The Best Romantic Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Partner in 2022


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It is hard to believe that the supermarkets are already putting Christmas elf chocolates out when it isn’t even Halloween. Regardless the season is only three months away! So, whether you’re counting down the days until you can crack open your Christmas calendar or waiting for the season to come and go so you get back to saving money, we’ve something for you.

In preparation, we listed some of the best romantic Christmas moves to watch with your partner in 2022. Some are corny, some are bad, and some are cringy, but they are all classics with a special place in my heart. Season moves aren’t meant to be the next magnum opus of our generation; they are intended to bring out the beauty in this season and the feel-good vibes of Christmas!

The Princess Switch Series (2018 - 2021)


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I would say that when I first heard of The Princess Switch, I went in as a hater expecting to watch it purely for the sake of laughing at how bad it is. Yes, I laughed for those reasons, but I also found it charming, warming, and a corny Christmas movie that knew exactly what it was and didn’t take itself too seriously. It's for this reason, I would argue that it isn’t a bad movie because the directors and writers knew their material well enough to know how to bring it to the big screen in a straight-to-Netflix classic. It was so beloved that it even had two sequels! 

So what is it all about? First, we follow the quirky hijinks of Vanessa Hudgens, playing an ordinary American girl (Stacy) and a Dutchess (Margret), who decide to swap places when they realize they look exactly the same. This film is a kooky romcom with a handsome Prince who falls for an unsuspecting ordinary Stacy. However, it is not as simple as getting together as you’ll see as the switch causes drama to unfold.

Not give any more away, but this is a laugh-out-loud romantic move set to the backdrop of Christmas in the kingdom of Belgravia. Perfect for a night in with the partner!

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A Christmas Prince Series (2017 - 2019)


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Similarly to The Princess Switch, we have another romantic Christmas movie where an ordinary American girl (Amber) falls for a playboy Prince (Richard) from the genuine land of Aldovia. Although one might think this was a complete rip on the first one, this came out a year before Vanessa made the switch with royalty. 

We follow the reporter (Amber) who is sent to Aldovia to get an inside scoop on a controversial prince, and little does she know she’ll fall right into the trap of love. She pretends to be a nanny for the royal family in an unplanned series of events to get the insider story into the royal’s troubles. In turn, she finds herself captivated by a heartfelt family and story that, despite at first appearance, seems perfect but has a dark secret. She, of course, also falls hard in love with Prince Richard! 

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Love Actually (2003)


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Even if you’ve seen Love Actually, I can honestly say that I watch it every year and never get sick of it. My favorite character is Bill Nighly because of his terrible Christmas song, but there are many great characters and stories centred around an early-2000s Christmas. Thus you can find one for everyone. 

So for those who’ve never seen this classic film, be in for a wild ride of love, ups and downs, and iconic movie moments. And be warned that when you take your first step into this film, you’ll struggle to go a Christmas without wanting to put it on.

In its basic elements, Love Actually is a film with multiple interconnected love stories that all come together at the climax. You have British comedy at its finest with the most iconic actors and writers from the late 90s. The result is something classic and truly masterful. 

Elf (2003)



Elf is perhaps the greatest slap-stick comedy centered around Christmas and elves. I’ve seen amazing animations since this 2003 classic which pull off unique takes of elves and Santa mythos, but this is the best live-action rendition. 

We have the loveable Buddy, a human raised in the world of elves and the Christmas industry. He’s always been taller than the others around him, so one day, he sets out to leave the North Pole behind to enter the world of humans. So he sets out to the wild lands of New York City in search of his biological father, and that's where his crazy story starts!

Buddy gets a job as a Christmas elf at a department store in his search to win over his father's heart, Walter, who believes him to be a psychotic man and not his son. At this store, he becomes smitten with Jovie and goes out of his way to spread Christmas joy. Eventually, through ups and downs with Buddy’s antics and the rest of the world trying to accommodate a genuinely unique character, we have a heartwarming tale not worth spoiling here. So watch it!

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)


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Just as a struggling and depressed businessman (George) is about to end his life on Christmas Eve, an angel (Clarence) is sent from heaven to save him. Although it has a tragic start, this film is all about hope and finding the fantastic things about life, even if, at times, you feel like you’re a failure. It's about hope, love, and miracles during the time around Christmas when you should be celebrating life, not wanting to end it. 

The Clarence shows George flashbacks of his past, from the good deeds he did in his youth and adulthood until he stood on the edge of the bridge. He realises that if he’d not done those things, his town and the people around him would be in far worse shape as he gives others reasons to live and smile each day. 

Clarence pulls him from death, and they fall deeply in love, but they are always aware of them being from two types of worlds. He is a mortal, and she is a trainee angel. They acknowledge this and enjoy their sweet moments together on earth throughout the film. 

Let It Snow (2019)


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This teen rom-com and seasonal romance is a lovely, easy-going watch from the start until the end. You follow a group of teens going through various struggles, stresses around scholarships or ill parents, awkward school drama and socialising. But unfortunately, they are all impacted by a snowstorm covering their entire town, putting many of these plans and stresses on hold for a time as they have to wait for it to pass. 

