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Ten Amazing Images of Weddings and Rings Created by an AI (DALL-E)


Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

Recently I discovered the most amazing technology, which is free and can be used online today! It is a marvel of AI technology that can create unique images with a simple description of what you are after. DALL-E is an open ai software that makes a series of pictures based on prompts; results can vary from bizarre to extraordinary!

 Today I wanted to showcase some of the most outstanding images that show this novelle technology's abilities; maybe you too can have some fun! It is excellent for artists who want a visual scene but don’t have the skill or time to create their own. I find it will be great for me as a fantasy author and finding images for these blog posts!

An Image of Rome


    Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

    I love how simple and minimalistic this image is! It has a unique quality about it and does look like a human-made one! When you look closely, however, you’ll see the imperfections of AI art in the face of the bride and some of the line work. Still, I’m beyond impressed with how it was able to create this with a simple prompt. 

    A Timeless Romance


      Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

      This is one of my favorites on this list using the prompt ‘Medieval wedding with rings in a church sketch’ it might not have the rings on display, but it is a cute scene otherwise created from the mind of a non-sentient being! I am certainly most impressed with the clothes and dynamic camera angle. 

      A Fresh Stock of Rings From the Blacksmith


        Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

        I love rustic and raw images, and I thought it would be great to see what raw rings out of a blacksmith’s furnace would look like. This image here is not perfect, but the colours and realism make it look like a photo of rings in our workshop. We can assure you, however, that we are much cleaner!

        Bejewelled Blue Diamond


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          I love how bright and colorful this image of blue-colored diamond rings turned out. It would be the perfect poster design for a modern ring company if the ring in the centre of it all were a genuine product. The upside to getting an AI to generate a concept like this allows you to recreate it with physical objects when you have picked the final design for a promotional poster.

          A Stunning Modern Couple


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          This was one of the best-generated pieces when I used the prompt ‘married couple’ the painterly style and bright colors are totally up my alley, and I love the background framing the whole piece together. It makes me want to smile and basque in the glory of their happiness.

          A Dragon Watching Over Their Ring Hoard


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          I thought it would be a great idea to try the prompt. ‘dragon sitting on his hoard of rings’. I had been expecting something more akin to the red dragon cover art of the original hobbit book, but instead, I got something much more real! I enjoyed this more as it was unexpected, which is what you want when stumped for ideas!  Wouldn’t you want a dragon to look over your precious rings?

          A Futuristic Wedding on the Moon with Spaceships and Aliens


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          I decided with my following prompt to go for something a little more related to the brilliant technology that is AI, so I described a wedding set in space on the moon, with aliens, spaceships and rings’. I was not disappointed by any of the results, and it was tough to narrow them down to just one for this list, but this one outshone the rest because of how creative the bot could be, as well as keeping to the description. I’d love to get married on the moon. 

          A Ring on The Finger


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          This beauty was much simpler and more discrete than the others on this list, and you wouldn’t think an AI made it unless it was on a list like this. Of course, if you look closely, there are some questionable hands or blurring effects, but I see AI being used like this in the future to replace image websites like Photobucket. 

          A Posting Dragon’s Head


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          Don’t we all wish we could have a dragon at our wedding? Ok, maybe not, but I found this so funny I had to include it. At first glance, we a drawn to the dragon mask; ok, it's somewhat realistic and looks very well rendered. But then we are drawn to the unfortunate result of AI creating faces and humans sometimes, with swirling faces and boneless arms. So there is still a way to go with this technology, but the idea is still easy to read. 

          A Castle With Dragon Wedding Backdrop


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          To finish our list, I thought it would be great to include a better of the dragon wedding images, although the faces of the bride and groom could still do with a manual retouch. I love the castle and dragon backdrop, with the colors of red, black and purple to complete the piece. AI is great for wedding planning, and you can see what your special day might look like before you’ve spent any money!

          Final Remarks


          Generated from an AI via: DALL·E 2 (

          I might not see myself relying on AI entirely to replace images from other sources on the internet for this blog post, but my playing around with DALL-E had been fun. I can see how useful they are for all types of people, particularly those that might sell rings or plan a wedding. The technology as it stands is impressive, fun, and can only get more refined from this moment on. 

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