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The Guide to Marriage on Thanksgiving: Ten Dos and Five Do-Nots!


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With Thanksgiving just a month away, or less than that at the time of publication, what great way to celebrate than with a guide to a wedding on Thanksgiving? We have compiled a list of ten dos and five do-nots!

What Not to do at a Thanksgiving Wedding.



Don’t Dress as A Turkey.


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Even if the temptation to dress up like a turkey is strong, resist it! In your wedding photos, you don’t want to look like an inflatable shaven ball. Instead, opt for something more fitting for the event and season, such as flowers, pumpkin or leaf patterns. 

Don’t Store the Rings in The Poultry.



Even if the turkey is a critical part of your Thanksgiving experience, we highly recommend not sticking your rings in a stuffing for the roast or in a chicken nugget box. Instead, consider a box that will protect your rings, so they don’t get damaged or lost.

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Don’t Drink TOO Much.


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Drinking might sound like a good idea, but sometimes drinking too much can be the killer in the wedding and the days afterwards. To not look like a fool, do something you regret, or turn Thanksgiving into a disaster, have a set drink limit from the start. 

Don’t Bring Out the Christmas Decorations.



Even if we are in the season of festivities, it is still too early to bring out the Christmas decorations! Wait until December 1st, but if you love mixed soup, go ahead. It might be an unspoken rule; however, it's your wedding and Thanksgiving, so do as you please.

Don’t Wear A Pilgrim Hat.


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One of the lesser fun facts about the Thanksgiving season is its colonial origins. Many see the symbol of the pilgrim hat as a cute symbol of the past, but to some, it represents lands and cultures uprooted in the name of progress. We can enjoy the event and see good things that have come out of its shady past, but to ignore it would be inadvisable. So perhaps leave the pilgrim hat and dress up at home.

What You SHOULD Do at the Thanksgiving Wedding.


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Wear A Beautiful Dress or Suit.




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You can bring the celebration of the Thanksgiving season with floral-designed dresses and suits, which can be a modern upgrade to a wedding. Imagine making your way through an outdoors venue up the aisle surrounded by the joys of guests and the fresh smells of nature all around you. It would make you very thankful indeed. 

Bring Gifts.

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Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what you have in life, whether family, friends, a stable job, funds, or material possessions. So why not make it a part of your wedding by setting up a gift exchange or a donation table? This deposit zone could be for the bride and groom, or each guest in a party game, or given to charity. 

Have a Massive Feast.

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Thanksgiving isn’t just about people; it's all about the food and sharing a massive feast too! Thus, it would help if you had all the classics at this wedding reception, from pumpkins and corn to pumpkin pies and turkeys. You could leave this job for a caterer, but one of the season's charms is having homemade meals that each guest brings together. So, you could have this as part of the requirements for attendance. 

Replace a Cake With a Turkey.


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If you want to recline into the Thanksgiving craze, replace your traditional wedding cake with a turkey. It would be funny if you got a cake decorated to look like a hyperrealistic turkey, added some scent effects and smoke, and then watched as guests realised the prank you pulled on them!

Dress up The Venue With Autumn.


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Your decoration can be very minimalistic, taking advantage of the autumn season if you want to avoid directly referencing familiar Thanksgiving tropes. Pinecones, leaves, and berries are just some examples of debris you can gather in a short forest walk, and then you can lay them around your venue to add that touch of autumn.

Have a Massive Get Together.


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The more people, the merrier for a Thanksgiving event, so a wedding should be no different! And to ensure that you can give everyone a relaxing festive experience, ensure you have a large enough table with turkey to go around for all!

Bake a Pumpkin Pie.


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This goes without saying that any Thanksgiving wedding needs a pumpkin pie and several if you have an extensive guest list. If you decided that the turkey cake wasn’t for you, this could also replace your wedding cake. Maybe you have a pyramid-tiered holder with small pies in holders for every guest to get a taste. 

Get Married in  Pumpkin Field.


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Finding a picturesque pumpkin field could be the best idea if you want an outside wedding. Imagine a thanksgiving betrothel, surrounded by giant orange gourds and them enjoying a feast of roasted pumpkin, topped off with a pumpkin pie. 

Include a Speech of Thanks.



When writing your wedding speeches, you should include a section on paying homage to the season and being thankful for something in your life. Whether you gush your love to your partner or become teary-eyed as you thank your parents for raising you, don’t be afraid to let all that emotion out!

Consider an Outdoors Reception.



Where most weddings opt to have indoor weddings, if the weather is right and you have the right space and shade, why not have it outdoors? You can get rid of the artificial lights, brighten up your long tables with candles and enjoy the fresh air as you eat great food. There is something so refreshing about being outside that can make your truly appreciate what you have in life, versus being stuck in the same old spaces.

Final Remarks:


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We hope that you embrace the magic of the season and that our guide to getting married on Thanksgiving will help you have a fantastic event. Eat a lot of food. Drinks a lot, but not too much. Thank everyone and don’t worry if you seem like your overdoing the hand-shaking or hugs. And appreciate your loved ones and what you have whilst you still have them. 

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