How to Save and Optimize Your Wedding Budget

You are planning a wedding. Firstly, let us just say congrats! I hope your wedding is as great as you dream of it, but you are still in the planning stages so let us help you if you are struggling with the budgeting. Saving and making the most of what you can afford can be difficult, but it is not as hard as it all seems and you CAN have a great day even if you are just focusing on the essentials.

Set up Your Dream List


The first thing before any grand plan is to decide what you want as part of it. So get out a pen and pad and jot down some ideas about what you want at your wedding, then start to cut down as it grows until you have your wedding essential list.

Can you do it with or without a photographer? Chances are you do want the man with the camera, but do you really need them the whole day? Why not just for the service and a couple of hours before or after and then take your own photos outside of that time?

Do you really need the most expensive food or wine? Chances are the idea of extravagance is more powerful than actually wanting it at your wedding. You can cut costs and put the money you would have spent on things you want. Go for a mid-range or low-range priced wine and food.

Your wedding venue is another thing that takes up a lot of your budget. Consider having a home wedding in your garden or at a friend’s if you don’t have a large enough residence. It is becoming more common to have a smaller and more personal wedding than in the past for this very reason. You save money on paying for a venue and you can use this to splash out on decorations or that amazing honeymoon you could not afford beforehand.

Plan, Plan, Plan!


With the dream list settled you can now get sucked into the world of numbers and money. This will be where you secure your final budget and see just how realistic your dreams for the big day truly are. You might have to go back to the drawing board with some expectations and you may have to extend your budget if you’re thinking too small.

You can save lots by deciding on a day of the week which is not as common for weddings. Friday is a great day as fewer people get married off the weekend. This is also the traditional Viking wedding day, Freya’s day. So if you’re into traditional weddings this might be an extra bonus!  Check out How to Wed Like a Viking if you want to embrace the Viking traditions further on a budget. 

The choice of rings can also be a strain on the pocket, but there are options that are affordable and still have a beauty about them to last a lifetime. Thorum also has the perfect wedding rings to make the day extra special with The Freya Wedding Ring Set.

Stick to the Budget


You have your budget outlined and now you need to stick to it! It is so easy to write a list and then ignore it or go overboard as you get caught up in the excitement and moment of it all. There will be moments when you feel like you need to accept an offer that might be well out of budget, but just remember that you have a plan!

Start to look around for photographers that will fit into what you can afford and be willing to get several quotes before you commit to one. For venues, you can do the same approach as getting a photographer if you want to get out of your backyard.

Have a Tight Guest List


The most important thing, apart from the bride and groom and their rings, of course, is the guests at the wedding! A larger guest list will cost more in the long run and so if you want to ‘save, save, and save’ then having a small list will add to this. 

You will need to think carefully about who you do and do not invite as some people might take offense to not being included. But just remember that it is your special day and it’s up to you who gets to celebrate it with you! Include your immediate family, and close friends, and then expand out from there.  

You might have to tell invitees they aren’t allowed +1s if they have just started dating in the last twelve months and only have long-term committed couples. However, making rules like this is up to you and by doing so you will allow more people that are important to you to make the cut.

Simple is Best


The BEST kinds of weddings are the ones made simple. The simpler they are the less strain they will have on your budget and less to worry about! 

A simple wedding could simply be a theme of color choice. Traditional wedding colors include white and it's very easy to find decor and clothes to fit this theme on a tight budget. A more complex theme can easily cost more as you require more decorations and niche adornments to complement the choice of decor. 

The more traditional you go, the simpler it will be! A church wedding removes the need to worry about a wedding venue for the reception, and you only need an afterparty place to hoast for dinner. You could go to a restaurant, family home, or even the grounds of the church if it is appropriate.  

On a nice day, an outside is a great option for a simple wedding. You have the natural beauty of nature to decorate the scenery and you can complement it with sparse decorations with more freedom to splash out on wedding clothes.

Buying a Ring on a Budget


Via: Thorum

So how do you buy a wedding ring on a budget? Rings seemly cost thousands of dollars. Did you know that at Thorum we have a collection of robust, beautiful, and regal rings that are unique and that fit any budget?

A ring should be a piece that strikes love and strength into your relationship and so be thought about carefully. If you are buying for your man or you want to buy for yourself we have a guide Your guide to buying men's wedding bands which tackles that subject. We have many more guides to help with the wedding band purchase.

So what rings can we offer at our low end of pricing? Firstly, we have three rings for under $200 which are legendary.

  1. The Atlas: Simple hammered silver ring inspired by the Roman god that holds up the world.
  2. The Saga: A hammered rustic black ring that tells tales of legendary heroes!
  3. The Erebus: A sleek grey ring made of aeronautic material encasing the power of the Greek god of darkness.

We also have rings in the $220 bracket which are a mixture of wood, stone, metal, and ceramics.

  1. The Prospector: A shining black ceramic ring with a captivating vien of bluestone.
  2. The Aloha: A black metal ring with a wooden Koa band from Hawai’i. 
  3. The Odin: A minimalist black metal wedding band harnessing the power of Odin, god of warriors.
  4. The Kratos: A minimalist grey metal ring that is robust like Kratos, god of strength. 
  5. Black Redwood: Striking black metal ring mixed with a rich redwood band.

Final Remarks


It is very straightforward to save and optimize your wedding budget. So with this guide you will be able to get stuck into the planning and budgeting for your wedding without a care in the world! Get excited as you paint your future marriage. 

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