Rings you can Obtain from Quests and Monsters in Old School Runescape


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We’ve spoken about rings in Old School Runescape, but only about the bands crafted using the crafting skill, and in a game as big as this MMO, we need to discuss the rings you can obtain from quests and monsters. 

So, today we will present these unique rings to help enhance your gameplay experience, find a reason to go on a hunt, or bling out your character before you get married in Lumbridge. 

Quest Rings


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Players can discover quests all over Gielinor, ranging from little fetch quests to epic adventures across multiple continents. Runescape is full of many quests, and with so much adventure and stories to be had, we would find some unique and exciting quest rings along the way.  

What Lies Below: The Beacon Ring



Via: Beacon ring.

This magical ring gives the wearer magic bonuses and is obtained from Jeff during the What Lies Below quest. During the quest, the ring summons Jeff. However, when also worn, it offers a small magic stat bonus and is a cheaper band to the Seers’ Ring.

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Lunar Diplomacy: The Lunar Ring



 Via: Lunar ring.

This magical ring is obtained during the Lunar Diplomacy quest and is used to fight the big bag of evil at the end of the story.  Like with the beacon ring, it is cheaper than the Seers’ ring for magic stats, even if it is not as good overall, so it is a great budget saver. 

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Creature of Frankenstrain: Rings of Charos


Via: Ring of charos.

The Ring of Charos comes from the Creature of Frankenstrain quest and, when worn, gives you the ability to be more persuasive and get better trade deals from NPCs. A player can also obtain an enchanted version from the Garden of Tranquillity quest. This activated version further increases the persuasive nature of the dull one. 

Family Crest: The ‘Perfect’ Ring


Via: 'perfect' ring.

This ring is made during the quest Family Crest using the ‘perfect’ gold bar with ruby on a furnace. It serves no other function except as an exchange for Avan’s half of his family’s shattered crest. However, this is essential to complete your ring collection in OSRS. 

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Desert Treasure: Ring on Visibility



Via: Ring of visibility.

This ring cannot be made in the usual means of crafting and enchantment but is modelled from a standard gemless golden ring. It can be obtained from Rasolo during the Desert Treasure quest, allowing its wearers to see ghosts and other invisible items. 

Fairytale Part II: Fairy Rings


Via: Fairy rings.

Although these are not ‘wearable’ rings, we thought it would be worth showcasing perhaps the most valuable ones you can obtain. The bottom line is that they allow you to teleport to Fairyland and then on to other places around the map, which are impossible to reach via normal means of magic or ‘wearable’ rings. Made from mushrooms, they are distinct features in the Runescape world. 

Monster Drop Rings


Via: Waterbirth Island Dungeon.  

When you have achieved the max quest points and have secured the questing and crafting aspect of your ring collections, the natural next step is to don some armour and go monster hunting. Killing bosses across OSRS is where you find the most powerful rings and coolest-looking bands to make your fingers sparkle. So what monsters should you kill?

The Warrior’s ring



Via: Warrior ring.

The Warrior’s ring is dropped by the level 303 Dagannoth Rex at a rate of 1 in 128. If you are strong enough of mind and strength, you can make it through the maze of caves under Waterbirth Island to test your chances of fighting this boss. Did we also mention you will have to fight not just one but three? So be sure to bring a friend and be ready! 

The warrior ring is striking with sword decoration and yellow, green and white stripes on its band. When worn, it stands out from previous rings discussed and has a +4 slashing attack bonus. If you want it to double its bonuses, you can spend 650,000 Nightmare Zone points to embue it.

The Berserker ring


Via: Berserker ring

Another incredible ring dropped by the Dagonnoth Rex is the bluey-purple Berserker ring that offers a defensive quality to its wearer against crushing damage with a +4. In addition, it provides defensive bonuses against strength attacks with a further +4. If you want to double these bonuses for just 650,000 Nightmare Zone points, you can achieve this!

Although it doesn’t offer attack bonuses like the warrior ring, it is a much more sought-after ring for its extra bonuses and the smashing hammer design. Therefore, buying these rings instead of diving into dungeons will cost you 30 times more than the latter.

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The Seers’ ring


Via: Seers ring

The Seers’ ring is a magical ring dropped by a level 303 Dagannoth Prime at a rate of 1 out of 128. The ring’s lightning bolt and yellow band make it look striking, matching any wizard’s robes and pointy hat!

Those lucky enough to wear this lightning bolt ring will be gifted with a +6 magic attack and defence bonuses.  This fact makes it one of the best rings for a mid-level mage to wear as it is cheap to buy but might take a higher level player to obtain if they are an ironman or self-sufficient main. But if that isn’t insane, you can double all these bonuses with 650,000 Nightmare Zone points. 

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The Archers ring


Via: Archers ring.

