Powerful Stones in Myth and Fantasy

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could possess a ring or material artifact with the power to perform certain types of magic? To make yourself invisible. To make your love last a lifetime! In some examples of fiction and myth stones have the power to do just that!

In recent articles at Thorum, we have been thinking about the power of rings and how there are many examples of powerful rings in fantasy and mythology. However, what about the materials they are made of? Today we will be looking at stones and gems of power to highlight how a simple adornment can change the whole face of reality.

Thanos Snap! The Infinity Stones


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One of the coolest powerful stones is seen in the infinity gauntlet worn by Thanos. In the Marvell Cinematic Universe, there are six powerful stones that on their own represent an important part of reality and each has special abilities. They are stolen by Thanos in Avengers Infinity War and the world ended when they were all used at once. Luckily, in the sequel End Game the end was reversed, but not without some time travel.

So what makes these stones so special?

The Space Stone: 

This controls space and is blue in color. Wouldn’t you want to travel to a distant planet and prove that aliens exist?

The Mind Stone

This stone has the power to control people’s minds and is yellow in color. The power to convince your boss to get that raise is now in your hands! But be careful to choose carefully what mind you use to use it on. In the wrong hands, it can lead down a dark path.

The Reality Stone

This red stone allows the user to control reality and make it how they like. Want to have a wedding on Mars? Let's up the steaks even more, and instead, have it on the red planet but in the heart of its core. And to second that… The service is upside down and the afterparty is iceblocks on Pluto.

The Power Stone

This purple stone contains a lot of energy and can destroy whatever the user wants. If there is a meteorite that is about to destroy the earth, you can blow it up. If there is rain on your wedding day you can destroy the cloud. Problem solved!

The Time Stone

This stone allows for the travel between space and time and is the color green. If you and your partner wanted to relive the day you enjoyed a cute date –you have the power now in your hands!

The Soul Stone

This orange stone has the power to take and control other’s souls with the ability to also visit a pocket dimension which is where the dead resides. For those that have left this world before your special day, you can use the power of the Soul Stone to bring them back to witness your betrothal. 

Dungeons and Dragons Magic Gems

Dungeons and Dragons Magic Gems

Via: Dndbeyond.com

With the examples of infinity stones in the previous section. How can we surely top that? You can’t. But other fantasy worlds still have some cool examples of magical stones worth bringing up.

In D&D there are many unique magical stones and gems! There is the stone of sending which acts similar to a walkie-talkie between holders of two connected stones. You might be asking: “what’s the point of connected stones when we have the internet and cellphones”, but when you live in a magical medieval world you have to improvise sometimes.

But the coolest magical gem is the Elemental Gem which allows you to summon certain elementals. Depending on the type of elemental gem you acquire this type varies from the basic elements of: fire, water, earth, and air. 

The Firestone summons a fire elemental to keep you warm during winter –although it only lasts one hour. But is a walking water bottle and protects you from dangers as a bonus! Just don’t put it near any flammable surfaces.

The Waterstone brings to life a water elemental to give you an endless supply of water if you are trekking through the desert. Or maybe your house was set on fire by the fire elemental and you needed a quick solution to the first problem.

The Earthstone sings into the plain an earth elemental that will make a fine guard dog for up to an hour. If you are walking through a dangerous part of town they will be your greatest wingman. Although like any elemental they wouldn’t be great best man for a wedding as they don’t speak common.

And finally, the Airstone teases an air elemental into reality as a fine wisp of air to cool the warm summer months. It might be an interesting form of entertainment to have at a wedding as its voice is almost certainly more unique than the other elementals on this list. Give it a mournful set and its ghostly aura will add a haunting atmosphere to any event.

Stormlight Archive: Surgebinding and Gems

Stormlight Archive: Surgebinding and Gems

Via: Stormlight Archive Wiki Fandom

Gemstones in the modern fantasy series ‘Stormlight Archive’ are important objects part of the magic system and parts of their normal ways of life. The aesthetic of the gems in this world is cool as gemstones are used for lighting the world around them, in place of fire or electricity, and are powered by stormlight. 

The stormlight power collected from gems is used to perform particular functions in their society such as creating artificial food and building houses. This power can also be harnessed to power the Ten Surges which are the spells their magical folk can cast. They can fly, stick to walls, heal the sick, mend things, and create illusions.

