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Nine Powerful Gods to Harness for your Wedding Band

greek gods

Via: thoughtco.com

There are soo many powerful gods in myth and legend throughout history that needs to be harnessed in the founding tales of modern-day wedding bands. At Thorum we pride ourselves on being inspired by the past to tell new stories and works of art with our wedding rings. Today we will show you some of the most powerful gods that we have harnessed in our own wedding band collection. 

Erebus: God of Darkness

    Erebus: God of Darkness

    Via: greekmythology.com

    Erebus is one of the primordial deities in Greek mythology born out of the primordial void. This void, called Chaos, is the personification of chaos through deep darkness and shadows.  It is not just Chaos that he represents, as his name has also been used to describe a region of the underworld where the dead goes immediately following death. 

    The Erebus

    Via: The Erebus

    The Erebus in the Thorum collection is made of carbon fiber and fitted to exhibit the shadows and wonder of Chaos.  By wearing a ring that holds such power you can control your own chaos and learn to live a happier life. Overcoming the inevitability that is death you can embrace this fact and face the trials ahead with a bright smile. 

    Odin: The Norse God of War

      Odin: The Norse God of War

      Via: Wikimedia Commons

      Odin is the god of war and death in Nose mythology. He is strong and will help warriors fight their way through battles in life, and will welcome him to his dining hall in Valhalla on death. His strength made him a revered deity to worship amongst warriors and the everyday people alike who struggled with battles on and off the battlefield. 

      The Odin

      Via: The Odin

      The Odin wedding band holds the same strength as the great god himself! It is crafted from black Tungsten Carbide giving it a robust quality. Moreover, with its minimalist aesthetic, you can wear this band for any occasion and fight any battles with courage and under the protection of Odin.  

      This ring goes great paired with The Freya!

      Freya: Norse God of War, Beauty, Love, and Gold.

      Freya: Norse God of War, Beauty, Love, and Gold.

        Via: Homework Help

        Freya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and gold. Despite being married to Odin she is strong in her own right as she is also the most beautiful goddess of them all. She surveys the battlefields of warriors from her feasting hall called Sessrumnir, and when she does leave she rides a chariot drawn by two large cats. 

         The Freya

        Via: The Freya

        The Freya wedding band part of the Thorum collection is inspired by the goddess made of gold and hammered to give it a rustic appearance. Although the band is beautiful and delicate looking, it is robust and raw like the lady herself. Ready to face any challenge with strength and a gorgeous eye. 

        This ring goes great paired with The Odin or if you want a matching band we have you covered too with The Freya Wedding Ring Set.

        Kratos: Greek God of Strength

         Kratos: Greek God of Strength

          Via: mylifetea.com

          For those less familiar with Greek mythology you might have thought that Kratos was a fictional god created for the protagonist in God of War. But did you know he is based on an actual god who personifies strength! He is merciless and never backs down from any fight no matter the odds, this makes him a great patron for fighters, wrestlers, and people who need strength in everyday life.  

          The Kratos

          Via: The Kratos 

          The wedding band we have created at Thorum which is inspired by Kratos is minimalist with strength in the material it was crafted from. It is made from Tungsten carbide, as tough as diamond, and can even cut through titanium. It doesn’t even scratch! And is an excellent example of a simple wedding band with a modern twist. 

          The Hephaestus: Greek God of Foraging and Fire

            The Hephaestus: Greek God of Foraging and Fire

            Via: Fandom

            Hephaestus is the god of fire in Greek mythology. He is an interesting person as he is often described as being lame, but he did not let this quirk stop him from living his best life! He is the blacksmith of Olympia, crafting their weapons and armor including armor for Achilles and the winged helmet and sandals for Hermes.  Being such a great craftsman he is a patron to mortal smiths and crafters all over the ancient Greek world.  

             The Hephaestus

            Via: The Hephaestus

            It was important that we at Thorum dedicated a unique piece to the god of craftsmen and smiths. We have managed to harness a fiery explosion of opal inside a solid frame of sand sandblasted black Tungsten Carbide. Drawing from the natural power of Hephaestus and under his guidance, we were able to bring this stunning band to reality and present it to you as part of our collection. 

            The Baldur: Norse God of Light and Joy

            The Baldur: Norse God of Light and Joy

              Via: Wikipedia

              Baldur is the son of Odin and Frig, born as an embodiment of light and joy in Norse myths. He owned a hall that was said to rival the beauty of his mother, and the largest ship to ever exist. However, amongst all this beauty and light it is said that he will be the one to bring about Ragnarök. The great battle where this current reality will end and the world born anew. 

              The Baldur

              Via: The Baldur  

              This Tungsten Carbide band is inspired by Baldur in the Thorum collection and embodies elements of his parents. The dark material represents Odin, whilst the construction mirrors Freya. A combination of the two led to the birth of Baldur. A striking, yet simple piece to hold the light of the world and child of great gods in your hand. 

              Hera: Greek Queen Goddess of the Olympians

                Hera: Greek Queen Goddess of the Olympians

                Via: Wikipedia 

                Hera is the queen of the Olympians, married to Zeus, and the goddess of children, women, marriage, and family. She is the patron for women and married couples acting as their guide and overseer in life. Depicted in art as wearing a great polos crown, carrying sacred animals such as cows, lions, peacocks, and sometimes a pomegranate. These things all represent her regal nature. 

                The Hera

                Via: The Hera 

                Thorum has a sparkling wedding band that encapsulates the nature of the regal goddess Hera! This petite ring sparkles and is durable, made from titanium and cubic zirconia. You will be able to embrace her goodwill and protection over marriage, the family, and women. 

                Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of  Love and Beauty 

                  Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of  Love and Beauty

                  Via: greekmythology.com

                  Why, if it isn’t the goddess of love herself: Aphrodite! She is the embodiment of love, pleasure, beauty, and fertility. If this wasn’t a goddess to stand behind I don’t know what would be a better fit! She is from ancient Greek mythology and her name literally means ‘sea-foam’ as a reference to her creation story as being created from the ocean as a living embodiment of the ideal female form.

                  The Aphrodite

                  Via: The Aphrodite 

                  You need to have a ring that represents the goddess of love if you are looking for the perfect wedding band that sparkles but is simple as well. This thin, yet sturdy band is made from rose gold, titanium, and a large gleaming cubic zirconia gem. Aphrodite will give you the good vibes to ensure that your love and bond last and that you too can embrace the beauty of life. 

                  Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War. 

                    Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War.

                    Via: thoughtco.com

                    Athena is perhaps the most famous goddess in Greek mythology. She is the patron of Athens, the city which nursed the birth of democracy in the western world. Despite this, she is the patron goddess of war, wisdom, and handicraft. And often seen wearing a corinthian helmet and holding a spear.  Great leaders aspire to be like Athena and will seek her wisdom in times of strife. In addition, she encourages the patronage of the arts and helped make Athens a great marvel of the ancient world. 

                    The Athena

                    Via: The Athena

                    Thorum has to create a wedding band for the great Athena! Her leadership and guidance as a goddess can help in all decisions made in life no matter how small. She looks over her people and makes sure no one is left behind in times of strife. Made from strong titanium and beautiful cubic zirconia, this ring is sturdy like Athena’s resolve.

                    Final Remarks

                    The choice of finding the perfect ring has never been easier! By considering the inspirations of powerful gods for rings as part of the Thorum collection you too can make a choice of bands. Not just based on looks alone, but the gods or goddesses these rings harness to bring to life unique wedding rings for any person or couple.

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