The storm impacts everyone, and they must learn to slow down, chill, live in the moment, and ultimately enjoy the season of Christmas. They might have these stresses in their lives, but the snow teaches them about the beauty of life and living life to its fullest. There is love and booming friendships, and when Christmas does arrive, their lives are forever changed. 

The Knight Before Christmas (2019)


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In a similar vein to the silly Christmas movies of The Princess Switch or A Christmas Prince, we have The Knight Before Christmas. A cooky tale of time travel as a man outside his own time in Mediveal England fulls into the modern day land of America. We watch the funny antics of a fish out of water as a knight tries to win over a woman's heart while not making himself look like an insane man!

Set to the background of Christmas, this move is even sweeter! We follow high school science teacher Brook Winters who is entirely over the concept of magic, true love, and finding her sweetheart. When she runs into swashbuckling handsome knight Cole, she is completely thrown off the rails as she struggles to handle the truth standing before her versus her methodically scientific ways. Saying no more about this ends… Just be sure you’ll enjoy riding the horse of love every second. 

Operation Christmas Drop (2020)


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We all hate it when you’re forced to work during the holiday, and it's even more complicated if you have to go away and spend time with strangers. Given a choice, we would want to spend Christmas with those who matter most, with family and friends close to home. But Operation Christmas Drop is not that, as Congressional aide Erica decides to do just that and head out to an American Air Force base for work. 

Just as well, the Air Force base is full of two things. Beachside views on Guam and hot men. However, some of these ‘hot men’ frustrate Erica, and she quickly finds herself clashing with Captain Andrew Jantz. He shows her around with the intent of finding the perfect reasons why she shouldn’t close the military base, whilst she is fighting against this to see all the more reason to shut it. They become close friends throughout the film and start thinking differently about the whole situation… Off you go to watch it to find out the end. 

Holidate (2020)


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It can be a real downer being single during the holidays, so why not find a cute stranger and become casual daters, so you don’t end up alone during these times? Holidate is the premise of this, as two strangers agree to be casual daters; however, throughout the year, they unwittingly find themselves falling for each other. 

Sloane is frustrated that she is the only single person in her family. Feeling pressured, she starts to seek out possible options to fix this problem without making the inconceivable choice to commit to a man. Meanwhile, Jackson is having issues with a partner he doesn’t want to commit to a serious relationship with, and it also doesn't help that he walks out on her because he didn’t get her a Christmas present. 

At their lowest points, these two loners come together to forge the perfect relationship where neither of them has a serious relationship, and both can benefit from their plus-one status.  They quickly become close over a year, and romance is sure to ensure by the time the next Christmas rolls around!

Last Christmas (2020)



Katarina is an aspiring singer and a Christmas elf struggling to find her motivation in life. When she meets Tom, she gains a new perspective on her situation, and as the backdrop to a snowy winter wonderland, this is a sure romantic classic waiting to happen. 

Be warned, although this is lighthearted and romantic, it is also about characters dealing with trauma from near-death experiences, and some twists make this a bittersweet whirlwind of a Christmas tale. However, despite this, it is still heartwarming and reminds us about Christmas, the importance of family and the short time we have on Earth.

Christmas With a View (2019)



Clara never seems to catch a break in her dreams of running a successful business, so after another attempt fails, she returns home to try her luck at fate closer to friends and family. The restaurant business might be complicated for some, but for others like Hugh Peters, he has others to do it for him. So Clara takes up the role and meets an award-winning chef, Shane, and they quickly become smitten with each other.

They go on a ski resort get-together trip as part of her job, and romantic events lead on from there in their budding relationship. At this snowy peaked getaway, they get to know each other, and there is a lot of romance. 

Single All the Way (2021)


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Pinned as one of the first ‘gay’ Christmas movies, we have single man Peter who asks his friend Nick to pose as his boyfriend so he doesn’t need to be the single son at his parent's Christmas event. Some of us know the pain of being single in our late 20s and early thirties or later without a partner or family to our name. So it's understandable why someone would prefer to have someone at their side, even if it's not real. 

Understandably, in a rom-com like this, we quickly see the pair of them falling for each other as they play as boyfriends for each other. They work through the awkward family dinners, exchanging gifts, odd comments or questions about their theoretical love life, and trying to keep the secret from being revealed. If Peter thought being single was the worst thing to be exposed to on Christmas day, he would soon realise that was far from it. 

Final Remarks


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With the holiday season fast approaching, you are now set for several warm evenings' worth of romantic Christmas movies to share a date with your partner. These films are all classics in their own way and showcase some of the beautiful sides of the season and why we celebrate them. 

You might find your next must-watch Christmas movie as a yearly tradition, or you might become inspired to go on a holiday to Guam–perhaps going further to seek out the truth of the North Pole? They aren’t just great stories, locations, and characters; they can be great as crafting date ideas or adding spice to your dating lives. 

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