How Vikings choose the best wedding ring

When it comes to all wedding planning stuff, we know you can get overwhelmed with all the TO-DO lists you need to check before that special day comes.

There are some things which are fleeting, like your wedding party - but the rings. The rings are a lifetime decision. They are an artifact that you will carry until Ragnarök

The bands represent a vow of honor. A sacred pact. You need to tread lightly when you make your final decision. 

There are so many options for different types of wedding rings, that you might get a little bit overwhelmed when choosing; colors, materials, and aesthetics.

Decisions can become overwhelming when faced with the vast array of options. 

It’s akin to facing the saxton hoards with nothing but a bearded axe.

That’s why we’ve created a definitive guide that will help you choose the best wedding ring band for you or your shieldmaiden. 

  • Comfort
  • Personality
  • Uniqueness

  • Choose something you can wear every day

There’s a difference between your engagement ring and your wedding band. For example, when choosing your engagement ring you can be as fancy and creative as Thor is strong.

On the other hand, the wedding band can be more practical.

Wedding bands are usually a good match for engagement rings, in this case, your wedding band can have more of a sober taste.

Also, don’t forget you will be using it every day, so comfort is a must. You’ll be rowing longboats, stroking your beard, and pillaging. Something to keep in mind.

So being practical and keeping it conformable is something you need to consider when choosing your wedding ring.

When selecting a ring, pay attention to the materials. Ask yourself if you would like a traditional metal wedding band or maybe a band with stones, diamonds, gems, etc. 

It can depend on the style you have chosen for your engagement ring, you can combine materials - like Hephaestus - to fit according to your taste and expectations.

For example, you can select The Moab ring - the material of this ring is Titanium is a lightweight metal that will never corrode nor fade. Very practical and comfortable.

 The Moab ring

Another option for women is The Valkyrie. Made as well of Titanium which is much lighter in weight than precious metals, and will never tarnish.

The Valkyrie ring

  • Choose a ring style that matches your personality

It’s important to match your ring to your favorite viking axe, or long sword.

There are a lot of different styles and designs that can match what you’re looking for. You can choose something more minimalistic. Just try to keep your mind open when choosing it.

Explore all your options, search for different styles, there’s no limit on how original and creative a wedding band can be. 

The internet is your best friend for this. Look on Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, and more: #Thorum #Viking

There are on-trend different styles and materials. For example:

The Norseman: This ring is made of Whiskey barrel and Titanium, and can be used as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or any other type of occasion. 

The Norseman ring

The Armstrong: This wedding ring consists of inlaid Iron Filings from a Gibeon Meteorite, and 18k Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide. If you like wedding bands with creative materials, this is for you!

The Armstrong ring

The Athena: If you like stones, then this is the perfect ring for you. This beautiful wedding band is set with a round-faceted Cubic Zirconia stone, more eco-friendly than a diamond. Also made of titanium. 

The Athena ring

Also, remember when choosing your wedding ring, to keep an eye on the fact that rings need to be cleansed, washed, or taken care of on a periodic basis. To simplify the effort, experts suggest that couples should go for wedding rings that are easy to maintain. 

  • Uniqueness 

As each wearer is unique, so is each ring. 

At Thorum that’s our main goal, to make wedding bands as unique as possible. That's why we have a ton of different and unique materials we use to craft these awesome pieces.

That’s why we use materials like dinosaur bones, whiskey barrels, and meteorites, among others. Cause we believe, your wedding ring needs to stand tall when others cower.

Every ring and every customer is unique. 

Here are three more personal recommendations before I depart on my longboat:

The Legend Set - the design is simple, modern, and requires no maintenance. And can definitely adjust your budget.

The Legend Set

The Thor: This wedding ring design features an offset Gibeon meteorite inlay, and is forged out of Tungsten Carbide. 

The Thor ring

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