Megan Fox's Engagement Ring: What's all the buzz about it?


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In the ringworld of 2022, there has been a buzz recently about celebrities and their wedding rings. Megan Fox (an actress) became engaged to Machine Gun Kelly (singer) in early 2022 when Kelly offered his partner a specially designed ring by Stephen Webster at Diamond Cellar. So what is so special about this ring, and what's the buzz online about it?

Nashville Lifestyle Interview with Webster


Via: Nashville Lifestyles

Why did Webster Create the Ring?


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He designed the ring based on his client's particular and unique needs. For example, Kelly adored his earlier rings inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, so he wanted a ring that captured this mentality. In addition, it was essential for his client to get rings that embodied the personalities of himself and his partner.

What Collection was it a part of?


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Webster designed Fox’s ring as part of the Thorn Embrace ring Collection. This is a deathly romantic ring series based on thorns being beautiful but also with the venomous ability to turn and strangle other plants they wrap around. In addition, there is a callback to classic Hollywood beauty and fashion. 

What is so Special About the Ring?



The two gemstones of the ring are each Fox’s and Kelly’s birthstones, intertwined into bands that lock with magnets like thorns twisting around each other. The band connected to Fox is embroidered with a giant emerald stone, whilst Kelly’s is a massive diamond. Both bands are 18-carat gold and inlaid with smaller diamonds along the sides. 

So, How Much is Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring Worth?



The whole set is worth over $67,000 USD, but we can imagine this price will go up simply because it has famous owners. Sometimes a great maker is one thing, but a good tale behind a great ring is another way to add massive value to a piece. 

Does it Hurt to Take off?


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An interview with Vogue revealed that it hurts for Fox to take off the ring because it is two bands held in place by magnets. However, that's what the pair like it as they see its design as a symbolic tribute to their undying love and commitment to each other. When they sit together, they show a heart shape in the sign of both the two gems and will put a fight with anyone that tries to break it!

Final Remarks: Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring



The love story is Fox, and Kelly is just getting started, and we love their choice of rings! So we look forward to when they get married and what deadly attractive rings they decide to go with to compliment their already stunning choice of engagement ring. 

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