How to Select a Wedding Cake Topper?



One of the greatest ways to make your wedding unique and unexpected is to have an iconic cake topper to go with your wedding cake. Another reason why they are so popular is that they can make a bland cake look one hundred percent fancier just by adding some flowers or an embracing couple at its peak. 

However, many people struggle with deciding how to select a wedding cake topper for their wedding, and so today, Thorum will help you achieve these goals to pick the right cake hat for your wedding.  

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Consider the Wedding Cake



Before you even think about the wedding cake topper, you need a cake for it to sit on! 

If you are going for a traditional white backdrop cake, selecting one will be easier than choosing a flat pie alternative. 

Some people decide to get rid of cakes at their wedding and have more petite desserts, from cupcakes to mini fondus. Even if you choose to go down these routes, you can still have a cake topper, but how it will sit amongst the cake replacement might require some preplanning so it doesn’t look out of place.

What is the Wedding Theme?



With your cake sorted, you should consider the wedding theme, as this will be just as important as the cake when selecting a wedding topper. A theme will allow you to decide how the cake will look and choose the topper. 

So if you have a sci-fi-themed wedding, you might have aliens or the moon instead of a traditional wedding couple. Moreover, for a spooky wedding, you might have headstones around the married couple or a flower topper for a garden wedding

What Materials Will it be Made With?



With elaborate wedding cake designs, sometimes the cake toppers are incorporated into the final design and are, in most cases, edible. However, do you want to pay for a topper only to have it all get eaten or go off? This might be a question you’ll need to ask yourself as you plan your wedding cake and topper. 

Edible toppers are often made of fondu, and sugar with metal skeletons to hold them up, with some more impressive pieces being all edible (including the bones!). You can check out some viral Tiktok stars that showcase the possibilities of hyperrealistic cakes to see how wonderful these results can become.

Most inedible cake toppers today are made of acrylic and wires, but it is not uncommon to see resins and other light plastics. Metal is not very common as its weight can damage a fragile cake, and some metals popular in Victorian times contained lead and were poisoning the delightful desserts they adorned. 

So think carefully about putting non-edible decorations on your cake and ensure they are not toxic! One way to avoid an unhappy guest who tries to eat it is to remove it before you cut the cake, put the ornament aside and make it clear you don’t want anyone even to tempt their luck… or tooth! 

Secondhand Wedding Toppers



To save some money or recycle a lovely family wedding cake topper, you could use a secondhand topper for your cake. If you hit the right stores, you might run into the perfect wedding cake decoration that you can’t pass by! Remember that wedding toppers are not just figurative; they can also include flowers and other popular wedding decorations. 

Five Iconic Wedding Topper Ideas

The Suited Couple



This wedding topper is a classic, and most wedding cakes will embrace this for their event. It is easy to get models made of a couple using a 3D printer or pay the cake makers to craft their likenesses from images. However, most opt for a basic man and woman figure and leave the details for the observer to connect the dots. 

The Cheeky Couple


Via: Wedding Cake Toppers

When you look up cake toppers online, you come across many modern interpretations of the classic wedding topper couple. However, rather than presenting them as a married couple of tradition, designers show marriage's quirky side. A bride and groom may want to express this naughty nature with couples in various stages of running from each other or doing more raunchy activities really seen in the public eye. 

Word Cake Toppers



If you want to forego the figures and scenes, a simple phrase at the top of your wedding cake could be a great way to achieve these ends. You can choose a short burst statement like ‘Mr & Mrs’ or something with a little more meaning like ‘Death do us part’. Remember that the more words, the more likely you might need to transfer it to a sign or wrap it as a banner around the cake.  

Non-Human Cake Toppers



If you are going down the avenue of cake toppers without humans, then flowers and natural elements are a great way to top the final decorations of your wedding cake. They are simple, save money and become increasingly popular as people start to look for ways to save money and take the hassle out of planning too much for their wedding. 

A Scene Cake Topper.



So do you want to tell a story with your cake topper? If so, there are many ways to do it by selecting the correct elements to tell a visual tale on your cake without using words. First, you should decide the tale and what message you want to convey to your guests. From there, it will be easy to put the puzzle together. 

If the tale expresses how you both met, then think about what that place looked like and what simple objects could be added to give off that scene. For example, a beach scene might have manufactured sand, some artificial ocean waves, and you both dressed in swimming attire. You may want to recreate the first time you build a massive sand castle together. Get creative, and an idea will soon present itself. 

Final Remarks: How to Select a Wedding Cake Topper?



When you follow these easy steps, finding the perfect cake topper for your wedding is simple. Think about the type of cake you want, the theme, the budget and how important the topper is in the grandscheme of your wedding, and the answer of how to select it will come in time. So get out there and find a cute addition to your wedding cake!

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