Runescape has some of the most exciting rings with special enchantments, unique monsters that drop them, and interesting effects, making playing this game much more fun. I wanted to pay homage to a game from my childhood and celebrate their rings!

This is part one of our two-part guide showcasing the incredible rings you can obtain in the MMO Old School Runescape. If you want to read part two, sub to our blog; it will come around shortly!

Crafting Rings


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The most basic ring in Runescape is the unenchanted rings game from the crafting skill by combining gold and a specific gem in a furnace with a ring mould. You can alternatively buy these rings from shops and other players or try your hand at the underground world of thieving from various sources. 

Check out a ring smith’s tale at Thorum’s Story.

Unenchanted Rings


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With the crafting skill in old school, you can create many different types of rings from gems smelted with gold to make these ordinary rings. Unfortunately, these serve no benefits for gameplay except for viewing your character from the equipment menu; you can’t even see the ring when worn in-game. 

These include:

  • Opal
  • Sapphire
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Red Topaz
  • Ruby 
  • Diamond
  • Dragonstone
  • Onyx
  • Enchanted
  • Eternal
  • Zenyte 

If you like sparkly gem rings, check out these real-life Thorum Rings that showcase the shine of a range of video game rings. You might even find something magical or durable for your epic quest!

Enchanted Rings



A player can enchant mundane rings using the magic skill if they have a high enough level to create some truly unique rings. This can be done by having the unenchanted ring in their inventory, and with the correct runes, they are enchanted in the magic menu.

Ring of Pursuit



Via: Ring of pursuit.

This enchanted opal ring gives the wearer a 25% chance of revealing the track of a creature they might be hunting when using a noose wand. After ten charges, it will break from the power of the spell. To make this ring, you only need seven magic to become the better hunter.

Check out a fire opal ring The Magni.

Ring of Recoil



Via: Ring of recoil.

One of the most valuable rings on this list for low levels is the enchanted sapphire ring which allows its wearer to inflict up to 40 points of damage to an opponent before it breaks. This is useful for bosses with many minions and small pools of health, allowing you to focus your more significant attacks on the boss. It might not offer stat improvements, but you can make it with level 20 crafting and seven magic!

Ring of Returning



Via: Ring of returning.

This enchanted jade ring allows its wearer to teleport back to their assigned respawn point when rubbed. The default location you teleport to is Lumbridge, but you can change it after completing specific diary tasks or quests. Moreover,  with five charges, this ring breaks after use. To make it, you just need 13 crafting and 27 magic. However, like most of these rings, there are no statistical benefits to wearing this ring except for teleporting. 

Ring of Dueling



Via: Ring of duelling.

The enchanted emerald ring allows its wearer to teleport eight times to choose three mini-games: the Duel Arena, Castle Wars and Clan Wars. However, once the last charge is used, it will break. So when it breaks, you can make another with 27 crafting and 27 magic. 

Efaritay’s Aid ring



Via: Efaritay's aid.

With 16 crafting and 49 magic, you can make this enchanted topaz ring that allows the wearer to attack vampyric creatures with any weapon. However, the damage is nulled down to 15 regardless of the chosen hitter, and after 200 hits, the ring will break. 

Ring of Forging



Via: Ring of forging.

If you have level 34 crafting and 49 magic, you can create this enchanted ruby ring that will make it easier to smelt iron bars, reducing the chance of losing an iron bar in the smelting process (100% success rate).  This ring will work for up to 140 charges before it breaks, although it's not tied to the ring but to the player. 

Check out this brilliant ring that is perfect for a smith or miner: The Prospector

Ring of Life



Via: Ring of life.

The Ring of Life is one of the most valuable rings a player can have; essentially, if you’re a hardcore ironman, it is an enchanted diamond ring that teleports you to safety when your health is reduced to less than 10%.

Of course, it's not a safe way to survive all forms of combat, but if you’re slow to teleport yourself or your disconnect ingame, this could save you. So if you have level 43 crafting and 57 magic, you can make one for yourself!

Get a golden ring of life of your own with The Aphrodite. 

Ring of Wealth



Via: Ring of wealth

This enchanted dragonstone ring is an extraordinary band that brings the wearer increased luck and wealth in combat. It works by removing 32 empty drop slots from the random drop table on all monster drop tables, giving you an increased chance of rarer loot like dragon and rune equipment. In addition, the ring collects all currencies if dropped from creatures like gold and adds them to the player’s inventory. This handy ring can be made with level 55 crafting and 67 magic. 

Ring of Stone



Via: Ring of stone.

An enchanted onyx ring doesn’t hold much practical value, but it is a fun gimmick to have in your arsenal to try and fool other players. When you wear it, you become a pile of depleted rocks, the sort that appears when an ore is mined, and you can’t move around whilst in this form. So even if this ring doesn’t change the game, you can make this ring for yourself with level 67 crafting and 87 magic. 

Thorum loves dark stone inlaid bands, in particular Black Meteorite rings!

Slayer Ring



Via: Slayer ring.

A Slayer Ring can be purchased from a slayer master or made with level 75 crafting (once the ability is unlocked), allowing the user to teleport to various slayer locations and contact their slayer masters. In addition, the ring can be improved with an eternal variant, giving the user unlimited teleports. 

Slayer Ring (eternal)


Via: Slayer ring (eternal).

This variant of the regular slayer ring functions the same way, except it is made with an unlimited gem, giving users unlimited teleports. When you’ve levelled up slayer enough or have the funds to purchase the unlimited gem, this will be the natural ring to replace the previous one if you’re serious about getting that slayer to level 99.

Ring of Suffering



Via: Ring of suffering.

This enchanted zenyte ring is a band with the best defensive bonuses (+10 to all) and can be crafted with level 89 crafting and 93 magic. A wearer might require 75 hitpoints to wear the ring, but the benefits make up for this as it is a very defensive ring and acts as an improved ring of recoil. You can add recoil charges to the ring so that it will do damage to attackers as well as defend you against them. 

Final Remarks: The Incredible Rings you can craft in Old School Runescape


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Rings represent many things in the world of Runescape; whether it be to increase stats, teleport to place, turn into a rock to make others laugh, or get married in the virtual world, rings are special. They are some of the oldest symbols of love, and if you want to grab a ring like those shown above, you could check out the Thorum rings collection for all your band-wearing needs.  

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