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Ring of the Storm: What is Stormlight?

ring of the storm

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Oh, stormsblessed! We are proud to present our latest ring to the Thorum collection, The Stormlight ring, inspired by the great works of Brandon Sanderson and his Stormlight Archive book series. Set in a world called Roshar is strange energy called stormlight, which we will attempt to explain the qualities of today.

The Cosmere

The Cosmere

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The Cosmere is the universe where Brandon Sanderson sets most of his books, with only some exceptions. And the world in which Stormlight has a massive impact on the inhabitants of Roshar is the planet which holds the same name as the continent and landmass it holds.



Via: Roshar Reimagined 2.0 - High Resolution Map of Roshar - Stormlight Archive - 17th Shard

Roshar is governed by three shards of reality: Honor, Cultivation, and Odium. These shards each control the fate and lives of the people of Roshar.

  1. Honor is a dead shard and creator of mankind, often worshipped as a great god on man.  He stood for the protection of oaths and agreements, with the drive to unite them all. 
  2. Cultivation is a shard who loves seeing people grow and shape them into different forms even if the outcome is undesirable. 
  3. Odium is a more complex shard to describe, but he is essentially passionate emotions bordering on extreme. 

Roshar has three moons and a unique yearly storm system that passes through every couple of weeks and months. These events are called highstorms and grip the people for hours and days as high winds and walls of water pelt the rough lands around them. However, what comes out of these storms is something beyond magical. Stormlight. 

The Formation of Stormlight

Formation of Stormlight

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No one knows exactly where highstorms originate from, but they theorize they come from the ‘Ocean of Origins’ where the highstorms brew before sweeping the continent. The direction the storm travels is from east to west and comes through in three stages. The first is the stormwall, the most dangerous part of the storm, followed by lessening winds and tapering at the end. 

During these storms, a strange substance of energy generates called stormlight and is an important element in many parts of everyday life in Roshar.

The Properties of Stormlight

Properties of Stormlight

Via: above the storm - Stormlight Archive Art - 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson 

Stormlight is a gaseous investiture (structure of the Cosmere) that generates during highstorms. It is the energy used for producing certain magic, lighting spheres, and powering stormlight-powered devices. 

Interestingly enough, it does not just illuminate, when it is shifted from sphere to sphere, it acts like a liquid. And it is the gem of any doctor as it has the special ability to heal wounds, although it is spent in the process.



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Surgebingers use stormlight to perform certain magical feats. In the Way of Kings, we meet Kaladin Stormbleesed, who can surgebind with the air. He and many others show a range binding through the absorbing of stormlight and the aid of a spren.

A spren is a creature of nature that might appear when someone is happy or sad, or something a spren of nature floating through the air. They come in many forms and have their own personalities. In addition, they can bond with a surgebinger to allow them to perform magic through the aid of stormlight.

Gems and Currency

Gems and Currency

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Currency on Roshar is called ‘spheres’ as they are round orbs with different gems inside, each representing different amounts based on type and size. In addition, spheres can hold stormlight and so glow, making them more valuable and great sources of light. 

A surgebinder will have lots of glowing spheres and sell ‘dun spheres’ for glowing ones even if they are of lesser value.

It is common for people to leave spheres out at night during highstorms to get their glow back, and this sometimes can lead to unfortunate robberies. 

Stormlight Technology, Fabricals and Soulcasting

Stormlight Technology

Via: Stormlight Archive Spheres - Cosmere Q&A - 17th Shard, the Official Brandon Sanderson 

Apart from being great sources of light, stormlight powers manmade inventions, including fabricals. These artefacts use infused gems to entrap spren and use their abilities alongside stormlight to apply different effects. One fabrical might create food, whilst another might heal a patient. The most common fabricals are watches, heaters, or coolers. 

Stormlight Jewelry 

Stormlight Jewelry

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Because of how beautiful a glowing gem is, wealthy people and certain cultures throughout Roshar wear stormlight gems around their necks, inlaid in clothes or rings, they shed light in the darkness and show off the wealth of the person wearing them. 

Final Remarks: The Stormlight Ring by Thorum

The Stormlight Ring by Thorum

Via: The Stormlight | Modern Wedding Ring | Thorum

Stormlight is an amazing naturally occurring substance in the world of the Stormlight Archive, and even if we cannot have the exact light in a jar here, we can still replicate it here on Earth. 

What makes stormlight so special is that it was forged from a storm, glows almost unnaturally and gives extra value to ‘dull’ spheres. So, we at Thorum decided to create our ring, which radiates lightning like our own Earthling storms.  It is a ring that Kaladin Stormblessed would wear when he is going for a late night storm fly, and it is guaranteed to keep glowing even if he runs out of stormlight to keep flying.  So you can look good being radiant regardless!

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