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To wed by ring box, or not? That is the question. Most proposals start with a confession of love and a box. And in this box contains the most important band of your life that proposes a simple question. “Will you marry me?” And following this magical moment of gasps and tears is the start of the rest of your life.

So with such importance weighing on a simple container, it would be important to consider just what type of vessel you want to hold your band of love. What box would be the ‘coolest’ for you to use for your proposal of marriage or to look after your wedding band? Today we will find out!

A Happy Ever After Box!

Ever After Box!

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For those who love their classic romances then this would be the perfect box for your wedding ring! It offers a promise of forever with the old smell of loved books. So this could be the vessel that seals the deal with a box carved into the shape of their favorite love story. Whatever story you decide, this piece will be forever timeless as a signature of love and projection of those things most important to us.

So what type of rings would suit this box? All rings! But from Thorum’s collection if we had to pick just a couple it could include:

A Cheeky Surprise

Cheeky Surprise


If you are a little bit of a prankster, or your partner is forever pulling your leg about things, perhaps you could propose the question with a ring inside of a cut avocado? There are even boxes fabricated to look like hyperrealistic avocado ring holders. It's crazy what artists can do to add that detail and put an unexpected spin on a ring box.  It's the perfect surprise reveal, and when they open it up the last thing on their mind would be a ring.

So what type of ring would you dare stick into oozy avocado? Well, although it is cheaper to use an actual fruit, it's better for the ring to get a printed or wooden remake box. And for rings? It would be equally as important to choose a ring to reflect this fun mood.

Such as:

A Puzzle Ring Box

A Puzzle Ring Box

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Are you both crazy about puzzles? Or are you natural adventurers at heart like Lara Croft? Then perhaps you might consider putting your ring inside of a puzzle game that only you can solve. 

You can give them the puzzle and say ‘here you go, solve this, then get back to me with an answer.’ If you want to be casual about it that is. You could throw some parchment inside of the capsule with the ring safely pillowed from being flung around, and when they solve the puzzle they will be rewarded with a proposal! You could also give them fun clues along the way.

Then you can keep your rings safely in a box that will never be stolen by anyone! 

So what rings could compliment this box? Thorum suggests rings that fit your adventurous personalities with:

Minimal, But Modern.

But Modern.

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If you want a simple ring box then go no further than a box such as the one above. Simple in its appearance, although it does not hold the secrecy of what it contains inside. The metal skeleton against the glass with the soft white seat still presents elegance to not take away from the pearl it contains. 

To ensure this box holds an equally delicate ring you could consider the following rings:

Wooden Shell Box!

Wooden Shell Box

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This wooden ring box is sleek and designed in a manner like an oyster shell. You lift up the halves of the bivalves to reveal the ring (or pearl) of your heart laid bare. 

The type of ring that suits this box is a metal band with minimal wood grains. You want your band to compliment the box, but not become lost in the grandeur of the vessel it sits within.

You could consider rings made of: 

The Old Classic

Old Classic

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If you just want a box that holds the ring then of course an old classic is the simplest option. It is small and holds the ring in place from danger. It contains the band and when pulled out it holds the secret until the exact moment you pop it open to propose the question.  

Often rings you purchase come with a box like this by default (and we should know at Thorum because we include a ton of freebies with every ring purchase including a chestnut box and rubber ring). So, any ring will suit these simple boxes better than the wilder variations on this list. 

Final Remarks

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We hope that we have given you some ideas to pick the coolest wedding ring box for your proposal or to keep your precious goods safe. Rest assured, if you buy a ring from Thorum we will already have you covered with a handsome wooden box that comes free with every ring purchase!

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