How to select the right cake for your wedding

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Via: DIY Wedding Cakes to Impress - Viva

Cakes can be one of the hardest things to decide on when it comes to planning your wedding which is why we are here to help you pick the right cake for your big day. Whether you want to make your own delight, hire a caterer, or go all out with a fancy theme, a cake is easy when you stop overthinking it!

Hyper-Realistic Cakes

Hyper-Realistic Cakes

Via:  This Austin cake decorator’s creations are hyper-realistic. Things can get a little weird. | Texas Standard

With the rise of Tiktok internet creators have gained a massive following for their artistic skills. This includes those that create hyper-realistic cakes, in other words, cakes that are made to represent a person or thing on the hyper-scale. Perhaps you might like to have a cake that truly screams ‘wow!’ 

Cakes Suited for a Wedding Theme

Cakes Suited for a Wedding Theme

Via: Star Wars, Yoda, Darth Vader wedding cake hidden panel (

You could ask yourself if your wedding has a theme, and thus if you can express it through your cake. Perhaps you have a sci-fi wedding and so you are massive fans of Star Wars? You of course can not go wrong then with the elegant cake shown above!

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Cake on a Budget!

Cake on a Budget!

Via: Zebra homemade cake Recipe by Soni Cooking Classes - Cookpad

The best way to save money is to make things at home! Even a homemade cake can be just as great, if not better, than a store/baker-bought cake. It might be a chance to challenge yourself to create something beautiful or a project between family and friends. 

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Traditional Wedding Cake (Plain)

Traditional Wedding Cake

Via: How Wedding Cakes Have Changed Over 100 Years (

A traditional wedding cake is white with simple flavors to satisfy a wide range of pallets. The white refers to the white in a wedding dress representing purity in the traditional wedding sense. If you want little hassle and worry, this is a good cake type to pick as it will fit most weddings and will often be not as costly as more extravagant cakes on this list.

If you like the cliche wedding cake topper of a couple on the peak of the tiered delight, then go ahead! It is a tradition you most certainly would not forget we imagine. You can have fun with it too and change the characters out to being something cheeky or funny, for example, gnomes or lego figures. 

Expression of Hobbies


Via: Cookies'N'more Confectioneries - Posts | Facebook

If you want something less predictable than a cake expressing you and your partner as people could be an interesting addition to this wedding cake. If you both like fashion, have a realistic cake represented as a sewing machine or clothes. You can get very creative with this!



Via: Cake Flavor Combinations - Veena Azmanov

It is one thing for the cake to look nice, but is more important for it to taste nice as well! Some cakes look amazing, but then the moment you bite into them they are dry, and have  more sugar than anything else. So have a think about how you can make your cake taste nice as well as look great.

You can think about the type of cake you want including sponge, carrot, or mud cake (to name a few). Then you will need to think about how these will be decorated on the outside and whether you decide to have icing, go without, or consider other types of final touches.

And as for the type of flavor? You can never go wrong with basics like vanilla or chocolate. Sometimes, a combination of two old favorites can also go down as a real treat!



Via: The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Frosting (

Most would agree that what makes a cake often is the type of icing. I love icing -the softer the better! But the type of icing will be dictated by the type of cake you decide on.

Some might find that thick fondant helps create beautiful cake art but it often lacks flavor so if you could find a way to make it taste better then you will be on to a winner!

The easiest icing to do from home is the softer icing sugar-based spreads which can be used to decorate a wide range of cakes.  In addition, from personal experience, they often taste nicer too. But really what you choose to do is for you alone to decide!

Cake or not to Cake?

Cake or not to Cake?

Via: Day 295: Wedding Pie! | Pie a Day Give Away

If you are sick of cakes, or just not a fan but still want a ‘wedding cake’ then perhaps you could go for something different. I love pies and would always pick a hardy hot pastry over a sweet cake any day. So why not make your own wedding pie? It could even be sweet with a pumpkin or berry pie if you still want it to be the magnum opus of the dessert. 

There is soo many options to replace a cake with something best suited for the occasion. Another example could be a type of fruit crumble or a cold ice vanilla ice cream tub. On a warm day, a cold option might be the best decision that you make!

Final Remarks

Wedding Cake

Via: 7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Cake (

The choice of cakes for a wedding is not as difficult as it might sound. You just need to go with what your heart, eyes, and taste buds desire, and then it will be as easy as… cake to crack. 

If you have other questions related to your wedding planning then we at Thorum would love to help! We have a blog that we update regularly dealing with issues that matter to those concerned with the beauty of love, marriage, and rings. 

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