The Archer’s ring is dropped by the level 303 Dagannoth Supreme at a rate of 1 in 128. This band is perfect for ranged users as it has a +4 to ranged attack and defence bonuses. Then, if you want to double these bonuses, just spend 650,000 Nightmare Zone points to create the imbued version.

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Ring of the Gods


Via: Ring of the gods.

The Ring of the Gods is a powerful defensive ring that gives a +1 to all defensive stats and a +4 prayer bonus. This ring drops by the Wilderness boss Vet’ion, a level 454 creature, at a rate of 1 in 512. It is the perfect ring for a pious worshipper who calls upon the will of the gods to aid them in battle. 

You can embue this ring for 650,000 Nightmare Zone points to double all stats and harness the power of the Holy Wrench from the Rum Deal quest. This effect allows the holder to consume more prayer points from prayer potions than usual, and by using this ring, you save an inventory space whilst getting these benefits. 

The Treasonous ring


Via: Treasonous ring.

The level 464 Wilderness boss Venennatis drops the Treasonous ring at a rate of 1 in 512, so if you dare enter her web cafe, you’ll be greatly rewarded. The ring gives the wearer a stab bonus, and this is one of the only rings that gifts you this +4 increase, perfect for all those hasta users! And if you want to improve these stats further, you can spend 650,000 Nightmare Zone points to double the stab bonus.   

The Tyrannical Ring


Via: Tyrannical ring.

Just south of the Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness, you can find Callisto roaming in the barren lands, and this powerful being might look all fur at first, but he is hunted for many powerful artefacts. 

One of these is the Tyrannical ring dropped by the level 470 bear at a rate of 1 in 512, which is incredible for its +4 crush and +4 crush defence bonuses. The wearer improves these stats by spending 650,000 Nightmare Zone points to double the crush, making it extraordinary when tied with the Dragon Warhammer. 

Brimstone Ring


Via: Brimstone ring.

The Brimstone ring technically is dropped by the Alchemical Hydra, but in pieces that must be forged together to make the band. These pieces include the Hydra’s eye, Hydra’s fang and Hydra’s heart, which are not tradeable until the ring is completed.

The Alchemical Hydra is a level 426 boss located in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, requiring level 95 slayer to slay. However, the ring you get from its body parts gives you the combined benefits of the Dagonoth King rings, minus the ability to embue them. In addition, it has a passive effect that increases the affective nature of spells, making it the best slot for magic attack bonuses. 

Granite Ring



Via: Granite ring.

To complete your granite armor look, you need a granite ring that can only be obtained from the slayer monsters, the Grotesque Guardians. You can pay them a visit at the top of the Slayer Tower in Canfis if you have level 75 slayer and are also on a gargoyle task. 

You need 50 defence and strength to wield the granite ring, and doing so gives you + 2 across the defensive traits of stab, slash and crush. However, if you want to use it against magic damage, don’t bother, as it has a -2 to magic defence. Although, this ring shines because it has a +8 to ranged defence. Finally, you can double this ring’s stats by spending 500,000 Nightmare Zone points or other mini-games to embue it.  

Lightbearer Ring


Via: Lightbearer.

The Lightbearer ring is a reward from the Tombs of Amascut, and although it has no stats and requirements, it is a unique ring made perfect for those with particular needs. 

It is fantastic for those that PVP or do a lot of solo bossing where you find yourself using a weapon’s special attack. When wearing this ring, instead of waiting for the cooldown, with the first strike, it allows you to use your special attack a second time. Then you will need to wait for the cooldown before doing it again.

Special Rings

With rings that are both crafted, enchanted, or obtained from quests and monsters, there are unique rings that don’t fit into any of these moulds. Whether from seasonal events or minigames, we will showcase the other rings you’ll encounter in the OSRS.

Celestial Ring


Via: Celestial ring.

This out-of-this-world ring gives the wearer a +4 mining bonus, meaning that a level 1 miner would have level 5 mining without advancing their levels. 

The Celestial ring is charged with stardust, and although they gain invisible levels, they can’t mine ore if they don’t have the actual level to obtain the item. Thus the passive effects are better for increasing mining rates and give a 1/10 chance of receiving extra ore up to adamant. 

To get this ring, you must purchase it for 2,000 stardust from Dusuri’s Star Shop as part of the Shooting Star minigame. With this being said, you must participate in mining to obtain this currency as stardust, and the celestial ring is untradeable, so getting this bonus at low levels is impossible.

For an upgraded version of this ring, you can combine this ring with an Elven signet ring (shown below) to create the Celestial signet. It combines the benefits of both rings into one. 

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Elven Signet


Via: Elven signet.

An Elven signet is obtained from Crystal implings, catchable at level 80 hunter and only spawn in Prifddinas. Luckily for us, the signet is tradeable if you don’t get this level and wait around from an impling to spawn. 

