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How to have a Spooky Themed Halloween Wedding


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It is pretty unconventional to think of a day celebrating the union between two people on one of the most traditionally dark and scary days of the year. However, Halloween can be an excellent way for goths and death enthusiasts to tie the knot, and it doesn’t have to simply be about doom and gloom.

Death is a beautiful thing. Even if people leave this world and pass on to the next, thus, it should still hold as something which is not simply forgotten and ignored. It is a part of life, and it can be used as an aesthetic to create a celebration of life and make the most of being alive now and living in the moment. And perhaps your union will last longer than death!

Elegant Dress with a Dark Edge

Dark edge

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If you’re going to be a queen bride of Halloween, you need to dress to suit the occasion. This could be a dark-colored dress over a pure white one in a style of a modern Victorian bride. It can flow with a traditional veil to hide a sinister aura if you want a spooky horror-type theme. And there should be flowers—lots of flowers to add to this mourning or celebration of death-related theme type vibe. 

Creepy Dress-up!

Creepy Dress-up!

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You could encourage guests to dress up in a horror-themed costume, such as children wearing masks from classic horrors like Pet Sematary. But, if that is too out there, they can wear subtle outfits with muted greys and blacks to suit the spooky vibes without being too showy. 

Perhaps if you want to embrace the classic Halloween holiday, they could wear less ‘horrific’ costumes with pumpkin brooches tied to their formal outfits. Everyone can thus dress a bit more traditionally for a wedding, but they will have something small to compliment the theme as a decoration to their dress or suit.

Bone Clattering Skeletons

Bone Clattering Skeletons

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Skeletons are an old staple of Halloween traditions, and although they are creaky, they can also be used to add humor to a happy occasion. You can hire plastic skeletons and skulls from party shops to help decorate your reception to set the tone for when your guests arrive. Have them greet your guests as still figures next to signs, or maybe hire someone dressed up? Either way, it's a great way to throw the spook into your wedding.

Face-painted Partners

Face-painted Partners

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Instead of getting traditional make-up for your big day, you can splash out and get your faces painted to look like avatars of the dead. A skeleton up your alley? It is easy to throw on some black and white to get this effect and make some unforgettable wedding photos. You could also go more green and red with the mask of a zombie, with a blood-stained dress. Yes, this is more out there, but it could give the exact display you are after!

Deathly Gorgeous Decorations

Deathly Gorgeous Decorations

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The perfect colors to decorate your Halloween wedding are darker tones associated with mourning, death, and life after death. But how do you do this without making it utterly depressing without a spark of fun?

Just because something is dark, with slightly morbid tones, does not make it boring or depressing. This type of wedding of course suits a couple that already feels connected to these types of themes, and so the enjoyment of this event comes from their passion for getting married under a Halloween theme.

This can be seen in dark plates, complemented by white skulls, long black candles set in brass holders, and red flowers to add a little bit of life. Greys and darker woody colors are also great for adding variety to the walls of black or white. 

Pumpkins, Candles, and Night!

Pumpkins, Candles, and Night!

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You might want to have your wedding take place as the sun sets on Halloween night to welcome the day of the dead. Candles create a great atmosphere in outdoor locations at this time, and the more you have, the better! White candles stand out more than black ones, but having a mixture of colors and sizes will create a tranquil space.

You could have had a pumpkin carving event on the same day, and at night, everyone that had their own carved pumpkin could light them and enjoy the atmosphere of the glowing lights. The gourd effigies will come to life under the darkness as they shine like a soul of the spirits walking around you unseen. 

Being wed during the burning of these candles under the hue of the candlelight is a magical experience and would be an excellent way to tie the knot!

Haunted Wedding Locations!

Haunted Wedding Locations!

Via: Modern Wedding

The most incredible way to have a spoooooky wedding is by finding a place that showcases this stunningly. And what better way than seeking out a local abandoned building. Old buildings are more common than you think, and if you do a quick google search or drive around, you will find them. These could be old churches, prisons, houses, and even castles.

What about a known haunted location? The older a place is, the more likely there will be a good ghost story associated with it. Perhaps your local church has a grey lady that screams from the top of the tower every night? Or that old lighthouse has a man that runs up the steps and disappears at the top? I am sure you’ll already know of a place so ask yourself if you’d like to get married around ghosts. 

Lakeshore in Love

Via: Lakeshore in Love

If you want to get even more gothic, the cemetery is a metal option to tie the knot. Even if you don’t have the ceremony there, finding time to take photos is just as rad! This is the closest you can get to the dead for a Halloween wedding without going to a morgue and begging to pose with a dead body (I would not be surprised if people have even gotten married in such a place).

Filling Your Empty Souls with Grub!


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Food is an integral part of any wedding after party! It is also part of what people think of when they hear about Halloween. Even if some of your guests don’t fully get behind the spooky aspects of the day, they will still enjoy the sweets and delicacies on offer. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a classic American Halloween without some pumpkin delights. So if you can’t wait another month longer for that pie, get it out early! Even if you are not American, there will be symbols that you attribute to the season, including the more universal ones related to death. This includes skulls and smoking candles. 

: typepad.com

Via: typepad.com

If you want to be genuinely morbid… and dare I say it? A little gothic. You could have a pallet of delights that play on the dark, verging on the gross aesthetic of the dead. Picking foods of light color but the exceptional taste will help here as you try to put together a feast that might look inedible, but at the same time want them to taste it to see how amazing it can be.

Final Remarks


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The concept of a Halloween wedding is perhaps one of the most unconventional themes around. It is the total opposite of what the day is supposed to be about to an outsider. It is a moment to tie the knot in a unified promise between people who love each other to spend the rest of their lives together. 

However, as you see, the idea of death should not be thought of as simply an end. It is a beautiful part of life that can be embraced and has elements incorporated into a wedding to making it truly unique! For those who love this aesthetic, it’s magical and allows them to make the most of their time alive. 

If you want to check out more ‘off beat’ wedding themes, check out: How to Wed Like a Viking.

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