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Titanium is one of the hardest metals and is a big favorite for ring-aholics worldwide! In its name are also some of the most powerful gods in mythology to ride the skies and dare challenge the power of Zeus, the Titans. Today we are dedicating this post to the power of this glorifying metal and our new range of rings, including The Titan.

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Ring of the Titans

The Titan

Via: The Titan | Hammered Black Ironwood Ring | Thorum

Released in 2022, the Titan is already prepping up to being one of our Thorum favorites, with already several reviews which praise its sleek, lightweight design and fizzing with their excitement to wear it. 

The Titan is inspired by the Greek gods who predated the Olympian gods in Greek mythology constantly at war to some degree with Zeus and his gods to reclaim the throne. So, you can wear a strong ring like a Titan, infused with the spirit of old gods and a spirit not to fear a face-to-face battle with any obstacle, even if it is Zeus himself. 

This band is made of ironwood with a hammered black Tungsten Carbide. Both materials are some of the hardiest ones you can find for a ring, so you get something of incredible resilience and design. Its black shine is rustic but simple and will suit any wearer. 

A Classic Thorum Titan: The Atlas

The Atlas

Via: The Atlas | Hammered Tungsten Ring, Silver Ring | Thorum

An elder in our Titan ring collection is the classic and popular Atlas. It is silver, shines, and is an excellent counterbalance to the dark tones of the Titan ring if you prefer something brighter. It is made from hammered Tungsten Carbide, and despite its relatively cheaper price, reviews still gush how impressed they are with the final product. 

Rings with Titan in their Titanium Blood

Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium Wedding Rings | Thorum

Titanium is a sturdy lustrous transition metal with a silver color. It is not very dense but is high in strength with resistance to corrosion and scratches. This makes it perfect for rings as it is durable and will last the trials a little band is put through. 

So let's check out some of our TITAN - ium Thorum rings!

The Norseman

The Norseman

The Norseman is a brilliant oak wood and titanium band combination, with rich grains showing the intermixing of natural fibres and robust metal. A Norse man or woman would love this ring as it showcases the flexibility of titanium as having more than one style. Reviews admire the comfortable feeling of the comfort fitting and how great it looks on their fingers!

The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer

This beauty is made from oak wood, deer antler and titanium and certainly looks to be a wayfarer in is name! The affect of the resin used to make the ring more resilient also has a gleam which makes the wood, grains, and sheening colors stand out brilliantly. Almost like a beacon to help get you thought the dark times, you’ll always have this shining light if you opt to wear it on your finger.

The Ovation

The Ovation

There is something so simple about this ring made of Titanium and rose gold, yet it is stunning and a statement piece for any wanting for a signature ring to add to their collection. Sometimes we want something rustic, but also something with an inlay of royal to stand out from the ordinary of normal society.  The hammered titanium offset with the gold is certainly one of those!

The Fjord

The Fjord

The Fjord is certainly one of the more  traditional rings in our collection which embrace the titanium material, testing both its strength and artistic limits. It is simple, made from hammered silver titanium that is less refined than other hammered pieces demonstrated here. The motto of this ring is ‘sometimes less is more’ and we cannot agree any more than that! 

The Victoria | Pavé Zirconia Ring | Thorum

The Victoria

The Victoria is one of our more highclass rings that uses titanium to give it a robust skeleton, with a silver shine and cozy feeling around your finger. This is a perfect engagement or wedding ring, inspired by the classy queen herself, with zirconia gems that sparkly just like diamonds (although at a quarter of the cost). Even if she is delicate in appearance, she is resilient and is designed to last. Just like the Titans themselves!

Final Remarks

Titans - Mythology of Ancient

Via: Titans - Mythology of Ancient Greece (

We always find ways to celebrate exciting moments in our lives, and so this special installment could not have been made without the new ring range! So hopefully you’ve learnt something, seen the benefits and flexabilities of titanium, and might consider giving one of this rings a spin for your wedding!

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