This ring is excellent when wearing crystal equipment as it has a 10% chance of stopping it from spending a usage charge, except it doesn’t have any stat bonuses. In addition, you can combine this signet with the Celestial ring to create a Celestial signet described in the section above on the Celestial ring.

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Explorer’s Ring


Via: Explorer's ring 4.

The Explorer’s ring is the Lumbridge and Draynor reward for completing each stage of their Diaries. This ring has four steps, with the fourth being the reward for completing the Elite Tier and offering some exciting abilities to go along with it.

Apart from offering a +1 prayer bonus, the ring provides a limited number of energy restores each day, saving on stamina potions. It also provides 30 free casts of low-level alchemy and unlimited teleports to the cabbage farm south of Falador.

Hallowed Ring


Via: Hallowed ring.

This Saradomin ring protects the wearer from taking damage if they find themselves traversing the dangers of the Hallowed Sepulchre, an agility activity in Hallowvale. Not only does it protect, but it also serves as a Saradomin item in God Wars and restores run faster. 

To obtain this ring, you need to get 250 Hollowed marks and purchase it at Mysterious Hallowed Goods, the reward shop for playing the Hallowed Sepulchre activity. 

Ring of Endurance


Via: Ring of endurance.

All serious runners need a Ring of endurance, as it offers many handy bonuses that allow you to run even longer. Firstly, if you can get past the price tag and the 70 agility requirement, you will find that its ability to store stamina potions is perhaps the best invention in recent OSRS history. 

You can try to obtain the ring as a random reward from the Hallowed Sepulchre ability activity if you want to save thirty million gold while writing this post. Fortunately, it's only a one in 200 chance per Grand Hallweed Coffin, so the odds are pretty high!

Ring of the Elements


Via: Ring of the elements.

If you want to feel more with nature and magical runes, then the Ring of the Elements could get you to the right place. This ring is a reward from the minigame Guardians of the Rift, and you can purchase it for 400 Abyssal pearls. It can teleport the wearer to any basic runic altar, making it useful for low-level training runecrafting or ironmen.

Fun Rings


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We are almost at the end of this epic quest to describe all the rings you can obtain from Old School Runescape. Now we are on the final stretch and look at some downright whacky rings that have come out in the game over the last 22 years.

Crate Ring

4250      51

Via: Crate ring.

With the release of the 2022 Easter event, one of the rewards given to players was the crate ring. It looks like a wooden crate, and when worn, it turns you into a box. Although it's purely cosmetic and for a laugh, it is part of a common trend in Jagex ‘joke rings’ that, when worn, turn the player into something unexpected.

One thing that makes this crate ring unique from other rings is the unique emotes when worn. For instance, you can create several sprites to hover over your crate, including a question mark and an exclamation mark. 

Easter Ring


Via: Easter ring.

On Easter of 2006, Jagex released the ‘original’ seasonal ring: The Easter ring. It transformed the wearer into a randomly colored Easter egge. When it was first introduced into the game, it was a prank item to trick other players into thinking someone had dropped an expensive discontinued item from the 2001 Easter Event.  However, with the return of OSRS in 2013, Easter eggs have been introduced every year since, so this is no longer the case for this current game version. 

Ring of the 3rd Age


Via: Ring of 3rd age

The Ring of the 3rd age is a random reward for completing clue scrolls and defeating the Mimic. It serves a similar function to the Easter ring as, when worn, it transforms into a random rare item to trick other players around the game. Except this ring transforms the player into a piece of 3rd age gear, including armor pieces or weapons. 

Ring of Coins


Via: Ring of coins.

If you’d prefer to transform into a stack of gold on the ground, compared to a 3rd age piece or Easter egg, then the Ring of coins is the right prank for you! This item is a reward from Master cluescrolls and turns the player into an stack of gold. 

Ring of Nature


Via: Ring of nature.

Another reward from master clue scrolls is the Ring of nature that turns the wearer into a bush. Its aesthetic is comparable to the crate ring, as you can try and subtly spy on players if you consider yourself a 001-type or wish there were more trees around town. 

Snowman Ring


Via: Snowman ring.

Finally, we have the Snowman ring, and just in time for Christmas too! If you want to celebrate the coming season, the best way to do this is by wearing the Snowman ring from time to time. However, you might have to wait until the Christmas event begins in mid-December if you didn’t do the 2021 event where this ring was a reward. When worn, you transform into not just one type of snowman but three!


Final Remarks: Rings you can Obtain from Quests and Monsters in Old School Runescape


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Who knew that OSRS had soo many different rings? I certainly knew there was a variety, but not so many! When we only have one ring slot per character, we must think carefully about what ring we will wear for the rest of our adventure– like marriage. 

So if you are looking for that perfect ring in the game and outside of it, look no further than Thorum. We have a vast collection of rings made for all types of people, and we have a blog with posts like this that are updated regularly, so subscribe and check out our rings for yourself.

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