The gems stones in the world of Roshar are obtained through mining, but also through the killing of beasts called Greatshells. They have gemhearts which are lumping precut nodules that are prized by the kingdoms that get them.

And if that wasn’t enough to show how integrated gems are into this world, they are also used to make the coinage of the world by combining them into orbs. Depending on the type of gem and whether they have stormlight this weighs into their overall values.

I would love to have magic like this using gems and stormlight! 

Ancient Greece: Baetylus

Ancient Greece: Baetylus

Via: Wikipedia

Moving away from the strict fiction and into the world of mythologies of our own past, we have an example of powerful stones in Greek Mythology. During this period, they had sacred stones often made of meteorites called a Baetylus.

They housed these stones in temples and thought the stones gave life and their priests' access to the deities. Choosing to leave them largely untouched, some were transformed to make effigies or other artifacts to add to these already established spiritual associations. 

If you would like a sacred artifact fallen from the heavens then perhaps you might like to check out our wedding ring range made out of meteorite? Meteorite Rings | Men's Wedding Rings | Thorum

Ancient Medicines: Bezoar

Ancient Medicines: Bezoar

Via: Wikipedia

What did Snape say about Bezoars in the first Harry Potter? He said that the gallbladder stone could cure poisons –and that was not just a fictitious fact created for the purpose of those books! This belief was held by ancient cultures, and even today is still used in some Chinese Medicine.

By dropping a bezoar into a glass of water and then drinking the liquid the stone had the power to overcome any poison and then could be reused for the next inflection. How amazing would that be to have a simple universal cure in a single stone?

Even if modern medicine today disagrees with the judgment that a bezoar can cure poison, it does not change history. That people used to hold bezoars close to their person just in case they succumbed to poison. And from the example given above even had some pushed far enough to create rings out of it!

The Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone

Via: Wizarding World

We all wish to live forever. What if we could and all from the single power of a little red stone?

Most readers would have first heard about this stone from Harry Potter and are aware that those that hold this stone and drink from its waters are gifted eternal life. However, the catch of course is that if it ever got stolen you would die of old age.

In alchemical science, researchers tried to find a way to create a substance to prolong human life, turn wine into gold, and do the seemingly impossible. If they had succeeded in such goals the result would have been the philosopher's stone.

It would be quite a gift indeed to give a partner a piece of a stone that gives eternal life. To share your lives together without the need to part at the end of it… But it's all a fantasy. However, do you know what isn’t? The fact you are still living right now so you better make the most of it!

Thorum Stones

Thorum Stones

Visa: The Heming

In the not too far distant lands of Thorum we have powerful stones of our own -which are not just fantasy but something to be held and cherished by all!

  • Meteorite
  • This powerful artifact from the heavens has been sourced and handcrafted into a collection of rings which represent the age and and wonder of our wonderful universe. You might be a fan of The Armstrong which combines 18k rose gold with such a stone, or The Gibeon which is stylish and robust. 

  • Blue Paua Abalone
  • If you wanted a ‘stone’ which is more down to earth which sparkles like the diamonds of the sea then look no further at some rings made from shells! We have The Mariner which is a simple black band with strikes of paua across its black surface. We also have The Angler which sinks deeper into this theme of sea exploration tied up with a band of silver.

  • Arizona Torquise
  • A stone which truly speaks beauty and power is turquoise seen in The Hemmingway. The combination of antler mixed with the blue is truly magical! It is a personal favorite of ours as it combines organic materials with stone into a natural wedding band.

  • Cubic Zirconia 
  • For those that want a stone with more sparkle. But if you want something more economical than a diamond than look no further! To glow like a star at night or the twinkle of sunlight on a still ocean you have to check out these rings! The Victoria is great for embracing that fact you are a Queen. The Valkyrie is for those that want the extra power of a mythical warrior. But if those don’t do, then perhaps a ring dedicated to a goddess by serve your needs better with The Aphrodite

    Final Remarks

    Take these words and knowledge of powerful stones in myth and fantasy. Think about what you might be looking for in your own life. If you are planning on tying the knot maybe you are looking for some magic? Perhaps we can help you by looking at a few of our own secret gems in our Thorum ring collection.

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