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How to save money on wedding invitations


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When planning your wedding, one of the first things you think about is how many people you can afford to attend your special day. Then the next is working out how you will invite people to get the final numbers to start budgeting venues and food, amongst other things. So if you save money with wedding invitations, you can spend more on the main event!

Stick to Email Invitations


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The most significant way to save money is to cut the physical invitations and send a personally edited invite via email or other messaging platforms. In addition, you can create a standard pdf with the event's message and intention; you don’t need to add personal messages for every person, but if you want to, it is easy in the modern digital world. Best of all, you save money on postage and printing fees!

Design it Yourself


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You can save costs by making your own designed invitation on a computer with free software like gimp or word, or make it by hand, then scan it and upload it into your emails via pdf format. Drawing things by hand saves money on printing; if you intend to deliver physical copies, you’ll just need to pay for paper and any drawing implements. You’ll also save on hiring a designer if you do it yourself!

Stick to a Minimal Style


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The simpler you go for your wedding invitations, the more you’ll save money and time. All you need to put across is the message that the recipient is invited to your wedding, with their name and the time of the event, along with any in-house rules. 

Cut the Freebies


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Many couples nowadays love to spend hard during the excitement of their wedding planning. They will buy cute and unique invites, hand write each entry on old ink hand-written paper, sealed with wax, and often inside a hand-delivered box with a handful of freebies. The thought is nice, but when you think about doing this two hundred more times, the costs add up very quickly. The best way is to keep it simple and stick with a simple letter.  

Handwrite and Personally Deliver the Invites


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If you still want a personal touch, you can hand write letters to your guests and save money. Of course, the cost of paper and nice pens will set you back, but if you choose to hand-deliver the letters rather than post, you will save on postage. It will also be an excellent face-to-face interaction between your guests as you express your excitement for marriage and show appreciation to them for being a part of your life. 

Consider a Simple Private Facebook Event


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If you don’t want to deal with emails or letters, then a simple private Facebook event might be enough. Keep in mind those that don’t use social media, and be sure to send them a message to let them know the details, and don’t always assume everyone checks their accounts. A small wedding with social media savvy guests will be perfect for this option, and the whole service is free! You just need a good banner and a short description of the event. 

Word of Mouth


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Sometimes all you need is some words and a face-to-face engagement to invite people to your wedding, and you could be even more casual about it and get your friends to spread the news to others you might not see as often. The word is priceless and will save you money if you are casual about how you send invites and when you pick the time to string the verbal invitation. But, hey, this type of carefree invite is not for everyone and will likely only be taken up by those who dislike most forms of technology, or dare I say it, old-fashioned (this would be me).

Keep the Numbers Small


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You can keep all the bells and whistles of a cute invitation personalized when you stick to a small guest list. You can hand deliver the cut cards, with freebies which will save you big time if you are just having a wedding list of ten rather than two hundred. However, maybe you could still have a large guest list, but only a select party will get the extra special invitations. 

Final Remarks


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There we have some easy and straightforward ways to save money on wedding invitations. You can incorporate some or all of the ideas on this list, but eitherway by taking even just one on board you’ll be surprised how much extra cash you’ll have to play around with. Be sure to share your own suggestions with us!

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