The Confessions of a Ring-aholic


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Whether you’re a ‘ringaholic’ or ‘ring-aholic’ today, we will dive deep into the secret world of the ring-obsessed communities to discover some juicy confessions. So what will we learn about this intriguing part of our little slice of reality? Let's find out!

Ring-aholic Websites

Ring-aholic Websites

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With the rise of the internet, communities started to form around the interwebs dedicated to every type of amusement people could think of, including rings. Most forums are still up, semi-active, and allow you to find the answer to any pressing questions. However, we nowadays like to use more mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Youtube to get the answers to questions or connect with people that are as rung obsessed as we are. Facebook groups are great because they allow you to post photos, read reviews and get people’s opinions of a product before purchase. 

These websites are great for ring discourses:

The Perfect Places to Find Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

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I was never big on Pinterest until my sister raved about how useful it is for her to find artistic inspiration; it is great for buyers and creators alike with its wide arrange of images. I often use it to describe scenes in my fantasy books, and my sister uses it to build Minecraft houses or design dresses. A ring maker can use it to design a new ring style, whilst a bride might find her wedding theme and ring amongst all the other beautiful snapshots. 

Meet like-minded people and Network

 rings and jewelry

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Facebook has an endless list of public groups you can join that cater to all interests, including rings. As you can see, these groups are massive, and you can make friends, engage in conversations, ask questions, and possibly even find your next ring amongst the posts. 

Doing Ring Research Before a Purchase

Premier Diamond

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Facebook is one place where you can do your research, but also specific websites like PriceScope allow you to compare prices between stores. Although pricing is something to think closely about, reviews are probably of more excellent value as you get an idea about what customers think about the product.

Google reviews are great for targeting a public company. Still, more and more online websites that sell rings and other products are using Facebook, Instagram, review pages on their website, and other avenues to get the general impression amongst their customers.  You should read these very carefully before committing. 

Advice on Ring Care

Advice on Ring Care

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Many ring sellers offer advice for ring care on their websites, either as pages or blog posts. This is a valuable resource if you want to look after an old ring you have or are worried a ring will require too much maintenance. An example of this is our website Thorum which has a wide range of handy guides from cleaning through to planning for a wedding, as well as fun posts about the history of rings! 

Best Place to Show off Rings?

 Show off Rings

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You can always boast about your latest ring on Facebook, but more people are moving to Instagram to show their precious band to a wider targeted audience. This is not just great for buyers and ring-aholics but sellers as well.

Thorum has found that this website has been a great way to expand our business to reach new customers and interact with them at a much more meaningful level than ever before. We can post reviews, wedding photos, and shots of our proud ring collection. 

Check out: Thorum (@thorumco) • Instagram photos and videos

The Best Places to Buy Rings?

Buy Rings

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You have many options when it comes to purchasing a ring. Of course, the ‘in-person’ stores are still popular, and there you can see the rings in the flesh and try them on, but often there is less variety, and it might be more expensive than those found online.

Online stores are usually themed and will cater to a specific type of person or aesthetic, take, for example, Thorum, which caters to those that love a rustic, hardy, nordic persona. Most of our bands are simple, sleek, made of unconventional ring materials, named after gods and goddesses, and made by hand. We have been in opperation for over ten years, and our range has started to expand,  but our core methos has stayed the same despite growing to include more styles and designs. 

Check out: Our Story | Thorum | Men's Wedding Rings | Women's Wedding Rings |

All in all, there is no best place to buy a ring as it all comes down to the ring and the person that wants it. A good company with good morals and ethics that loves its product will be a much better place to obtain a ring than another without love or care. So pick wisely!

How many Rings is Too Many?

Rings is Too Many

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If you want my honest opinion, you can never have too many rings and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! If you love rings, cover your whole ringers in the precious bands and listen to their magical dinging as you go about your day! However, for those that want a sophisticated look, some recommend you stick to just three rings per hand and spread them out across the fingers. 

Basic Ring-Buying Tips?

Ring-Buying Tips

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Think like a ring seller when you buy a ring, as this will help you pick what is right for you. A ring maker and seller make certain choices resulting in the products that you see before you, and if you are aware of these decisions, you might appreciate one piece more over another. Knowing the story or creation of a work might even tempt you to purchase it.

Plug this The Ring-Buyer's Guide to Selling Rings - Google Docs

The Story Behind a Ring is Priceless

Ring is Priceless

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I love to find out the meaning behind each piece that I purchase. For example, why is a ring named after a Norse god? Why is this other ring made of meteorite? These little snapshots into the maker's mind and their inspiration are examples of their love bleeding into the piece and the attention to detail and perfection of the craft. 

A Handmade Ring will Always be Special and Unique.

Handmade Ring

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I believe that a handmade ring will always be unique. Every artist puts meaning into their art, and every audience member injects their own into that. Likewise, rings pass from hand to hand through a history of ownership and importance assigned to the band, giving it a heavy layer of meaning. Even the brand new band has this story when created by hand versus a mass-produced ring which is lifeless and without a loving hand.

Artificial Gems can be just as Beautiful as Real Diamonds.

Real Diamonds.

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Sure, gems sources under the ground are beautiful when you find them shimmering amongst all the dirt and grey, but sometimes I think diamonds are a bit overrated. If you have the funds to spend big or love real diamonds, I am glad you do! But for me, sometimes people just need to accept that artificial gems can look just as good, sometimes better, than the natural ones. 

One standard ‘replacement’ for diamonds to make rings cheaper for the general audience but not limit them on the ability to wear jewellery that shines is Cubic Zirconia.  I would argue that most people can’t tell the difference, so you can get away with having a ring, like the one above, without spending big. So this is a prime example of artificial gems looking just as good as diamonds!

Check out: Cubic Zirconia | CZ Diamond Rings | Thorum

Purchasing Rings can be Fun, But….

Confessions of a Shopaholic

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…If you buy rings, you should always buy the best.  

The confession of a ring-aholic here is that if we buy simply to make ourselves feel better, we will not be happy in the long run. You won’t think about your purchases, and you will be stuck with poor-quality rings and little money to buy bands you wish you’d saved for instead.

Final Remarks

Engagement rings:

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Drawing to the end of my confessions, I hope you learnt a thing for two around and found some new ways to express your love for rings! Or maybe you’ve decided to hold off on that second ring purchase now you realise you could save for that fantastic wedding ring in the near future. Whatever you got out of this post, you could check out more like it below or have a surf through our ring collection.

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